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    Starcraft 2 and BW! and TF2, Bastion, Super Hexagon, Donkey Kong Country 2.. I could go on. 8D
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  1. YES NOOB! WE ALL LOVE YOU! So sorry things have gone the way they have, but there's no doubt you'll overcome them and be well on your way to the highest level of SC2.
  2. Watched this live a couple nights ago, hero is such a boss! But man oh man did Argo throw that game having those 3 zealots chase one across the map! T_T
  3. I spend so much time playing ladder games that I completely forgot about how awesome the story to the game is! If the HotS campaign is any where near as well put together as this cinematic I will enjoy it thoroughly.
  4. I think this accurately portrays how every Terran feels about TvZ. And DAMN I wish vikings landed that quickly/badassly!
  5. Teamliquid is generally considerably better than battle.net, but yeah, it is still bad sometimes D: And yeah, this is pretty much how it feels.
  6. Dunno how I feel about any of these changes! Reapers with 60 hp seem better, but I still feel like they don't have much use in any of the matchups besides TvT. But I could be wrong!
  7. Because members of it make insane stuff like this! The Iron Squid has (amazing) themesongs for each player, HOW did I just recently figure this out?!
  8. Yeah not worth the risk, submitted mine yesterday.
  9. Obviously Protoss will use the fact that Immortals shoot up in their dance as grounds for Blizzard to give them an air attack!
  10. I'm tempted to see if you'd actually kick me off the team on the grounds of having not submitted a bio!
  11. I'm glad for the spawn rules on Entombed and Antiga, it's about time! I don't think Infested Terrans really needed to be nerfed more, personally. But I'm not going to complain
  12. Oooh, might check this out sometime, I do love craftin mines.
  13. Unfortunate that we don't get to play, but it's definitely for the better if they're BMers. We can't have this kind of stuff in the SC2 competitive community!

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