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  1. Kinrr

    Open Call: vVv sPVP

    Zoose / Skovex / Caed for the most part - but there's a huge group of folks high on the QP ladder in Manvil Rock that play often now.
  2. Hi! BLUF: I've had the opportunity to hang out with some of the top N/A PvP players (QP ladder anyway) recently and it was a lot of fun. I think we could also have a lot of fun in the pvp scene (albiet in a much more casual sense for the time being) if we got some interested folks *with mumble* together on a somewhat regular basis. You can check out the tower defense video I posted - but I really think the skills you learn in sPvP can carry over into other aspects of the game and make them more fun for us too. IE: Solid 5 man teams routinely rock out on 30+ random WvW folks. I play very late at night on weekdays; but am open to scheduling some times on the weekend as well. If we got serious; weekdays should open up for me in April. If you havn't already I'd ask that you shoot me a PM here on the forum with your class and rough level of experience so we can get a group(s) set up to play around. You should be as flexible as possible with class and role as we're going in with no expectations. Again - looking for competitive voice-capable folks, but no experience is required! Thanks!
  3. For sure guys; if the video looked like fun come jump in. Much smaller learning curve than LoL to be 'average'.
  4. Kinrr

    Is Gearing Worth It?

    I'd start with the free stuff. That means "Gift of Mastery" and "Gift of Ascalon". You should also start to level your crafts (you can do them about 8g each at most I think). By then you should have a decent amount of gold to start working on the expensive stuff. Take a look at the wiki http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sunrise and keep the things you'll need in mind as you cruze around. That's a lot of Ori.
  5. Kinrr


    I've really under-performed the events for wintersday. I think I missed so many of the capitol cities I'm pretty much SOL now.
  6. I know Damien was speaking pretty seriously about Maguuma in chat last night - but I havn't been around to participate in any of that discussion. Seems as good as any - maybe look at Ehmry Bay / Blackgate? Really I'd try to feel out the community on the servers we're looking at to see whos most interested in us (that's why I mentioned Ehmry). Kind of sad to think of leavings Sorrow's though - as much as I hate it I have been there awhile now. And I know we're going to leave some folks behind.
  7. Kinrr

    Is Gearing Worth It?

    Well - I've been pretty MIA the last few days but got on my only 80 for abit last night. (see: 50, 41, 25, 16) I'm basically grinding out gold to get the rest of my rings and such up to exotic - and then I suppose I'll look seriously at fractals. My map completion is somewhere around 18% - so I've kinda realized I don't have the time to maintain 5 different characters (lol). That being said - if you do play that much having more than one geared 80 could break things up or give you a lot more flex when assembling a good dungeon group. Another thing you could look at is my approach with my 40 / 50 - I don't really play them until I see folks in guild asking for AC / CM / TA groups - and then I'll try to bring those chars to sneak a level or 3.
  8. Kinrr

    Combo Tips and Tricks

    I'll come back to add some combos later - but if you don't actively look for chances to exploit or lay down these fields you're really missing out. My favorite all purpose is a blast finisher into a fire field for 3 stacks of AoE might. If two people notice it that's an easy 9-12 stacks and a big dps increase for the group.
  9. I hear we have at least one recording of this floating around - I know I'd love (and I suspect many of the others who couldn't make it) to have a listen or at least see some minutes posted on the way ahead!
  10. Worth watching if you're interested in the background on the shaping of the meta / balance.
  11. Hoping I catch you this Saturday! I'm about to pick up level 50 and hungry for that TA Story
  12. I'll try my best to be there - might be stuck at the airport grabbing a friend from out of town though.
  13. I think the slow development of sPvP into a measurably competitive thing has caused a lot of folks to put GW2 on hold - but I think a lot of those folks will return when we see those features implemented. I also think the server transfers and match-ups for WvWvW are driving some folks away; I know on Sorrow's it's been over a month since a match without one server maintaining 600+ points 24/7. All that being said; we're still looking at 3~ months live on this game compared to 7+ years on something like WoW (which sure didn't release with an arena system).

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