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    Patrick Neff
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    Rock Falls, IL
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    CoD series, Halo, Madden, Gears of War series, Uncharted 3, SOCOM, Counter Strike, Ghost Recon
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    Pizza, anything italian, hot wings
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    Transformers, Boondock Saints, Gran Torino, Act of Valor, The Raven, 300, The transporter series, Wall Street, Friday Night Lights
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    Anything but Blue Grass pretty much. From Andrea Bocelli to Lupe Fiasco, Slipknot etc.
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    Aside from gaming, my main interest is sports, particularly football. I also draw, and paint a bit, though I haven't done anything in quite a while. I love tattoos, hitting a metal concert and going crazy in the pits. Furthering my education, whether it is through school or just taking the time to do research on random subjects. Going for my MBA and plan to run my own business, or at least move up the ladder somewhere.
  1. Good luck on your app, vVv is a great community.
  2. Still trying to get a time set up for my interview. Been a hectic couple of weeks.
  3. I have messaged him, just waiting on a reply now.
  4. Thanks, and I've gone over it a few times. I'm going to message him about it as soon as I find out what's on my plate for the upcoming week.
  5. yeah, it sucks. I despise working for walmart, but it's a job so i'll take it.
  6. Hey everyone, sorry i have disappeared for a bit. Things have gotten hectic with holidays and working retail, trying to get back into school and getting things straight for my business that i'm working on. @Mike- I know man, It'd be nice for everyone to be on that was on our team and make that push for masters. I've been playing solo inbetween work and it's horrible -___- i don't know if it's the game, my connection, or im just getting impatient, but somehow i've fallen off. Maybe having horrible teams lol
  7. thanks man, and same to you. Im down to do more league play tonight if you are. I tried Solo, got put in silver cus i played a team that was lag switching to the point i had to quit. Then my next game my team on CTF were less than mediocre at best.
  8. loving BO2. Doing work in league play, hope the comp gets better

  9. we need to get more League matches, work it up to that masters level, as long as we can get around EnvyUs lol
  10. of course! I will def invite you when i see you. Im off for three days and will be playing whenever I'm not spending time with the GF.
  11. I'm loving vVv so far. I've played with Bullet and now I'm playing league with Shadow, Mikevl and Protecall. Now that BO2 is out I will be playing with a lot more people, hopefully anyway

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