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    TapOrSnap reacted to Rezerth in Something every LoL player should watch   
    So today while I was on Facebook there was a post about a Youtube video that I feel everyone who plays League of Legends should watch and take the moral of it too heart

    Trust me when I say it is an eye opener And if you are feeling it then you should write a quick post about it in the comments Lets work together to make not only vVv but all of League of Legends a better community <3
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    TapOrSnap reacted to Famou5Ivan in SKT T1 S3 WORLD CHAMP SKINS   
    SKT T1 Jax
    750 RP

    SKT T1 Lee Sin
    750 RP

    SKT T1 Vayne
    750 RP

    SKT T1 Zyra
    750 RP

    New Ward Skin
    SKT T1 Ward Skin
    750 RP

     Zed should be here tomorrow on the PBE

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    TapOrSnap reacted to 604 Ronin in Poro Fortune?   
    Halflife 3 confirmed.
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    TapOrSnap reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Poro Fortune?   
    Poro fortune.
    Miss Fortune.
    Monday through Friday
    Weak daze
    A low duration stun is a weak daze
    Point blank Ashe arrow has a low duration stun
    Heartseeker Ashe was recently released.
    Ashe is married to Tryndamere
    Heartseeker Ashe's arrows all seek Tryndamere
    Tryndamere becomes invulnerable
    Tryndamere can't be pierced by Ashe's arrows
    Ashe and Tryndamere are getting a divorce
    You heard it here first folks.
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    TapOrSnap reacted to Inkt in Super Galaxy Rumble Login Screen   
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    TapOrSnap reacted to Sun Down in League of Legends Player Spotlight: vVv Tails   
    vVv Gaming League of Legends Player Spotlight

    Zing "Tails" Jie
    Sun Down: Welcome everyone! My name is Cam "Sun Down" McGrory and I am pleased to present this vVv-Gaming League of Legends Spotlight, featuring an interview with vVv Gaming's ADC Zing "Tails" Jie. We will be talking about his life in the U.S., his opinions on the North American Challenger scene, their upcoming match against LMQ and his ideal jailbreak team composition!
    SD: Where does the name Tails come from? It seems to be a rather unique name and I'm sure everyone would love to hear the story behind that one!
    Tails: The name Tails comes from my previous in game name Twelvetails that I used in Warcraft 3. Eventually I thought it was just too long and not as crisp, so I changed to Tails. Also cause Tails is cute  

    (This becomes much more relevant xD)
    SD: Haha I agree with you on that! What race did you play in WC3? Was that the game that got you into competitive gaming?
    T: Yeah, I played a lot of Warcraft 3 Ladder and it was really the first strategy game I got into since Red Alert 2 when I was really young. I enjoyed playing as the Humans and Night Elves.
    SD: Nice, yeah I was an undead player who just massed ghouls   I wasn't very good! How has coming to the US and specifically coming to vVv changed your life? Why did you decide to join vVv over some of the other offers you were getting
    T: Coming to the US showed me more about the American lifestyle. More or less it showed me that even when playing games it takes tremendous amounts of work to get better. And thanks for assuming I was super popular, but I really didn't get any other offers than vVv haha
    SD: Well it definitely looks like we lucked out then! I'm sure a lot of other organizations would kill to have a player of your caliber What are some of the biggest differences between your life at home and living in a gaming house? Are their some unique challenges you weren't ready for?
    T: Living at home back in Toronto my internet provider wasn't the most stable (Canadian ISPs are doodoo) and it caused alot of lag while I tried to play rank or even tournament games. In addition, the ping was just higher and prevented me to maximize mechanical and reactive ability in game. The challenges in a gaming house would definitely be the eating habits and how we cook. Back home, my parents would cook a hot dinner every night where as in the gaming house we might just go for fast food or cheap noodles for dinner.

    (The meal of champions?)
    SD: Let's talk about Toronto for a little bit. What is the League community up there like? Do they still support you and do you keep close ties with them?
    T:Yeah I actively participate and help a community on Facebook called the TLC (Toronto League Commune) where it has over 5000 members. I also keep in touch with most of friends back home and they definitely support me and give me a lot of energy to keep going.
    SD: Awesome! Sounds like you've definitely got a great support base at home. So, you spent some time in the Middle Lane earlier this season, Why did you decide to move back down to ADC and how do you feel you and Gaunty progressing as a bot lane duo?
    T: I decided to move back to ADC because I felt my mid champ pool was extremely limited and rely on almost one strategy. Being and feeling so one-dimensional really ticked me off and I decided mid lane is not the right place for me to play at the moment. As for me and Gaunty I feel like there's still a lot to work on but improvement is still visible despite the various bumps along the road.
    SD:  What is your opinion on the NA Challenger Scene? Which teams do you think have the best shot at making it into the LCS? Also, which NA LCS teams would you expect to be bumped down for relegation?
    T: I think the NA Challenger scene is improving rapidly in both infrastructure and in skill. As for the teams who can make it in the LCS, I can't say for sure because on any given day any team can win. Out of the LCS teams, however, I think XDG, Curse, and EG are likely to be relegated due to their inconsistent performance in the Spring Split so far.

    SD: You are an experienced Challenger ranked player on both the NA and the Chinese servers. Can you speak to some of the differences in playstyles on the servers? Is the meta that much different? Are player attitudes similar?
    T: Players are just people behind a computer screen. The region doesn't matter, attitudes will always be similar. You will always have nice players and toxic ones. Playstyles and champion preferences are definitely a bit different. As for playstyle differences, I will just say that Chinese players can definitely rotate more aggressively and love to skirmish more often in the early game.
    SD: What are your thoughts on LMQ's adc Vasili? Both of you have been heralded as the "doublelift" of the challenger scene on many different occasions. Are you excited? I know I am, and that's just to watch!
    T: I think LMQ Vasili is really good. I am pretty humbled by that statement comparing myself to Doublelift, as he is one of my idol ADC's and I aspire to be anywhere near that good. To be honest, I really don't think I'm quite that good even in the challenger scene. And yea, I'm definitely excited to face LMQ  
    SD: Cris claimed that you can put away food like a trash disposal, So I have to ask, what would be the Tails signature meal of choice (assuming you didn't have to cook it for yourself   )?
    T: LOL. I really like steak so I'd have to go with a Filet Mignon as a choice meal.
    SD: Appetizer? Dessert? C'mon man this is a tails complete meal not just the entree!
    T: Easy, 3x Filet Mignons!
    SD: Cris decided that if he could have any LoL ability as a super power, he would chose Karthus' Requiem. I was going to ask you that same question but it looks like you have already acquired Cho'Gath's feast! So, if you had to escape out of Maximum Security Prison and could pick any two champion to be your cellmates/accomplices who would it be and why?
    T: I'd pick Ahri and Thresh. Thresh lantern me out while Ahri distracts the jailers #Kappa
    (Killing Satan and Breaking out Tails since 2014)
    SD: Completely next level strategies right there! Ok, so this happened Give me 10 words to describe what was going on in your head.
    T: I don't really know what to say but it was just a bunch of excited emotions flowing
    SD: I scream when I get triple kills in solo queue so I'm sure your emotion were going crazy! What would you say is the most effective way to improve individual mechanical skill in a player?
    T: I have my own personal ways to practice but generally just play as often as you can.
    SD: Rob mentioned that you liked to watch a lot of different streamers. Do you feel like this helps you improve? What streams do you tend to watch? Which foreign teams would you consider you favorites?
    T: Yeah I enjoy tuning into other high elo streamers to see if their perspective of the game and learn if I can learn anything good or interesting from them. As for foreign teams I really like OMG and the old World Elite.
    SD: Well that's two out of five down now Tails! Before we wrap up here, are there any shoutouts you'd like to give?
    T: Huge all of vVvs fans and sponsors! Also shoutouts to the TLC and all my personal fans!    Come watch me when I stream and follow me on twitter!
    SD: Also, we need to know who's next!!! Call out one of your teammates and put them on the stand next!
    T: Oooooooh! Uhhh let's see how Pekin Woof likes it! It's his turn next!
    SD: Thank you so much for your time Zing! That about wraps it up folks! Remember to go follow @vVv_Gaming on twitter and check out my own page for exciting updates in the community and with our LoL Team! Best of luck versus LMQ, Tails! We #BelievVve!

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    TapOrSnap reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Updated Malphite Art   
    *shrug* I think it looks 10 times better than the previous splash
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    TapOrSnap got a reaction from dissent in .dissent Application (PC)   
    Hey Dissent, I was in that group where pherz linked ya the site. Glad you applied, hope it works out for ya.
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    TapOrSnap reacted to Anaxamander in League of Legends hacker has been arrested   
    This wasn't as satisfying as I was hoping it would be. I was expecting some evil lair with a jumbo computer and a picture of Phreak with darts in it.
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    TapOrSnap reacted to Famou5Ivan in vVv vs LMQ this Saturday, show your support!   
    This is Criss when she is exciting 

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    TapOrSnap got a reaction from criss in Want to play LoL for charity?   
    That's pretty awesome. Gamers usually pull through for charities more than almost any other group I've seen, that isn't actively doing something for charity anyway. Hope this gets big and continues on.
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    TapOrSnap reacted to criss in Want to play LoL for charity?   
    I got the okay from Sugar before posting this, but I hope this is still okay! I'm helping promote a cool League of Legends tournament benefiting the Red Cross. Nearly all of the proceeds are going to charity, so this is a good chance to do some good in the name of gamers!
    And get this: the grand prize for the winners is a flight to L.A. to see the NA LCS live and get a private meet-and-greet with a pro team, among other goodies.
    Link to the sign-up/info page -----> http://bit.ly/1g11gwY <------
    Dates: March 29th-30th
    Entry fee: $24 per team, which is less than $5 per person, technically (but charity, tho!)
    Let's get some teams together and see if we can get some dudes from vVv a trip to LA!

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    TapOrSnap reacted to vVv OrganicBear in vVv vs LMQ this Saturday, show your support!   
    Hey guys, this weekend our team plays vs LMQ in the Official Riot NACS! This is going to be a huge match and I'm sure it would help the team get fired up to know how invested we are in their success as a community. Make a post in this thread showing your support (amazing gifs encouraged) and letting them know how much we want them to bring home the win!

    To start things off, this will be my face when we beat LMQ this weekend:

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    TapOrSnap reacted to jiggy in vVv vs LMQ this Saturday, show your support!   
    This will be my dance when they win.

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    TapOrSnap reacted to vVv OrganicBear in vVv CDN 3/18 Recap Thread   
    Tuesday CDNs are over and the results are in! If you missed out on your chance to camp JayC and prevent him from getting MVP again, then you missed out! Here are the results for this week:

    1st. Bravo
    - iProtoHype
    - zingzu
    - Pumastep
    - Pishman (1)
    - Oplock

    2nd. Charlie
    - JayC
    - CrackbabyAllstar (1)
    - Storm Forge (1)
    - AnA10Pilot
    - Razzels

    3rd. Delta
    - Quasi (1)
    - Chaos and War (1)
    - Fenixsniper
    - Ivan
    - Rezerth

    - Spike (2)
    - Nightbane
    - Arc Tech
    - Arthor
    - Pherzghul

    I lost the information on who got MVP for the second match between JayC and Protohype, so if anyone remembers please post here so I can update this!

    Here's the current standings:

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    TapOrSnap reacted to Bardo in Competitive Draft Night   
    Myself along with some others are trying to find better ways to get the community to interact together through competitive games. After brainstorming we had come up with a Draft/PUG League. We are needing to do some test runs and were thinking about doing them on Sundays and Tuesdays. The reasoning behind this is because NoControl , the executive staff, and myself are wanting to bring back a more competitive environment to vVv to enforce that this is the year of talent. After brainstorming with other staff members we think this is a great way to move forward to achieve a competitive environment while bringing more talent to vVv.
    To give a brief overview of how this draft will work. once everyone has entered lobby we will pick captains which will be the highest rated players. We are hoping that we can get 20 people on to create 4 teams. The lowest rated player of the captains will be first pick, then next lowest rated player and so on. They will each pick until they have a team of 5 players. Once this is done each team will play in a round robin for a total of 3 matches for the night.
    We plan on executing this draft on a larger scale in the future as it grows creating 8 or even 12 teams. This would be over a 8-12 week span, which players would obtain points throughout the weeks for playing and winning to compete for prizes at the end of the season.
    *Days can be changed if feedback poses for a day change
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    TapOrSnap reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Update on Thursday night Community Game Nights   
    With the success of Tuesday and Sunday CDN nights, we don't feel that there is a need any longer to run Thursday night inhouses. As a result, we've decided to focus our efforts on making Sundays and Tuesdays the best possibly experience instead. Going forward, this means one more night for people to play ranked or ARAMs together as much as they desire.

    For those who show up to CDNs and don't get picked, we'll still be getting everyone together (for those who don't want to observe) into premade teams to run normals.
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    TapOrSnap got a reaction from Fenixsniper in So I'm ganking bot lane and this volibear comes out of nowhere...   
    I'll take all the mandatory positives I can get Fenix, thanks lol.
    Sugar, Please don't let "TwerkorSnap" be a thing O_o
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    TapOrSnap reacted to Fenixsniper in So I'm ganking bot lane and this volibear comes out of nowhere...   
    This positive vote quota is annoying so +1 on taporsnaps post!
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    TapOrSnap reacted to vVv OrganicBear in So I'm ganking bot lane and this volibear comes out of nowhere...   
    vVv Twerkorsnap is LEGENDARY!
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    TapOrSnap reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Serious Ranked 5s anyone?   
    Would anyone be interested in having me run a workshop about how to set up, market, and run a 5s team?
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    TapOrSnap reacted to criss in Why did the poro cross the road?   
    How blown would your mind be if I told you that I have a folder where I specifically save the gifs I find all over the internet?
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    TapOrSnap reacted to vVv OrganicBear in A PSA for those who haven't done their placements yet   
    What are you waiting for?!?!?!  Do you want to die old men, safe in your beds, regretting a life spent not displaying your valor on the fields of justice?  Or do you wish to dare greatly, and risk failing, but at least having dared to try?  Do you want to give up on life too scared to get placed back into bronze, only to have never fought your way out of bronze to begin with?  Do you covet your diamonds so much that, in 10 years, when you have children creating LoL accounts of their own, you'll tell them about that time when you were diamond once, but too scared to fight to keep it?  I ask you, men and women of Runeterra, will you cower on your smurfs?  Or will you fight and feed for FREEEEEDOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!

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