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  1. Instead of editing my application, I'm just going to do an edit post. Championship Series is up to a Master's 78.
  2. Thank you for the information and the luck!
  3. Good luck to you as well Max! I just added you. HAI MISTY. THANK YOU. And thank you as well, Mik. I have confidence that vVv has the ability to be everything I'm looking for.
  4. True, Matter. Very true. And I have yet to play with the Call of Duty vVv members. Anaxamander is on my friend's list, and I'm going to start adding people today to play with. As for vVv MLG, most definitely. I watched them play throughout Sunday, and kept all my social media running because I had to be gone Sunday. Fantastic third place finish result, and I believe they can take the championship.
  5. I did. Around the end-ish of last year I applied for League of Legends. Then I took a break for Christmas, and Season 3 came out, and we just pretty much went out separate ways. And now I'm here.
  6. Name: Kyle Wildman Age: 20 Location: Madison, Wisconsin GamerTags: eStormy (XBL), Fenity (PS3 - Don't play online) Social Media Accounts: FaceBook: https:///www.facebook.com/KyleJWildman Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhStormy Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv.iStormy Instagram: http://instagram.com/KJWildman How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to this site? If so, by whom? I had originally heard about vVv Gaming long ago on Halo 3. I work within the same company as vVv Paradise, and he posted a post about joining the clan on a forum. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? I know a good amount of vVv members on the League of Legends side of things (Paradise, Medusa, Jiggy, Misty, JayC, ect.) I only knew Paradise before I had applied to the clan, and met all of them when I used to play LoL. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I'm interested in joining vVv for the ability to play with talented but friendly players around the community. I eventually hope to compete at a highly competitive level (events), and hope vVv can help me in attaining that dream. What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? The only competitive tournament experience I have is throughout online tournaments. I would compete in some on Halo, and went through GameBattles throughout the span of Modern Warfare 2. Have you attended any major tournaments (MLG, UMG)? I have not yet attended any major tournaments, although I am hoping to attend a good amount of them soon. How often do you participate in online tournaments (360 icons, GB)? I have participated in GameBattles for quite a while, throughout Halo, Call of Duty, and random arcade games. It has been on a recent hiatus from GameBattles, but am looking for teams and the ability to rejoin it. What is your rank in Solo League Play? Team Deathmatch Series: Platinum 180 Championship Series: Platinum 110 What is your highest rank in Team League Play? I don't have a rank in Team League Play. I have only played a few games, throughout different teams. Do you prefer pickups/team scrims or matchmaking? Why? I generally prefer team scrims/pickups, because the events and teams tend to be more organized. The opponents you get within those games are generally more of a challenge, and help improve more. Do you watch replays and/or pro players streams? How often? I will watch pro teams play at least once a week, and watch back gameplay at least once a week as well. Generally when there is more going on, like within the Winter Championships, I will watch for the entire weekend. Who is your favorite competitive Call of Duty player? Why? My favorite player is OpTic Scump. He plays the position I like to play (the hybrid between objective and slayer), communicates well and it fun to watch. What is your favorite competitive Call of Duty team? Why? My favorite Call of Duty teams are vVv Gaming and OpTic Gaming. vVv works very well together, and are a blast to watch. OpTic is entertaining to watch, because they have times when they will absolutely dominate. What is your favorite Call of Duty game? Why? My favorite Call of Duty game is Modern Warfare 2. The gameplay within the game made it incredibly fun to game, while the balance between guns (SMG and Assault Rifles) made both highly viable in certain situations and maps. Also, the maps were made incredibly well and suited competitive gaming very well. What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst? My best competitive moments come within Modern Warfare 2, closing out games when I'm the only one alive verse both the enemy opponents (I played a lot of doubles on MW2). My worst has to be when I come through (4v1's), but end up choking due to bad aim on the last man. What do you hope to achieve, competitively? I hope to achieve mainstage dominance and competitive dominance. Edit: Forgot to put my ranks in.
  7. So, I've been gone from the game for a little over a month, and was wondering if there are any big changes I should immediately be aware of? I'll be jumping into the patch notes soon, and just wanted to make sure there was nothing incredibly halting that happened.
  8. Things are going well! Just got back from my vacation a day ago. It was very relaxing. Holidays were a blast as well. And, we can totally schedule that now since I don't have school and only have to bend to work. I'll message you with times that are good, and I'll be in Mumble tomorrow!
  9. Sorry for the somewhat belated away notice. I'm going to be away (I have been for the last few days because of finals) from now until after Christmas. It's finals paired with visiting family straight after with work involved. See you soon!
  10. Sounds like something I'm willing to do. I main mid, but *can* ADC.
  11. Stormy


    Looks like a cool guy. I look forward to playing/talking with you.
  12. http://gyazo.com/212f2c0b5602a86d8d38525d142c46dc That's meh work schedule. Then I have school: Monday 930-1045, 230-320, 530-830 Wednesday 930-1045, 320-320 Friday 230-320 Any time aside from that I can make work!
  13. Razer Death Adder. HP keyboard that came with my computer (will be replacing it soon, probably a black widow). X12's. 21" HP monitor.

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