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  1. Welcome! and best of luck on your App!!
  2. This is awesome! So I assume get in contact with with one of the 3 mentioned names if we wanna get in on the action, yes?
  3. Welcome man! hope you enjoy your stay! and Tennessee huh? i have family in oakridge!
  4. I would take a hoodie! Medium
  5. Welcome back! will you be playing MW Competitive?
  6. Welcome! im on xbox and ps4 if you wanna play apex together ! -TuAsianForU
  7. Hello, Does anyone play this on console by chance? i currently play this on xbox however i do have it for ps4 as well. The guys i play with are really in need of some good tanks!
  8. Started with Mario Kart n64 when i was about 5 years old or younger. Absolutely loved it and continued playing various games with friends however from a Competitive standpoint I started with Halo3 and GOW1 =D
  9. Hey man, Cod on ps4? welcome back!
  10. Where would the lan be held?
  11. Welcome! Best of luck on your app! Feel free to reach out if you need anything or looking to play!

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