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    Jared Scruggs
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    Mesa, AZ
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    Team Fortress 2, Starcraft 2. I play a lot of games and enjoy them, but I play those two the most.
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    Chicken Parmessian
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    Young Frankenstein, Shaun of the Dead, and The Dark Knight Trilogy.
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    I love eSports! I mostly follow SC2, but will occasionally pick up so tid bits of LoL. I'm a competitive youth soccer coach and a student, but considering taking sometime off of school to figure out what I wanna do. I'm a pretty easy to get along with guy, but I'm extremely competitive, and will always look to compete in everything I do >:D.

About Me

Sup doods. I'm Jared Scruggs (AKA Hiei). I'm a 20 year old Starcraft 2 Masters Terran player. I've spent the last 2 years studying at college, and decided to take a semester off in order to improve as a Starcraft player, and to more actively pursue esports.

I'm extremely competitive, and love to be challenged. I don't like to lose, but sometimes I'll play just to joke around and I won't care if I lose.

Ya. Not a whole lot to know about me. I'm kinda boring. If anyone ever wants to talk, send me a message or come talk to me in Mumble :D

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