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  1. Hi guys, I've decided to submit my resignation, I mentioned this to rob a while ago, didn't know I had to post here. Anyway, I joined because of the IE project, and It was productive at the very beggining, but since I got my V's everything stopped, so after a few months of being inactive (not on the forums, just about the IE) I just decided it was best to leave, like I told Doom in my interviews, I want to learn more and keep growing in this industry, but I feel that's not happening right now. It makes me sad tho, cause I really enjoyed the community, I made really good friends that I'm taking with me and I'm grateful for. Anyway, thanks for the oportunity, I'm always around if you need me, best of luck with everything <3
  2. lolol i've seen that, and the flashing disco lights, as well as an annoying sound in some parts of the map.
  3. Man wtf with the hate. this tool is useful in many ways, this is not to see if ur teammates lost 6 games in a row or not, fuck that. i had this anivia mid the other day, i used that site and saw enemy panth had like trizillion kda with panth, told anivia to be careful, she did a good job along with the jungler to shut him down early game. another example, pro teams or any team will look up stats of the team they're gonna face, u dont have that in soloq, so this tool makes up for it to see who are u against and how to work your way in that game. it works, its useful, but if you dont like it, just dont use it. i dont use that tool to see "uhm this dude lost so many games ggwp" fk that, we all have our loss streaks. last night i got a poppy that had 10 wins in soloq, just straight up green, went 1/9 in lane in my game as poppy top. who would've thought? idgaf. happens. if u think it adds value to your game, use it, if not, leave it. for many people is useful. and regarding the "trial and error" yes, voyboy dove and then he went "ok wont do that again" and he could even maybe rape his lane after that fuck up, but you know bronze/silver/gold players cant recover from a big fuck up, and that brings anger and a general fuck up to the entire team. so, yeah, you learn stuff by doing it on your own, that site tells you what u're facing, not how to win, that's up to you. but don't tell bronze/silver/gold players to go and try and fuck up to learn cause that'd end up costing u the game in most cases. voyboy can do it cause he has mad skills and knowdlege low elo soloqers dont have, so why not?
  4. yeah and if u click on the summoner name, it takes u straight to their lolking profile. I love it. I've been using a lot the runes part tbh like "sona no armor all ap, go balls deep" works everytime xD
  5. So, I don't know if this was posted here (haven't seen it so far), so I'll just drop it. LolNexus is a tool that "scans" ur current match since loading screen and tells you who's duoing, KDA, current tier, s2 and s1 ranked status, and more information. There's also a cool chart for some theorycrafting. Idk, someone posted this in champ select last night and I've never heard of it, been trying it, not useful at all game wise but there's always some people that like to know who are they playing with/against. http://www.lolnexus.com/scouter
  6. Muzza and I are gonna play a few games in EU west, so, since I saw there was a lot of players that had accs in that server, we wanted to try to recruit more people, and maybe do some 5s sometime? Let us know: Muzza: MuzzaMurray Brain: vVvBraindrainer (My acc is like lvl 1 or 2, played a few games one time NA was down) (PM me, tweet me, add me on skype or on my main (NA) vVvBraindrainer or Muzza if you wanna play)
  7. I'll be playing tonight, I guess. I've been too lazy to LoL lately. But yeah, if we get 5, I'll prob play tonight. and tomorrow. and the day after.
  8. Sooooo, I've been too lazy to SoloQ (stopped playing for no reason 12 days ago QQ) and I've been playing with GeekGoneMad on smurfs so, if anyone here just created a NA account or is leveling up a smurf acc and wants to arrange 5s queues, let me know. Add me on my main (vVv Braindrainer) or leave your summoner in this thread and we'll message you. P.S.: NA Server acc ^
  9. ugh i dont like shyv's, looks pretty dravenish. anivia's skin so damn cool D: i wants.
  10. so its a jungler? i thought it was gonna be an ap mid champ.
  11. server "crashes" once in like forever, it's not bad at all considering the ammount of players logged in at the same time, playing, etc etc etc. Happens, you can't have a perfect product at all times, stuff break. And when the servers go down, they're down for like what? and hour? or even less. Now, there's a random error that started happening these last few weeks since the quinn patch where ur client would crash randomly after ur game is done, this is mostly LoL Replay. I updated lol replay last week and my client has been crashing so bad, always after every game. That's because of last lol replay's update, didnt happen before i even updated it. Just close lolreplay and u're client won't crash anymore. Some people say that it might be the adobe air folder or the pando media booster thingy. So in case any of you is getting random crashes, you know. But most dc's in game are player's isp, I've bugsplatted a few times while on loading screen but nothing that wouldn't allow me to reconnect, except for getting stuck in a ghost game, that happened once in 9 months and I wasn't even in game. Shit happens, you're not gonna get banned for it tho, or maybe you will, leaver buster op
  12. dat Draven face is almost scary. and Nidalee... omg, holy sh*it. I wants, but IRL.

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