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  1. Krewel

    PC or Console

    It has been deepening on the mood really, right now some console between HALO 5, Destiny, some SMITE and also on the PC side been playing a little WOW off and on and some Diablo III HC mode. Just floating between systems for the most part.
  2. I can still be on mumble whether on PS4, XBone or computer.
  3. I may jump on this considering I just got a PS4
  4. and remember Objectives, Objectives Objectives!!! Get those merc camps!!!! That's the one things that people tend to forget, you can't just bum rush in. Get the objectives and if you can't get 100% of the objective get the most you can and hit those merc camps they help a lot and people underestimate them. Some teams just get tunnel focused on the main objective, and forget about the smaller ones that can add up quickly.
  5. "She's dead, Jim"-Dr. Leonard McCoy

  6. 90 Degrees sunny and stuck at the office today....

  7. That's pretty cool, you should make a trip to San Diego and take them to the Midway next for Carrier Ops!
  8. It's been a good 3 years for me within vVv. vVv Gaming has a lot of good mentors, the community is very diverse, with people that work in the gaming industry, government, and the corporate world the knowledge and insight here are incredible. It's just a good place to be for fun and to learn.
  9. Have fun great place to be was working down there for 3 months try Las Olas for a good Cuban sandwich!! If your down near Miami Beach Convention center it was on 6 or 7th street I think.
  10. Was going to start playing Dark Souls II on the XB One. If anyone wants to co-op send me a message on XB messenger vVvKrewel. I neglecting to buy it on PC and 360 so figure now is as good as time as any to start it since you get all the DLC content for it.
  11. I was really bummed with the latest WOW expansion..It is a really fun expansion and the game design is allot better than the 2 previous expansions that were put out however, for some reason the graphics were not quite the refresh to the game that I was hoping for. I still try to play it, but with the MMO style graphics such as Destiny, Archage, EverQuest Landmark and even the dated Dark Ages of Camelot (Which I just checked in to see how things looked) they are still more visually appealing to me. With all the work and the revamping of graphics WOW has done it depresses me a little that I can't get back into the style of artwork that WOW is.... It's the same problem with Heroes of the Storm and even League of Legends both have upgraded the style and look and they look really good but to me I can't seem to keep my attention on the screen with them...

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