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  1. Looking forward to this! Nice work~!
  2. Sorry, couldn't get the reschedule . Will be cheering from the sidelines! Hopefully someone can give real time updates ^^ vVv FIGHTING~!!
  3. I'm gonna have to reconfirm. Have a 9am meeting that day. Going to see if I can get it rescheduled~
  4. I held my piss from 40min till the game ended. I was worried the game would end while i was pissing ~
  5. <3 <3 you should be practicing ;p! Fighting~!!
  6. Apparently it's false info. He tweeted that he's only played 2 games of sc2 since his retirement.
  7. I know this is a few days late, but I'm basing my official SC2 new year to begin on the week of January 7th. I've been spending nice quality time with family since December 22. It'll be a while till I get a chance to hang out with them like this again so I'm enjoying it to the fullest extent. 2012 has been such a full year full of new experiences and blown minds. I feel it's exceptionally good timing that the 2012 ended around now, and eSports can take a breath to kick start 2013~ Health, family, SC2; the ultimate balance. 2012 has been a very full year of SC2 for me. Any time in the day that didn't involve work or family I was doing something SC2. I was watching streams, reviewing replays, watching VODs, reading blogs & articles. Even when I was working I'd usually have a stream in the background, where I'd glance or listen to like a radio. Because of this, my health has definitely suffered. Suffered in the sense that I was seriously lacking exercise. Exercise was no longer part of my routine. It was more of a 'if I have time, I'll get there', but the problem was I never really had time. Well technically I did, but that time I gave to SC2 in a heartbeat. I know the importance of health; I use to be a mini health/gym junkie. I ate healthy, and went to the gym everyday including Sundays, had a steady schedule of cardio & weights. Of course this was before SC2 was in my life. 2012 was full of junk food, fast food, and lackluster/rushed gym sessions. I think I've gained a good 8kg over the year, and it truly is time to shave that off and go back to the healthy lifestyle. Diets do not work, lifestyle changes do. Family is always the up-most number one priority in my life. 2012 my family has made a lot of sacrifices for my SC2 passion & me. They did it willingly, but I feel I could have spared a lot more time to spend with them. This really isn't an issue half as severe as my health issue, but it is still something of importance to me that I want to make a point of. The most important part of this resolution is this: I plan to fix the time balance issues without taking away any time from SC2. I plan to spend the same amount of time on SC2 in 2013 as I did in 2012, if not even more. It comes down to time management efficiency. I foresee a couple of burnouts with this resolution, but I guess I'll deal with then when they occur~ Calendar management. I use to be able to remember everything. Anything that I've come across that I make some effort in remembering I'll remember. 2012 I've found myself start to miss things. Perhaps it's the hectic fulls days that I live day in day out trying to fit more SC2 in, but my days often get jumbled up and I can no longer trust my memory 100%. Perhaps 95%, but no longer 100%. Many times in 2012 I wanted to get a Google calendar going to track my SC2 events, but I always ended up getting lazy on it and stopped updating. I've never actually forgot/missed an event I was suppose to attend, but I've mis-tracked days I have left to train countless times now. I think I just need to admit defeat to the brain, and get that extra help. This way I'll also stop worrying about accurate information, as I can just glance it through the calendar. Calendar management gets its own special category because I feel it's key to my previous resolution on life balance. I guess this is both a resolution and a method~ Tournaments. I admit I completely toned down my tournament attendance in the last 2 months of 2012. This wasn't due to laziness or forgetfulness. I simply felt that the downtime of a tournament wasn't effective/efficient to my training. I believe I was correct too. By entering only select tournaments depending on the progress of my training, I believe I have now reached a point in progress where I wouldn't have been able to reach if I blindly entered all the available tournaments around. Where I am now, I feel it's time I re-tune the ratio of tournaments I enter. 2013 will be the year that I start entering much more tournaments than 2012 and conquer the nerves along with learning the true art of a BO3+~ Heart of the Swarm. I do have a beta key. My plans for HotS are quite uncertain at the moment. With SEACL #3 and IPTL Amateur league coming up, I think I have to stick with WoL a tad bit longer. Ideally I want to make the switch right about now but I’m giving myself a blind deadline of February to make the switch. I think I need at least 1 month with HotS to hammer down the basic metagame so I can take off training wheels when the official release hits~ eSports 2013. I do have plans to put more time & effort into the other areas of eSports other than a pure SC2 player in 2013. Why this blog was delayed for quite some time was because I was trying to figure out what exactly it is I wanted to do. There are many ideas, but none has really hit the sweet spot. Ideas have been ranging from more constant blogging with a touch of life outside eSports, starting tutorials/guides, a new talk show, group coaching and many more. I’m still in the brainstorm phase at the moment, but will definitely give a update when the storm calms down~ Short-term goals. My short-term goals in 2013 are to make a run for GM on NA and KR/TW servers. I’ve never laddered on NA much due to 280+ ping, and working out of Taipei most of the year means my connection to KR/TW is 240+ ping. The main reason I'm switching focus to other servers even with the latency issues is simply that I've become too familiar with the players on SEA. Currently on SEA I'm going through a dilemma that there are too few players online in my MMR range. No, my MMR is not so high that I'm having trouble finding games, but since around July 2012 all my SEA ladder sessions involved playing the same player 4-6 times in a 2-hour period. If I wanted to train with a practice partner I'd find one. I ladder because I want to be training against variety, and uncertainty~ 2012 has been explosive; it looks like 2013 could be the same. Wishing a big GLHF to everyone’s eSports resolutions!! I hope our paths will cross sometime this year!~ gg glglgl!! the fist pumping larva, Reere.
  8. Hope all the ones that retired from WoL will come back for HotS. That'd be amazing~
  9. I'm in 100%! We'll be taking IPTL to the big stages this season! FIGHTING~!
  10. I've tried recording, but it's really heavy on my PC. FPS drops to single digits when usually its triple digits. I like the highlight VODs idea though, might try it with replays then I get the best of both worlds editing/playing. Thank you so much for the input ~
  11. 2012 has been an amazing year for eSports. Whether being a fan, player, organizer, or manager, all of us have grown exponentially. I kicked off 2012 as a freshman Master. I had just been promoted to Master in early December 2011, and the road to GM was officially in effect. All of this were mini steps for the big picture of going pro & competing internationally. Looking back, here are a couple of special events worth mentioning with a updated thought process~ Promoted to Grandmaster on SEA server [July]. This was a special moment for me. It was evidence for myself that I am able to achieve anything I give my all to. It was proof that impossible is nothing. When I started the journey RTS was a foreign genre, making Master seemed like such a far off dream. 1 year + later, I am no longer the newbie I believed to be. Making GM opened my eyes to see deeper into my road in eSports. It let me see that the distance between GM & pro was steep. It made me experience no more Blizzard leagues to gauge my skill level between GM & pro. It showed me that my road is now beginning, and no where near the end as the difference of top 16 GM and the rest felt comparable as Bronze to Master. Grandmaster also taught me to completely refine my play-style. As a player that leans towards macro-mechanics style, it taught me that in my aspects of the game is black & white. It taught me that timings were either possible, or impossible. If it was possible, and I wasn't hitting it, then simply I working hard enough or playing well enough. I admit ever since GM I've felt that my progression is significantly slower than my Silver-GM run. The time I put into SC2 has never decreased though~ Started Streaming. [August] http://www.twitch.tv/ReereSC Dabbling into streaming was something I never planned to do. I never considered it because of the horrible internet I have where I live (3mb down, 0.4mb up). During one of my longer trips back home to Taipei I decided it was a route I’d like to pursue. It would be one of the ways of giving back to all those that supported me and followed me through mere words & screenshots. I know that I haven’t streamed much at all after the initial 2 weeks run, as I realized that the delay I was experiencing in game was a direct consequence of streaming. There’s only so much the net can support off 0.4 upload it seems. It was a very hard decision for me, but I did ponder for a few days whether I should just tough it out with the delay and continue streaming, or practice in a more ideal environment without streaming. At the end, my dream is still to become a pro player; I would never forgive myself if I chose routes that slowed down that path. I haven’t given up on streaming though, not at all. I’m still constantly working on new overlays and updating them if ever I get the opportunity to hop on and stream. I’ll stream whenever I’m back in Taipei as well. I’m merely waiting for better internet to be available where I am. Streaming will have to be paused, just for now. I’m pretty sure 2013’s gonna bring in even more pleasant surprises~ Solved possible Carpel Tunnel Syndrome injury. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulnar_nerve_entrapment Actually the injuries I experienced weren’t CTS at all. Similar, but not CTS. For the bulk of my Diamond & Master league run, I was going through a lot of ulnar nerve entrapment symptoms. Any games above 7 minutes were giving me numbness on my ring finger & pinky. It got to a point where even when I took a 1-day break the numbness wouldn't go away. I'm the type to do all my research online before I check out a doctor, so I did just that and researched a couple of stretches and exercises I could do before getting a doctor's opinion. I immediately felt improvement the next day, taking breaks, stretches and exercises very seriously from then on. I haven’t completely healed both arms/wrists/fingers, but they haven’t acted up in a less than 20min game for a while. Even with games above 20 min, I usually will feel some numbness, but it’s nothing a 10-15min break wouldn’t cure~ TPA winning Season 2 World Championships. [Oct] I know this has nothing to do with my personal efforts, but I've never been happier about a team outside SC2 winning in their own game. TPA's win opened so many eSports doors in Taiwan. In Taiwan they are heros. eSports is no longer a foreign concept in here, it's on the news every other day now and people consider it to be a viable career path. Just a few days ago, TPA'Mistake went to a university in Taiwan to give a seminar about the life of a Pro-gamer. More companies both big and small are looking into eSports sponsorship/events. Because of TPA, Taiwan is now 1 step closer to become a eSports nation like Korea, and that gives me happy tears~ 200+ followers on Twitter. [Dec] http://www.twitter.com/ReereSC I know this story has probably been over-told to those that have been following me since the beginning, but I feel it’s worth touching again to close off 2012. I started my twitter account for 2 basic reasons. One, it gave me a character limit blog platform to record my SC2 journey from the beginning. Two, the majority of the SC2 pro scene news was from twitter so it allowed me to follow eSports in real time. When I started this journey I never really gave thought to fame or money, as what I truly desired was purely competition at the top level. This journey started with me completely alone, zero followers. I've never shared my Twitter with anyone outside of eSports. Numbers added up slowly and now there are 200 of you that I am able to share with this journey with. I have never felt so blessed and humbled by the support every single one of you has shown me. Whether it’s just a word of “Fighting!” or a simple ‘glhf’ for a tournament I’m about to enter, please know that I treasure the support and it really raises my spirits to push on towards the dream. I could say that I went from Silver to where I am today all by myself, but that would be a complete lie. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I truly thank all of you for the most amazing 2012. I promise 2013 will be even more amazing~ A big thank you to all that has supported me in anyway in 2012. I am very grateful & humbled. I'll be taking it easy from now till 2013 to spend time with family. Wheels will be turning at double speed from January 6th, 2013 onwards~ the metabolic locust, Reere
  12. Looking forward to it! Set up your twitch yet? Drop the link! ~
  13. A very Merry Christmas to you all, and if you don't celebrate then I wish you a wonderful day ahead! Lets take a moment off the monitor and spend a little time with our loved ones, especially those that support our eSports passion. There's never a perfect moment to say "I love you", "Thank you", or "I appreciate you". Lets make that moment today. Have a great one everyone, gg!~ ps. enjoy some blissful peace below ^^

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