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    Hiei got a reaction from Engel in Chapter 12: So long and good night   
    I'm so tired of this. When push comes to shove, almost every sponsered players post I've read on TL and Reddit have had only negative things to say about vVv and the way they go about caring for their players, if you want to deny and try and shuffle the blame off from yourselves yet again, so be it. At the end of the day, vVv has gone down as one of the poorest ran organizations in the SC2 community.
    I do agree with your sentiments about having ended the SC2 division sooner, which would have allowed Nub to spend his time seeking teams that could actually offer him something other than just a title as a "sponsored" player, where as vVv had no intention of offering him the benefits any sponsored player would receive.
    Good luck in League of Legends, hopefully this will serve as a learning experience for all parties, and we're all better human beings for it.

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