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  1. That's quite unfortunate. Poor guy. Careless mistake, but I feel that disciplinary action must be taken, otherwise Twitch may be looked badly upon for allowing that.
  2. Welcome to the community guys! You all seem to be very mature and professional, as well as skilled. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.
  3. iMeebo

    Season 3

    Season 3 is going to be great, hopefully! Super pumped for it! I definitely have no chance at becoming a professional, but I'd like to drastically improve my skill as a player. I thoroughly enjoy this game and hope it only continues to get better and better for eSports lovers such as ourselves.
  4. The increasing of my skill level would be a change I would definitely be a fan of.
  5. Great review! I may purchase this product! It seems to be quite promising.
  6. iMeebo

    ProfessorBC app

    I should try this out.
  7. Ah, that's awesome! I will be using that from here on out!
  8. I'm not attending, but I saw a TON of vVv jerseys/shirts at MLG Raleigh.
  9. Those statistics are nice! I love League of Legends!

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