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  1. Just some public gameplays, ill try to get some top teams to scrim us so i can get some footage of us playing or record the next tournament we play
  2. We scrimmed with frag cup 4 ruleset however dident get a chance to scrim umg ruleset yet. I have a feeling that this ruleset will be carried over to other tournaments as it achieved a great amount of viewers so it is likely but we will most likely scrimming the ruleset provided by any upcoming online tournament then the ruleset provided by egl and i48. So it all depends if the EU CoD scene will be more keen on the umg ruleset
  3. The community is great yesterday i saw the chat filled with information about umg which was a great tournament, I think vVv deserves more CoD members too further grow this community as yesterday umg hit an astonishing 19k on the stream. As i said starting from January my team will be active once more they had a short brake away from gaming and we will come back fresh and ready for online tournaments. I will be able to stream sometime in January for now can only upload videos as i have the equipment but i am getting my broadband upgraded so i get more upload speed.
  4. Just wanted everyone know that i started now with youtube and will be streaming on twitch as i received my hd pvr Youtube --> http://www.youtube.com/user/DiscreteFTW?feature=mhee Twitch --> (link dosent work for some reason) the user name : DiscreteFTW Ill try to set up a stream tommorow whilst the second video on my channel will go up in a couple of minutes
  5. Not much right now we all are just trying to chill out for christmas as any video game player should get away from gaming spend some time with friends and family also there are not going to be any major events this year for Cod Eu teams, there are some small online events we might compete in but thats all really just taking a brake before the new year grind When 2013 comes we should start youtube and twitch streams to build a fan base and try to participate in all the Na and Eu events we can online and lan
  6. In my opinion as far as perks and attachments go they are reasonably balanced however i dont really know if restricting scorestreaks was a good idea as it does split the community in half and we want to grow it not decrease it. I understand that it does show more gun play but instead of restricting all scorestreaks they could of kept some in. they are unpredictible and could be a game changer. Scorestreaks could have revolutionised Cod competitive gaming and made it something even more exciting but thats just my opinion as i do not mind scorestreaks on or off as a good player can adapt to the rules he is given.
  7. For sure mate looking forward to compete in some eu tournaments and see if we can get good placements we also just started playing gamebattles for practice
  8. we got through to 3rd round were we lost to pro team force, also we will be doing more online decerto tournaments soon to get more experienced but it was great fun for all of us participating in frag cup 4
  9. Played againts Optic Twizz, Proofy and Fariko KerBear today, suprisingly we beat them on their host on league play. Game up on my (DiscreteFTW: Xbl) theatre films, add me if you want to see it was a good game
  10. Gl with finding a new team mate, hope you do
  11. Thanks that would help alot
  12. Thanks ill be sure to add you
  13. Black Ops 2 Day and NIght :D

  14. Got my xbox 2 days ago add : DiscreteFTW if you would like to speak or play with me on xbox also Jkaaay has his xbox and will be posting up his GT later today, the rest of the team is waiting for theirs to arrive in the following days. I will try to speak to some of the top european teams for team scrims about a week after black ops 2 comes out and will post them onto my youtube channel, hope they dont blank me
  15. We really want to but the we are tight with money beacuse of switching to xbox, we are looking for another sponsor tho to maybe reduce the cost atleast slightly for the tournament. I spoke to RobzGod he said that vVv thinks about working with other sponsors so we wouldent have to quit a sponsor if we got one. So we will se how it turns out. If we cant come as a team we will proboly come as spectators instead.

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