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  1. Hey all, Letting you all know I'll be gone for June for military training. I haven't been on much because I've been getting ready for it and playing other games that didnt have any vvv members in it. I know there's been a lot more talk of chopping inactive people and I'll completely understand if that's what it comes to. I'll reapply when I get back or something. Hopefully when I get back I'll have more time to get back into the swing of things and maybe make some good videos instead of blogs. Until then, take it easy all. GLHF, Tap
  2. Watched this, pretty much exactly why I stopped playing so much after grinding. Even sometimes playing with just friends on SR makes me feel like that and I KNOW they're not feeding or doing anything stupid on purpose. I stick to ARAM lol
  3. Woo, one I can actually make.
  4. If I get to play a champ that is the savior of poros I may main support from now on.... As long as I get to wrassle voli.
  5. Like pish said, if at all possible give your teammates some of those kills that you're generating. I know it sounds pretty counterproductive but lower tier games people give up on the dumbest things. Maybe that one kill will give them just enough "omg i r so gud" to continue without the "bronzie" attitude. As for other stuff, try to find a duo partner thats around your skill level. 2/5 people for sure not trolling is a lot better than 1/5 for sure not trolling. It will also keep your competitive level up because you're now partially responsible for a friends rank too. When you get frustrated from ranked play just relax, lay off the league for a few minutes. Do some push ups, shake yourself out and sit down. The "competitive" mindset is the hardest to get over in a 5v5 game where you're placed with teammates. Be competitive with yourself rather than your rank. You beat your lane by 35 CS and killed them 4 times in laning phase. You did great. you're better than the level you're at. Take pride in that and work on mechanics after that. You'll just get crappy teammates sometimes but if you continually beat your lane you'll eventually get higher ranked and finally be challenged. Good luck in your ranked games.
  6. These look a lot better than I expected wow. That Lee may replace Dragon Fist for me :x
  7. I like the new particles and graphics for his skills, I'm not so sold on the model yet. Will be playing him more when it comes out though. Shiny and new and all that.
  8. - Summoner Name: vVv TapOrSnap - Current rank: N/A Haven't done promos yet - Goal rank for S4: Gold 5 again (been out of the game for awhile) - Competitive level: Casual/Serious, a bit of both. - Time: What nights are you available to practice every week? How long can you practice for? Wednesday through Sunday I usually have time, won't this summer for a bit due to military obligations. A few hours a night to practice. - Are you currently on a team? If so, who is the captain? Is the team active? Not on a team. - Describe the type of team environment you want in your own words: One centered around learning the games mechanics a lot better about 75% of the time and 25% just BS trying to do weird stuff and have fun with a lot less emphasis on playing to win. - Are you interested in being a captain, shot-caller, or analyst? Could be an analyst, if I were to join a team I'd be a captain but that would probably have to be after military duties. - If you had a serious shot at going pro, would you be willing to take a year off of work/school in order to pursue your dream of being a pro LoL player? Ha, if I were good at this game you mean? Yup, I would take the year and go all out for it why not?
  9. Heard it had to do with Gragas' severe alcoholism and Tryn spending so much time down at "The Fluffy Poro" Gentlemans club
  10. http://www.gamersbook.com/News/Article/ID/689/Riot-Teasing-Something-Called-Poro-Fortune-For-April-4th Anyone know anything about this? Just heard about it about a minute ago. I do like me some poro.
  11. Going to be on Mental Endurance and how we talk about "going hard" in video games but don't in the gym because it's too hard. Going to try something new soon though.
  12. More champs need capes. 99 cooking cape #oldschool
  13. I just hope Scarra stays in the community. Maybe as a caster or something. He's just goofy enough to make things more fun than they should be.

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