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    Hiei got a reaction from Traumer in How every Terran feels whenever a new patch is announced   
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    Hiei got a reaction from RazorHedge in Aspire Practice   
    We practice usually start practice at 7pm CST on Tuesday and Thursday, and 8pm CST on Saturday nights.
    Usually Razor will take the first 15-20 minutes to discuss any news or anything that's coming up that we need to know about, then we'll get into an obs game.
    Another good way to get practice games is to come into Mumble, most nights we have an obs game going at some point, and people are usually pretty willing to play games if you just ask.
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    Hiei got a reaction from RazorHedge in Temporary Resignation   
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    Hiei got a reaction from Misty in RuneScape   
    Oh god, I loved the fucking shit out of Runescape. The quests in that game were sooooo good. I only got to like level 80 or so, but I had so much fun.
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    Hiei got a reaction from BlameGame in Replay Analysis   
    Taking a look, I'll edit this when I'm done . Also, it helps if you tell us a little about the game in your post, cause if you're like a Diamond level protoss player, a terran player might not be able to help you very much. Just something to think about it the future <3

    - Having that one drone idle really REALLY hurts your economy early in the game. Realistically, it's 1/7th of your income, and in a game like Starcraft, where 95% of the game is based on how your spend your economy, it can make a huge difference 5-6 minutes down the road.

    - You open 15 pool. Vs terran, 15 hatch/14 pool is pretty much the way to go. It increases your production, you mineral income, and believe it or not, it's actually safer then 15 pool. Here's the thought logic; You scouted no gas, so he's either going to 2 rax you, or gasless expand. If you open pool first, all you're going to have to try and defend your building expansion from a 2 rax is slow lings, and decently microed marines counter slow lings very well. If you open with the hatch first, you hatchery should be just about finished when a 2 rax hits, so you'll have creep spreading from it, so you can start a queen, spines, and your lings will have a little bit of an easier time dealing with pressure. So all in all, 15 hatch is the best build.

    - Losing your first two lings is actually a really big deal. If you had kept those things alive, you could have denied his marine from scouting your third, and everything you can keep from your opponent is an advantage.

    - So you took a gas and got speed and a pretty quick third. I think on this map (Shakuras) the gas is not neccasary. Shakura's is very very easy to spread creep on, so you can just open with like 6 queens, and defend the third with relative easy.

    - There was one point (Around 8 minutes) where you weren't really building anything, then out of no where 21 drones popped up. I don't really understand why you didn't just build them ASAP, or if it was just a mistake.

    - Triple evo doesn't really make sense.

    - ~10:00: Oh god the hellion run by did a loooot of damage. Using 2 evo chambers, a spine and a queen would have saved you a lot of damage being done.

    - You're lair tech seems pretty late. You usually want to throw it down as soon as you can, and you've got like 700/700 at 11 minutes, so you're more then capable of it. Also, you're evo's weren't working yet, which is putting you behind.

    - ~14:00: Your fourth base is coming down at a good time, also your hive is pretty well timed.

    - I really like the poke into the third, but you probably could have just kept your army sitting in there for a while.

    - When playing against mech, the one thing that is certain is that mech unit's do a silly about of damage, and when they get to 3/3, they're nearly unstoppable with a ground based army, so you really need to prioritize getting ahead on your upgrades. By the end of the game your roaches were still 1-1, which makes it nearly impossible for you to win with any thing on the ground.

    - Your spire was late. If you want to tech to BL, you can start your spire at the same time as your Hive, and they'll finish at the exact same time, so you can immediantly start a Greater Spire.

    - ~15:00: Your first attack is kind of at a silly time. You're both 1/1, but you're at 150 supply, wanting to go BL, so I think the best thing to do, is to get maxed with roaches, then try and trade them away, as efficiently as you can, then insta-switch into BL infestor. You were stuck in kind of a wierd spot, where you killed some of his army, and then you probably thought, "Well, he can still come kill me with the rest of his army, so I have to make some safety roaches incase you does come attack," Where if you had waited for Greater Spire, you could have just defended with Brood Lords.

    - Injects are kind of starting to fall behind, also your creep spread is pretty slow.

    - ~21:00: You got waaaaay to aggressive with your Brood Lords. Here's the idea. Brood Lords are like mech for Zerg right. They're super expensive, they're very immobile, and if you lose all of them at once, you're probably gonna lose, so keeping your Brood Lord army alive is one of the most critical things you can do end game.

    - After losing all you Brood Lords, he pretty much just 1+As to victory, You moved your roaches a little bit to far forward with out letting them attack which hurt your army a lot, but I think once you saw he had like 12 vikings, and you lost all your Brood Lords, you might have been able to switch back into roaches and kill his army.

    I don't know how good my Zerg is, but those were just the most obvious things that I saw that you probably could work on. Hope it helps <3
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    Hiei got a reaction from RazorHedge in How every Terran feels whenever a new patch is announced   
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    Hiei got a reaction from BlameGame in Getting to masters?   
    From a Terran's point of view, it feels like the man difference between a Diamond player and a Masters player is the execution of their build order.

    What do I mean by executing a build order? It's very easy to say "Well I'm gonna get X upgrade, then I'm going to attack." The first thing about executing a build order is doing it in the most efficient way possible. Are you frequently getting supply blocked, are you forgetting to make workers, is your tech/production facilities down at the proper time, are you gases immediately being saturated upon completion? All those little tiny macro things make the biggest difference in the long run.

    The second part of executing a build order is the point at which it is no longer a build order. You get to a point in your game where there are to many variables for you to have everything planned out. This is when our build order evolves from a build order, to a strategy, and how you want the mid-late-game to play out.

    For Zerg, this is a bit of an abstract idea, because most of what you do, is based off of what your opponent is doing. As a Zerg, you have to first understand what you're opponent is going to do in the mid-late-game before you yourself decide what to do in the mid-late-game.

    Here's an example: You as a Zerg vs a Terran player, want to open 15 hatch, and take a very early third base. Your opponent opens reactor hellion banshee, and you take minimal losses. The terran begins to take a third of his own, and is transitioning to mech.

    So, we have established our early game build order, we stopped what he was going to do, and now he's not doing it anymore, what do we do now? We transition into something else, and do something different while utilizing our new tech and economy. This is when strategy and play styles really come into play. In the example posed above, you could get really aggressive off of 3 base with Lair tech, you could take a very fast 4th, you could get an army and take a fourth, you could tech to hive as your take a fourth. There are some many different options that you can take, and for every build that you can imagine, there are different transitions that best fit for the way your want to play, and to counter the way your opponent is playing, no matter how they open. So play a few games, and go through this thought process. "My opponent wants to do this sort of early play, what can I do to best negate that play?" As time goes on, you'll find yourself understanding the game at a much higher level, and when you are fully accustomed to knowing how to win games with this thought process, Diamond level players will become very easy to beat. Just remember, no matter what style or strategy your decide to use (here's the most important thing of this whole post): Do it in the most efficient way that you can!

    When you lose a game, go back watch your replay, and find out why you lost. I can say with almost 100% accuracy, the reason why a Diamond level player will lose to a Masters level player, is because they are not playing efficiently.

    I really hope this helps you get to Masters .

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