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    I love eSports! I mostly follow SC2, but will occasionally pick up so tid bits of LoL. I'm a competitive youth soccer coach and a student, but considering taking sometime off of school to figure out what I wanna do. I'm a pretty easy to get along with guy, but I'm extremely competitive, and will always look to compete in everything I do >:D.
  1. I'm so tired of this. When push comes to shove, almost every sponsered players post I've read on TL and Reddit have had only negative things to say about vVv and the way they go about caring for their players, if you want to deny and try and shuffle the blame off from yourselves yet again, so be it. At the end of the day, vVv has gone down as one of the poorest ran organizations in the SC2 community. I do agree with your sentiments about having ended the SC2 division sooner, which would have allowed Nub to spend his time seeking teams that could actually offer him something other than just a title as a "sponsored" player, where as vVv had no intention of offering him the benefits any sponsored player would receive. Good luck in League of Legends, hopefully this will serve as a learning experience for all parties, and we're all better human beings for it.
  2. This will be my last blog post here. I just kind of wanna get this first bit out of the way. The members of the Aspire program that left are not off crying in a corner, about how their division got cut. The Aspire division left vVv, to start our own program, and potentially join another. We're not just holding a little pity party. Just wanted to get that out of the way. As many of you know, the SC2 division for vVv gaming is no more. I have been extremely vocal in the actual thread here, as well as on Reddit as to the actual happenings within vVv, concerning the SC2 division. I write this not with the intent of hurting vVv's reputation (although it will), but in an attempt to reach out to those who are apart of vVv to help further your career in eSports, and so that they may grasp what being apart of vVv is truely about. vVv has a history of fucking over their players, in the recent past, and in the last several weeks. A direct quote from Nubrgini on Reddit: I really got baited hard with their offers and such, they had a new management, Salvor, a good hearted person to take up management to renew their tarnished image. Only problem is that they lied to both me and Salvor with the requests. When processes go in, Salvor would put them through but the higher up, the people I don't want to name because it brings fame to them, would just ignore it and constantly make lies or excuses why it has not gone through. I was promised Dallas, LAN ETS 2013 as well as Gear, shirt, financial support as a sponsored player but they kept making excuses and delaying everything. Shady organization as always. Even if it's not SC2 they're looking into, this organization should be boycotted and not even allowed to be in ANY eSports community. The community itself is blinded by their lies so they just have to follow, it's the managers who you should look out for. As a side not, upon none of the agreements on vVv's part being met, Salvor bought Nub a new mouse, with his own moneyThese claims are also supported by Glon, who recently left vVv, due to disputes with management. vVv has consistently lied to their players and manipulated them, all in the name of the "community." If you're wondering why vVv never got big into SC2 and lost all of their players consistantly, it's because they made offers they knew they couldn't keep (then talked their way out of them/covered them up) just to keep players from leaving. Word is that Glon is also getting a bunch of testimonies from former vVv members together, and putting them all in one place, and making a big post on how poorly vVv treats their players. But how do the actions vVv have made affected the way that other organizations within eSports perceive vVv and those affiliated with them? Here's a quote that CatZ made in the Reddit thread, concerning vVv leaving and moving into LoL: Try to treat your LoL team and community with respect, and be nice to them cause they don't know what they're getting into, and I doubt they know who you are, so go into another scene and take it as your chance to change into a person that does good things and commands respect and admiration, instead of burning bridges within the industry. CatZ is the founder and Leader of ROOT gaming, a team that holds on of the largest followings in SC2, as well has owning a DOTA 2 team. CatZ is also one of the most respected people in the SC2 industry for his work with developing players and the community. I could go on, but at this point, it's beating a dead horse. I know that there are a lot good people here, and I know that many of you have become comfortable working with vVv, but I can all but guarantee you, that being a part of vVv will only serve as hindrance to you career. If you do choose to stay even after reading these testimonies, you are directly condoning the actions that vVv has taken, and that you acknowledge the broken promises, the lies, and vVv's constant excuses as to why they are never to blame. I can not understand why anyone would want to be apart of an organization that has time and time again gained and lost the faith of their members. I hope that upon reading this post you think long and hard about who you want to be affiliated with and what the consequences are of being apart of an organzation. On a final note, don't sell yourself short. If you do decide that vVv is not the place for you, get out there and start talking with other organizations. 95% of people that want to be involved in Esports, never actually try contacting those in eSports. Shoot high, try messaging the EGs, and the TSMs, and the CLG and all those big names, and ask for some volunteer work. The worst thing they tell you is they have no open positions, and they thank you for your interest. So I guess that's all there is to it. I sincerely hope you all end up getting the most out of your eSports experience, and that you all continue to be amazing people. I've never really been big on bumping my social media stuff, but if you're interested on keeping tabs on me, feel free to follow me at: Twitter: @HieiSC2 Twitch. Twitch.tv/HieiSc2 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jared.scruggs.7 E-mail: SuperFireFly321@hotmail.com Skype: MauiMallardTerran Again, I hope to see you all doing great things with your careers, and wish you the best of luck. I love you all, be safe.
  3. Sup doods. I tilted for the frist time in almost 2 months. I've been kind of sticking to the "Train smart, not harder" mentality for the last few weeks, playing around 15 games a day, as well as breaking them up (playing 4-7 games, breaking, a few more games, breaking, etc etc) and it's been working pretty well thus far. Earlier today I had a session where I went 2-2, but I felt ok cause I won a really long TvP, which has been giving me trouble, so I was feel good. Then I started playing again, and it was like the ladder session from the 7th circle of hell. None of the games were even good. Here's a general summation of the games I played, in order 1. TvT, died to proxy Thors 2. TvT, died to a Terran who gasless FE'd, saw I went for a 16 gas, knew I was gonna build a reactor on my Barracks, pulled 4 SCV's with his first 3 marines, my bunker was late and I took to much damage. 3. TvP, Proxy 1 gate which blocked my wall at the ramp, over commted with my SCV's to kill the pylon, ended up building 3 rax and all in-ing, and he had built 3 cannons (Thinking back I think this guy was hacking, I was tilting at this point). 4. TvR, guy leaves in the first 5 seconds. 5. TvP, Same guy as in game 3, I wall at my CC and he's not cheesing me, I just 2 rax and all in him and it doesn't work. 6. TvZ, died to a Roach-Bane Bust after scouting no gas and a spine crawler going up. 7. TvP, he goes Gate-Nexus-Cyber on Cloud Kingdom and skips a Zealot, and I scout him taking a very early second gas, I open Triple CC (After debating to 5 rax and try to punish him). I scout again with an SCV later, and he goes right up to Robo (so an early attack should have worked). I move out with 1/1 stim and medivacs, and he's taking a third (which I kill) But he's got 3 collosus, and I've not even started Vikings. I retreat, and he all ins me with 1/1, collosus, charge, and Archons, so if I had done a 2 base marine attack, he would have died for sure. 8.TvZ, Cross positions on Entombed, my Banshees do a lot of damage and feel pretty good going into the mid-game, but he builds like 7 Mutas, and has good map control, and I can't do anything with my Banshees in the mid-game, I take a really bad fight around my 4th base, but still trade ok, then I decide to move out, onto creep, and get completely surrounded (I'm tilting HAAAAAAAARD at this point). 9. TvZ on Antiga. played a Zerg that was just fucking horrible. He took a super quick third, which I scouted and bunkered up, and forced a cancel. He over produced Slowlings, that my hellions just fried, and he had no detection when my banshees were out, and pretty much just killed him with banshees. So ya, I've pretty much droped 100 points today. I think the biggest problem is that I was playing tired, and my head just wasn't in the game from the get go. So I either need to not train when I'm in that state, or learn how to detach myself from the game when I am, so that way, when I do lose 7 games in a row, I can just shrug it off, and come back fine in an hour or two. This blog was kind of just pulled out of my ass, but I didn't want to play anymore SC2, and couldn't play HoTS because of the patch, so I needed a way to kind of distract myself from the game. Hopefully this wasn't to painful for you guys to read. I don't know when I'll write another blog entry, but hopefully it won't be such a downer of a read next time. So until then, I love you all, be safe. P.S. As a consolation for this mopey, sad sack blog entry, here are some Corgi's sleeping in formation
  4. The amount of time, effort, and resources it takes to make a cinematic like this is mind blowing. Probably not a good investment either.
  5. GOMTV and OGN (Basically KESPA's bitch) have had notorious conflict over the years. Also, it would just be to much casting.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og-gULrg1Jo&list=FLFj52nbgWYQ10_hapUY0fhQ&index=2 Now only if they could get some good english casters.
  7. Hiei

    Chapter 10: Back to business

    Haha, thanks dood. Good luck at your LAN today as well <3
  8. Sup doods. Last week was kind of a trouble some week. I had a bunch of stuff to do at my Mom's house (getting the laundry done, making sure that the pipes wouldn't freeze, etc etc). I also wasn't feeling to well, and just felt kind of dumpy. I wasn't depressed or anything, just didn't feel quite as motivated as I usually do. But today, I felt back to my normal self. Maybe it's got to do with the weather (it's been extremely cold here in Phoenix the last couple of days,and today was the first day that was kind of nice.) So today I wanted to go pretty hard at training today. Between my main account and my second account, I probably played 25 games. I started the day at like 225 points, and ended up getting to 300, so still not particularly high, but progressing none the less. One thing that felt pretty good, Hap was streaming and Robo and I were trying to snipe him and troll him. Razor said, "No offense Hiei, but you're MMR is no where near Hap and Robo's." Sure enough, I hit Robo, and we had a laugh about hitting eachother. I tried to poke forward at like 7:30 and he already had a collosus, I did a weird transition, and all ined with 2-2 and all my SCV's and he barely held. After that, THEN I hit Hap, we both meta-gamed eachother SUUUUPER hard, and he beat me in marine tank game. After that I hit Robo again and I did a super silly all in that killed him. So that felt good just out of spite to Razor (<3). TvZ is feeling back to normal. I was having a little bit of trouble over the last week or so, just making silly mistakes and losing games I should have won. It feels like my win rate is directly related with the damage I can do with my banshees early on. I think I might have to make some more adjustments to make my play a little less reliant on having to do damage. TvP is still improving. I'm not hitting as many Protoss on ladder as I should be, and when I do hit them, they cheese me. TvT is also feeling better over all. I was starting to get away from mech, saying that Mech is to easily abused. But I've realized that the way I was going about meching wasn't very good. So I've been looking at new mech openings, and have been trying that out, but it needs some more work. So ya, tomorrow will probably be another pretty heavy ladder day, then Saturday I probably won't play too much, because we have a clan war vs xO's B team. I know one of their A team players and one of their B team players from the Arizona LANs. I never really play a whole lot with either of them, but their both very good, and I REALLY wanna beat them. I think that's just about it for now. I'm probably gonna go grab some sleep and cuddle with the puppy. So until next time, I love you all be safe.
  9. The next one should be a trying to hold a baneling bust and getting supply blocked cause the banelings killed your depo wall
  10. Terran Reaper Health increased from 50 to 60. Protoss Void Ray Supply cost increased from 3 to 4.Activating the Prismatic Alignment ability now causes a timer to display over the Void Ray for the duration of the effect. Zerg Hatchery The Evolve Burrow upgrade requirement has been moved to the Hatchery. My thoughts: The reaper change is ok. I haven't played to much HoTS sense the last patch, but from what I under stnad, reapers are relatively useless again, and are basically just scouts. Voidray change is ok. I don't really know how big a deal going from 3 to 4 is. This is the big one. I'm pretty sure that getting a raven out is going to be a must at this point. It feels like Blizzard does this with a lot, where players aren't utilizing something, so they just buff it to ridiculous quality so people start using it. Burrowed banes SHOULD be a more regular thing now. I've never understood why Zergs didn't use it before.
  11. Does Engulf actually have access to this sub-forum? I don't think he knows about it @_@

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