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  1. What you do when Terran opponent does not use banshee + hellion? You prepare for it anyway?
  2. Thanks, the best seems to be sc2rep.com
  3. Hey Guys! In my quest at getting better at the game, I figured out that I needed some very top notch player replay, as a way to set myself goals. I googled that and found nothing interesting, loads of VODs, but no actual SC2 replay. Someone can help me? I dont need Stephano or Life, just some top GM player with standard playstyle. Thanks vVv
  4. And Moon is kinda known as well Fun story bro!
  5. Hey people!!! I'm back at my house, yet it is not completely back to origin (basement still need a new floor and bathroom in the basement has no shower and no counter yet) everything but a tap in the master bedroom. Here is how it all went from a small problem to a 1 month and a half construction site. It all started when a random guy working for the city came to my house and told my water main entrance had a leak (yeah they do monitor that). We went to the basement and it was true, we hear the leak through the pipe of the main water entrance. The problem is we have a old house, and back in the days, they were building water entrance anywhere in the house, without carring on what would happen if it would break. Our pipe was starting from the city pipe, going under the house and joining our bathroom in the basement (in the back of our house). To repair it we would have to break our subsoiling (concrete dale here in Quebec), which was a big reparation to do. We then decided to change water entrance spot into somewhere in the front of the house. That meant we had to dig 12 feet into the ground to get there. Since we moved our water entrance, we had to open the basement ceiling to take back water into the main entrance. By doing this we realized we had old (50 years old) copper pipe. We then decided to change all copper pipe by newer pipes, which meant we had no water in the house for some time. At this point house is quite a mess, bathroom is destroyed in the basement, ceiling is open over 30 feet to change the pipes, we changed our water-heater which was old too. Since bathroom was all destroyed we decided to renovate it (new shower, counter, ceramic toilet, etc). As the rest of the basement it was quite old and out of date. Around this point we (my wife, the baby and I) left the house to live at my family in law’s house. Getting to practice was hard because of the travelling. I decided to bring the PC over there, but connection was as bad as it can be (almost unplayable lag). But I thought renovation would take one or two more weeks max… I was wrong. When they were renovating the bathroom, the sewer pipe looked a bit shaky, they did not took any chance and used cameras to see if it was ok, it was not, there was a curve meaning I would have back up from the sewers in the next few years. Guess what? This pipe is under the subsoiling and we have to brake it to replace the sewer pipe, at this point I was pissed because holidays were approaching and construction workers have two weeks off here during holidays, we had no house for holidays and just went from family house to family house for our Christmas and New year break… Not that cool with a baby, let me tell you! Since we had to break the floor + subsoiling we had to take another decision. Floor was marquetry, we needed to sand the whole floor and to wax it all over. It was old… It needed renovation, guess what? Yes, now we will redo the whole basement floor in the next few days! Ok now that’s my last month and a half. Hope 2013 will get better I shall start back to play SC2 now! It has been a looooong time. Good to be back! Grog, aka Gilly
  6. Yeah thibgd Will sort Out at some point. Thing is that it serms like it will be longer than expected, something like mid january and it was not fair for you guys to have someone not practicing in the group. Thx for the support though.
  7. Hi guys, With everything going on at the moment I feel it is not fair to other players for me to be in the team. I don't have access to a good connection and have no time to practice since my access to PC is limited. I will resign from my player poisition until mid-january, where I will ask Razor if he still wants me in. Hope I still can play some games every now and then with you guys! Grog aka Gilly
  8. guillaume_rouleau@hotmail.com FFgrog.272 581-996-3523 skype : gro_uleau

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