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  1. Cassiopia and Soraka bot is also very strong, although a strange pick. Look up some games by Ciderhelm playing cass/soraka bot. It just poops on their adc meaning they basically have none so its worth sacrificing your adc spot.
  2. Christmas Kat recall to sexists, yet here we have Nidalee bending over practically on all fours....weird people those Rioteers
  3. I can highly recommend this guy Very informative and answers pretty much all questions his viewers asks.
  4. Rekijan

    vVv Apology

    Just be sure to take the picture down when you, well you know
  5. Replays are stored on the server for 7 days after the game is completed, at which point they are deleted. Replays you've watched are stored on your local machine and only deleted when you choose to do so. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=34655005#34655005
  6. Tychus voice: Hell, its about time. On another note, the file extensions for the replay file is currently .rofl
  7. They probably will just before the skin release, for obvious reasons.
  8. Well it still works, the only constant in each game is you. It just takes the formula a while longer to get a correct reading on your rating.
  9. You started a discussion on a discussion board.....have a cookie!
  10. I don't think killing a tower is tracked at all with kills or assist, same for objectives, dragon and baron. Even so, you can be a big contribution to your team without getting a good kda. For example, say you are hard countered and/or their jungler is constantly in your lane. For the sake of example lets just say top lane. You know you can't go aggressive because the enemy laner will kill you, and if not the jungler that is always there surely will. So you play safe, don't get kills or assist and on the other side of the map your jungler keeps ganking bot feeding your adc immensely. At 20 minutes you haven't died once despite their jungler keeps trying to gank you. Mid laners are even~ish in kda and bot is 10 kills ahead and their team surrenders. Your kda is 0, mids is 1:1 and bot is 10:0. Is it fair that the people bot get more points even though you as a top laner spend tremendous effort not dying and keeping the focus on top so bot could keep winning? No of course not, and this is just one example of kda not representing effort. Another could be a support having excellent ward coverage preventing ganks before they even happen. That also isn't something the game can take into account and many more situations can happen. In the end its a team game, the whole team loses or wins. While I agree that a lot of times this is true, because you cant garentee people will work with you, and more often then not they won't. But that is not to say it never works. I have had a lot of games were people did communicate strategies well and won because of it, a fair share of them by me starting. I am not sure if I understand what you are saying correctly, but to me it looks like you are saying "if you do good you win" which is pretty much true for every game. Regardless of chosen strategy. And yes most games that are won have the winning team at a higher kda. But you can get a win by first getting objective, thus gaining the lead and then getting kills. Or getting kills and using that to gain an advantage and thereby making it easier to take objectives. The end result of both is a higher kda the path to it however differs.
  11. Your elo has nothing to do with knowing what is important. You could explain to someone who hasn't even played a single game of LoL how stuff works in the game. The reason I brought up kills vs objectives is because the OP only posted his kda of some matches claiming he should have won. Another person said kda should influence the amount of rating he gets/loses after a game. But the fact of the matter is this game is an objective based game, getting fed yourself to carry the team is just ONE strategy to obtain the end-objective. Whether or not you wish to apply that strategy based on your elo is irrelevant to the point I was trying to make (that point being: kda isn't nearly as important as some people make it out to be). EDIT: It should be noted though that it is still good solid advice to pick a snowball champion and try to get fed to win the game at low elo.
  12. I have to disagree on that. Someone could be doing an amazing job of zoning someone out, winning his lane getting towers without ever killing someone. That doesn't mean he should get higher rating then someone who winds up getting kills. Different strategies can win you games, it isn't about killing the enemy players, the only win condition* is killing the enemy nexus. *Surrender vote excluded, typically you win by surrender vote if its obvious you are going to wind up winning anyway and your opponents dont want to play all the way to that inevitable point.
  13. Kills means nothing if you don't get objectives.

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