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    kptae reacted to BabyToss in Hanism's application   
    If you want to join my Academy team, please feel free to contact me through forum PM or just add me on skype, it's listed in my profile. We are currently looking for Master lvl Terran to fill our ranks.
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    kptae reacted to BabyToss in Hanism's application   
    Hello there,

    My Aspire is actually looking for a Masters Terran to fill up a spot after player who resigned his position. Now, are you available on Mondays & Fridays at 9 pm EST? As well as on Wednesdays at 7 pm EST? How active are you? Let me know.

    might I add, that due to your age, you'd probably be a good fit to my team, as I have quite few people of the similar age group, myself included. But, a commitment & dedication is required, so let me know, if you can put in the time.

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