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  1. Hi All, Well, when you don't play a game that the community supports anymore, it is hard to stay attached with the community. I love you guys, and I appreciate the opportunity and the home, but ever since I stopped playing CoD and the fact I don't really play any other game the community supports, I've just had no reason to really come back and check on things. I mean, I guess that could be also because I'm having a baby in the next couple weeks so I won't have time either. <3 you all. Over and out, Sam aka PaLiiBoY
  2. PaLiiBoY

    Civ 5

    Yeah I saw this and thought about picking it up. Gold edition + expansion pack was like $12!
  3. HIIII BEAUTIFUL! /accepted and endorsed
  4. Hey man!! Well, how did it go!??!
  5. PaLiiBoY

    Bossy Re-App

    congrats on the endorsement!
  6. PaLiiBoY

    Xero Envy's Re-App

    Yes, please change the blue. Extremely difficult to read.
  7. Good deal PS: upload a pic of you as your avatar ASAP.
  8. Good luck! Definitely what Methris said. Familiarize yourself with the "New to vVv?" link above the shoutbox. Wealth of information inside.
  9. What's up man!? Welcome! A few things on your app I recognized... I want to point out that vVv is NOT a "clan"! Far from it. We operate far differently from clans. We are an eSports organization. I suggest you read into the "New to vVv" link that's above the Shoutbox in Yellow. Secondly, is BO2 your fav game or Ghosts? Your answer confused me. You started with BO2 being your favorite game then you said that it is just not as fun or good as Ghost. *Shrug* Now, in this community, you have plenty of opportunities to find a "team/clan". However, vVv itself is not the clan/team. If you need anything let me or any other member know, we'll be glad to help. Good luck with your app and stay active!
  10. Love these interviews GOOD LUCK AT MLG BOOYYY!
  11. PaLiiBoY

    Bossy Re-App

    good luck better keep ur grades up this time!
  12. Yes!! Welcome back man...hope you get it this go around!
  13. What do you plan to do to add value to the community? PS: no need to bump
  14. Third time is a charm? Let's see. What metal asked...

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