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    Kenneth Ray Levidiotis
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    Tampa, FL
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    League of Legends, FFVII & VIII
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    Ramen Noodles
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    Man on Fire, Thankskilling, Dodgeball, and anything funny
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    Dubstep, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, Electric, J-POP and K-POP!!!
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    I love playing video games, mainly League of Legends (SN: Agent Scroteslap... ADD ME!!) and any RPG's such as Final Fantasy. I love anime as well as manga. I also love sports, I play football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, and just about any sport that requires some sort of running. I thought to myself one day that I didn't want to be another guy in an office doing something they didn't like and decided that I want to pursue something I love and that's League of Legends... My dream is to become a Marketing Associate with Riot and I won't settle for anything less BUT maybe something more!! :)
  1. Little excited for dissssssssssssssss
  2. It's not a bad idea to find a defenseless animal and punch it. Makes my day better. TRY IT. JK, but what you do is play a game that doesn't involve other people and just play that for a little bit until you feel like you can go back to a pvp game. (i.e. Skyrim, Borderlands, and anything that doesn't involve pvp.)
  3. Write an in-depth review on what a troll is.
  4. HAHA I hate hearing my skype go absolutely crazy and then reading one sentence made into 6000 different messages.
  5. I almost want to say this is one of the greatest discoveries known to man. S I N G E D.
  6. THAT was a ridiculous amount of reading but it was well worth it. So many new items, old one getting buffed/nerfed, and some getting completely removed (RIP HoG). Just more excitement for S3. A theorycrafting night sounds like a good idea. Wouldn't mind being a part of that.
  7. I'm down as well. I'm pretty much done with school so I might have all the time in the world other than work BUT I think it's going to be just like my poor Gits n Shigs team.... People will join but no one will want to play. RIP Gits n Shigs, you will be missed.
  8. Just make sure to start on the Q key then proceed to roll your face across your keyboard while simultaneously clicking your left and right mouse buttons rapidly. Roll back. Repeat. LoL training complete. Goodluck sir.

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