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  1. Wait is the PBE Online because its says like unavailable for me : ( but really cool features and stuff thanks for the news dude!
  2. A lot of issues with 0wn3d has been going on such as not paying people and just same business as everyone these days..I don't hate own3d but I guess there is some major issue going on here
  3. I just want blizzard to do more CGI for us or even give us the tools to do so. Either SC2 or WoW BLIZZARD DO SOMETHING PLS lol
  4. Love you man, you have been seriously helping me and you are making my goal of going to MLG that much closer. My ZvZ has improved by so much and my ZvT! I will hopefully be visiting in Toronto soon enough and I will hang out with you man! You seriously are just a beast.
  5. So blizzard released the intro for heart of the swarm and a gameplay video here they are Let the nerdgasm BEGIN
  6. I been using baneling mine since Season 2 of 11' lol
  7. lol Sugar loves to cause dem heart attacks ^^
  8. I don't even use infestors that much in any of my match ups so blizzard got nothing on me haha but for the location rules on those maps makes me super happy now I can un-veto Entombed because it was impossible close pos when Protoss could just zealot pressure your third and you can't do much.

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