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    DoTA 2, TF2, BO2, Minecraft, CS:GO, CS:S
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    PC gaming. I like commentating and casting. I also enjoy entertain people trough different methods.
  1. Hey guys. I have made a new Seam group for vVv and anyone else who wants to join! Please come hang with us! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/forgeknights
  2. Blade9924


    Hello everyone, most of you probably don't know me. I am Blade or William you can call me either. Doesn't matter to me. Today I am here to bring up the topic of Forge. Forge is a mix of MMO and TF2 (Team Fortress 2). It is a fantasy style game. Forge had a really bad fall back when it had its initial release. The game fell way behind its cash grab of $300,000. Just because of people not thinking it would work and it wont be good. Because of Steams Green Light program. It has been doing amazing on steam. I have been talking around to different people to see what they think. vVv_Ariel - "It is going to become one of the best 3v3 arena style games". People who have seen and played the game think it will do really well and will probably hit a competitive level. I think vVv should start to support Forge to help it grow and expand. On an off topic. I am currently looking to start an early 5v5 team for arena. If you would like to talk to me about joining. Add me on Skype: meilpmines If you would like to see what Forge is please come by and check my stream because I will be usually streaming it http://www.twitch.tv/blade_stream Thank You to all who support Forge
  3. Blade.1667 203-219-0615 Skype: meilpmines
  4. Fluffly you are the bomb. Glad i met you I agree

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