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    Krewel got a reaction from Conflict (ex-vVv) in Anyone playing a Crusader here is a leveling guide I saw   
    For those of you that are leveling a Crusader I saw this hope it helps everyone out, I found some nice tidbits of info here.

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    Krewel got a reaction from Shorlong in Shorlong Titanfall Application (PC)   
    Its good to see your application in, one of the things to do is to download mumble and join us iin the mumble chat. We have a pretty good amount of people in there hang out in some of the lounges of the various games and get to know everyone a bit. We have a few people on the Titan channel also be we tend to migrate around the server also . This Saturday we are going to be doing some play sessions and also tonight from about 7-11pm est give or take a couple hours.
    Take the time to check the forums out they have alot of information to them. if you havnt aready browse through here it gives a history about our orginization what we have done what we strive to do and how we can all contribute as a community to better our gaming and social experiances.  http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/39169-learn-about-vvv-gaming/ hope to see you on later!!
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    Krewel got a reaction from criss in Guild Meeting   
    On a side note, there was questions that were asked on what should be discussed as for as how we function as a guild. Here might be a few Key topics on what can be discussed at the guild meeting setting up for 10,25 and 40 man Raiding
    Hardcore Raiding Guild, Semi Hardcore or Casual Raiding guild
    As a Hardcore Raiding guild- we are all about progression, we are about world firsts smashing new content and making it our Bitch. Most people that say they want to be a hardcore raiding guild but do not realize how intense it actually the time commitment and the sheer dedication it takes to be at the top. They don't look at  time and preparations it takes for farming raid materials and the progression itself Raids are usually 3-5 times a week and 4-5 hours a night and (2 nights a week on the testing servers when applicable). Raiding both current content and also raiding on the PTR ( Public Test Realm)  before the content comes out live to ensure that there is every possible edge.
    As a  Semi Hard Core/Casual Raiding Guild what are we doing and looking for? Well the raiding will not be as intense raiding  will probably be 6-10 hours per week vs. 20-30 hrs. a week the focus will still be there but the stress and intensity would not be as bad/
    Also we should look at where we want to concentrate our goals in solid 10 mans 25 mans or 40 man raids. It would be cool to see us doing all three but and maybe in the future we can do that but on the moment we should find a main focus and work on that . Maybe start with the 10 man then go up the ladder as we feel more comfortable raiding and have the ability to set the pace better.
    Another matter that should be discussed is the distribution of loot which is always a touchy subject,  as far as loot distribution most people either use DKP or loot council. 
    What DKP is that for each raid you had a point value then with the points that you gain during the raid you can spend those points for gear, this allows people who always show up the ability purchase gear using DKP points. That person would message the Raid lead for the gear and say I want that piece of gear for 30 DKP  and each person makes a bid for the gear the highest person that bids gets the gear piece there is a one time bid per gear. The only thing is that this can make the raid drag out and can be a pain in keeping track of DKP points.
    The other form is Loot Council, what this does is a group of people decide of who gets the gear they take into consideration of: Guild Raid Attendance, Previous Loot received, Current Gear, how well  you play during the encounters and perform during raids. Taking those factors into consideration the council then decides who gets the loot here is a good article that goes into explanation of the 2 systems www.tentonhammer.com/node/82909
    There may be a few other things I will think of later but I gotta go watch the SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! play and drink some beer!!!!!
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    Krewel got a reaction from Dumduq in Basic Raiding Behavior   
    As the days roll by and from the look of our guilds progression that time seems to be going fast as we are approaching the moment of raiding. From my observation it seems about half of the guild has raided before and know what is going on while the other half is new to this side of the MMO world and is unfamiliar with raiding and what it entails. With raiding there is some etiquette that goes along with it. Now this mainly goes for when you “pug” in raiding, what I mean by the term “pug” is that you are filling a role in a raid that is not hosted within our guild or within a close group of friends or at least people that you raid with on occasion (they don’t always have to be friends). But also keep in mind that this as well goes along with raiding with the Guild, now the Guild should be more forgiving then a pug raid (unless that individual fails to understand his mistakes then punish them with impunity) The following are some guidelines to go by to make the experience good for everyone and an attempt to keep everyone happy!
    Things that we should do during the raid:
    One of the biggest things to remember is to be polite. This means you. No swearing at (or in the general direction) of other players either in writing or via voice. No racism/sexism either. Basically for the most part remember: Don’t be a dick!  
    Learn from your mistakes! It happens we all screw up sometimes we stand in the bad shit to long or miss a interrupt but the thing that we should all expect is that we will always be able to do better. None of us want to stay in a raid until we get it perfect, but we need to improve each time we do something and do it right so we do not waste everyone’s time and effort they put into raiding.  
    It happens some of us do not have perfect connections (but if you can afford it try WTFast to help with your connection http://www.wtfast.com/.). But hey that's how we roll. It will sometimes cause wipes. Some of us have 90ms latency others can have up to 550ms or even push up to 1200ms. If you are willing to raid with your latency then by all means do so you know how it affects your game the main thing is don’t always use that as an excuse do your best adapt and overcome and if you have to excuse yourself from the raid we can always make it up because no one like endless wipes and repair bills about things that might be avoidable.  
    Lag/Latency is not an excuse for killing or attacking the wrong targets, or continuing to stay in the fire. Ideally you will respond in 400ms of an event (200ms latency + 200ms reaction time). Some of us won't be able to respond for a little longer. Regardless, follow the raid leaders instructions.  
    Acknowledge that we don't all play on the same skill level. New raiders are welcome, as are hard core die hard raiders or even players going casual, but all of us in the raid will not be experts so give it time and don’t hound on people that make an occasional mistake.  
    This raid is not your other raid and this raid is not just your raid, it is not just your work or time that is going into it. It’s a coordinated effort of a group of people, things change and not everything will go right every time. If you need to beat something or rage fit there is a boss and mobs around the corner, these are a more appropriate target for your frustration then your teammates or guild mates.  
    Emotions are contagious. People's reactions are better when slightly stressed, but still in control and concentrating. Making people overly stressed causes them to freeze. Too much silliness prevents concentration.  
    Before a pull
    Ask questions, make suggestions, disagree (politely) Say what you will do/want done differently, simply and explicitly. Consensus is preferable, but not required. For examples Player A use tremor totem in phase 2 Everybody move around the outside of the ring, not through the middle. Healer A should heal Player B; Healer B should heal Tank D. Healer C is on raid heals.  
    During a pull
    CUT THE CHATTER!!!. Cutting the chatter will leave room for more useful information. PAY ATTETION!!! Call out things we are struggling on. 'Run to totems when you have XXX Mob'. 'All DPS on adds'  
    After a wipe
    Everyone run back. Healers need mana too, and it is just easier all round. Group together, it makes buffing that much easier. Eat the feast or your preferred buff food Buff Discuss the cause of the wipe. Everyone ask yourself 'What can I do better?'. It doesn't matter if you are carrying the raid, if there is something you can do better, then do it. If you caused the wipe, fess up. It makes it much easier for the raid leader. Either say what you are going to do next time, or ask for assistance. If someone does not do their role correctly, call it out but don’t be a douche about it. If you are frustrated, you should whisper someone else (probably the raid leader), explain your frustrations but don’t bitch and whine just to whine Everyone needs to pay attention to how to prevent the wipe. Understanding is expected the first time even though you may not be able to do it technically. However, people get pissy if a different player causes the same wipe over and over again.  
    After a success
    Enjoy the moment. Congratulate the group if you have previously had problems. Congratulate anyone who specifically showed improvement. Allow others to enjoy the moment. If someone wants the screenshot, give it to them. People who don't are being unpleasant.  
    Giving constructive feedback.
    Sometimes another player will need to do something different. They will listen better if you also provide positive feedback. If you can't give positive feedback, talk to your Raid Leader or Guild Master. Expect someone to learn one thing only at a time. If you think they should learn more than one thing, see the line immediately above If you still think they should learn more, talk with your Guild Master.  
    After the feedback discuss how or what:
    What needs to improve? Why it is important. How it should be done better.  
    Avoid giving destructive feedback.
    Any feedback given to a player should be constructive feedback. If you still need to be destructive, well don’t talk let someone else handle it.  
    These are basic concepts that everyone should follow and already know however in the passion of raiding the simple things above are easily forgotten. The one things that we need and or should focus on is that its everyone time is going into this., everyone may have had something to do but they all made an effort to pull the raid off so don’t waste peoples time. Know the raid look up a YouTube video or an encounters before raiding. Make sure you have the proper potions, foods and gear level. Make sure you have Mumble or Ventrillo or whatever you need to have in order to communicate or hear what the raid group is saying. Pay attention and don’t make the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Remember the most important thing is to
    In a previous post I mentioned add-ons I will re-post the basic add-ons you should have while raiding:
    1) Omen Threat Meter.  What this add-on does is allows you to see exactly where you fall on a mob’s threat list compared to everyone else in the raid.  What this does is help you with threat management in the raid of the first few seconds of a pull. Omen is unobtrusive when things are under control, this will help prevent wipes and should be installed.
    2) Deadly Boss Mods (DBM).  If you are using an older computer and lots of add-ons give you issues then this is the must have. What DBM adds is an prominent visual and audio warnings to every raid encounter in the game this helps to improve awareness to what is going on. For most encounters, DBM will display timer bars for key boss abilities so that your raid knows exactly when they’re coming. 
    3) GTFO.  This mod is great for those raiders that just get tunnel vision and do not pay attention to their surroundings  The add-on itself does only one thing – it blares an obnoxious alarm whenever you’re standing in something that is hurting you.
    For those that are planning to take the lead role in raiding here are a couple of add-ons that will help you out:
    1) Recount.  Most people probably have this installed anyway (especially if they play a DPSer), so you’re likely covered here.  The reason that you’ll want Recount as a raid leader isn’t for the damage meters (although that information can be useful as well).  On fights where your raid is struggling, you’re going to need to figure out what is going wrong, Recount is a good resource for that.  Recount allows you to see exactly what killed people, and what those people were doing for the ~10 seconds leading up to their death (and whether or not they were being healed, etc).  Recount will also give you visibility into what people are attacking (so that you can find the DPSers that aren’t properly switching targets), and whether or not people are interrupting, etc.
    2) EnsidiaFails.  This one might be a bit controversial in your group if you have some defensive and/or soft-skinned types, but it really is a valuable tool that will provide an extra layer of immediate feedback when people make mistakes.  EnsidiaFails (EF) tracks common player mistakes on boss encounters.  These mistakes can be spit out into /raid chat immediately as they happen, reported automatically whenever a boss attempt is over, or reported on demand.  The most common type of mistakes that EF will pick up on involve players that fail to move to avoid damage -this helps ensure that the raid group knows that whatever just happened to them was avoidable, and their responsibility.
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    Krewel reacted to vVv LordJerith in Playing World of Warcraft? I will. . . .   
    So. . . .
    Last night I made a promise to staff.  I promised that in the year of talent, I'll gladly play wow, under the condition that we roll a Horde Guild.  You may be asking. . .  why?  Here is why:
    -As we move into 2014 as the Year of Talent, and with MMOs like Wildstar and EQNext on the horizon, I want to bring all our top MMO experience into one guild. I want to know who our BEST MMO players really are.  I want to know those who are AWESOME because they can do things in 3-4 hours vs grinding all day.  This would be an open guild with elite raiders.  I would interview everyone personally. You will be judged.
    -I have always knocked WoW for where it did not do some things as well that DAOC, EQ and EQ2 did well.  Times have changed.  I want to learn more about end-game raiding in WoW. Specifically, 5-man Heroics and dungeons. I am open to larger raid groups, but know that I will not PUG.  Ever.  So, I want a minimum of 5 people to run with that are really good.  I will play a Disc Priest and the eventual goal is to find 20 elite MMO players.
    -Since 20-man will be the new standard in the Warlords of Draenor Expansion, I'm interested in finding that core group of twenty amazing players.
    -I'm interested in garrisons in the next expansion. Very interested.
    Let me know if you're interested in making the commitment to join me. This is very, very serious.
    We will play a Horde Guild on Kil'Jaeden. I will lead it until we find that person. Who will join me on this epic quest?
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    Krewel got a reaction from Hectorzeroni in Why vVv Gaming Should Support Infinite Crisis   
    Anyone out there playing Infinite Crisis Join us in the Miscellaneous Games channel!
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    Krewel got a reaction from Hectorzeroni in Why vVv Gaming Should Support Infinite Crisis   
    For some reason what I was saying about IC seemed to have gone to a personal message when I though that it was linked to this forum post.  but at any rate here is what I meant to have posted in here:
    "I would like to see some more support for Infinite Crisis, I started this thread back in July http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/62289-dc-infinite-crisis-support-assistance-for-this-game/?hl=%2Binfinite+%2Bcrisis and it had a pretty decent support group and with this new thread starting I believe it is pretty viable to the community. I have been MIA lately due to things going on around in RL but I have still managed to play in IC and the community there is growing steady and has a healthy following. There were a couple of people that were pulled from the IC forums into our vVv  community and I think this would help strengthen our following within the IC community also to represent vVv in a completive and positive manner within Infinite Crisis."

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