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  1. Love you NuB, wish you the best where ever you end up! I'll still buy that popeyes at an MLG this year if we meet ^^
  2. I wonder why Tasteless and Artosis haven't been approached to cast. Coming from BW I'm sure those two would have a heart attack if they were offered the opportunity to cast the OSL or proleague. I wonder if working with GomTV creates a conflict of interest but they cast tournaments across several different leagues so idk.
  3. I don't know if I'll be able to play, my allergies started up over the past couple of hours (I think because of the rapid changing weather recently) and I just feel like crap right now.
  4. Getting some much needed practice in. Feels good

  5. The fact that you actually know what that is worries me...
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to put out the link to my stream for those who may be interested in watching. I stream ladder games and will begin to stream customs with teammates as well. I'm high platinum Protoss currently closing in on Diamond www.twitch.tv/SC2_LuNa
  7. Reapers are useful to hold map control early on. From playing a few games recently, many Terrans seem to be doing 2 rax builds and making 3-4 reapers which hit before the MsC has enough energy for the Nexus cannon ability so it kind of forces P to keep their zealot and stalker at home to defend until that energy builds up or a second stalker comes out (we can't send the zealot because they are easily micro'd against). I think this allows Terran to have more versatility in the early game because P can't really scout and poke towers or the Terran natural to get scouting information as early. I don't like the timer on the void ray, it just seems as silly as them showing the number of workers for each base. Everything else looks good though
  8. Trying to see if I can go, depends on what my plans are because that event is during my spring break. As long as I have nothing going on that weekend I definitely want to go. Not sure if I'll buy a pass to compete in HotS or just spectate and talk to a lot of my friends from cod if they're there.
  9. Just to let those who don't know I changed my name from Elevation to LuNa. I wanted a new name because I've had Elevation for like 7 or 8 years on cod but with the recent switch I wanted to have a new name with a fresh start. If you are curious as to why I chose LuNa, Luna is Latin for "Moon", since I'm a physics major I thought it had a meaning to me in a way xD
  10. I want to ask if anyone would be down to playing bo3's/bo5's vs. me. I feel like outside of practice I don't really play anyone on the team much (before Hiei says dodge xD <3) and I feel like I could be doing this more often to gain better practice. So I want to be able to play people from the team as much as possible since everyone is at least master's league now and it would serve as better practice opposed to just playing ladder outside of team practices. I want to do a best of ? series because I think that there's something to play for in that case, winning the series. So if anyone is down, post here or just message me on b.net/mumble.
  11. Wish I could do it, won't be home until around 6-7 that day. gL to the rest of you guys playing though
  12. The Terran fixes are really odd to me. I get the buff to hellbats so mech can be a bit stronger and the no research for siege tank I understand the idea of why they're trying it but it just doesn't make sense to do that to make mech. stronger. Allowing a unit to automatically have it's ability without research is a bit far IMO, it would be like giving stalkers to ability to blink without research or zealots with charge. I don't really see these changes helping the Terran late game, just allowing them to do stronger all ins (1-1-1). Cadaceus Reactor LOL. Not much changes for Protoss though xD
  13. Just to let you guys know I've been sick the past 2 days. It started the other day during practice and it got worse yesterday, it seems I did get a stomach flu since everyone else in my house got it last week. I've just been resting and taking pepto bismal and I've been feeling a little bit better but I'm not sure if I'll be up to playing today. It just depends on how I'm feeling.

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