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    RazorHedge reacted to jiggy in vVv Presents: League of Legends Amateur Draft League   
    This has become so big! I am excited and going to try and be there tonight even if I don't get picked.
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    RazorHedge reacted to TapOrSnap in Moon's project   
    Battle Bunny Riven :x
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    RazorHedge reacted to vVv WaKai in The LoL Recognition Thread   
    Glad to see you're still hanging around
    Wakai -- Silver 1
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    RazorHedge reacted to Tak in The LoL Recognition Thread   
    Representing Bronzeville!! What what!!

    I want to think sugarbear for the inhouses if him throwing down his 6/0/2 and saving me and my 1/7/4 only Juan who really cares does such acts of bravery.
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    RazorHedge reacted to vVv OrganicBear in I Apologize   
    Bitch better be sorry
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    RazorHedge reacted to Engel in just a random update for people who care   
    I know the guys running UR Gaming, used to work with them back when I was in VP Gamers. Hand is a great guy who will do everything in his power to help anyone he can. Really awesome guy, glad for all involved.
    EDIT: The team is O Gaming
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    RazorHedge reacted to Sickness (former vVv) in A Build for Beginners!   
    OH. I thought these were builds FOR beginners. I was like..wat. Frozen Mallet doesn't even stack. 
    Boots of Swiftness
    Phantom Dancer x3
    Frozen Mallet
    Master Yi - 
    Boots of Swiftness
    Phantom Dancer x5
    Mundo -
    Warmogs x6
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    RazorHedge reacted to Sickness (former vVv) in Trying to analyze my games, could use some feedback.   
    That sounds awesome actually, I'll start to do something like that. Thanks
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    RazorHedge reacted to Sailox in Sailox The Hopeful   
    Things are great lots of play time and games with other members.
    The most helpful so far from league side I would say would have to be Razor and Jiggy, because I have played the most games with them and we seem to always talk about the mistakes we make while the game is happening (This was pointed out to us by Eriesence during their Aspire practice that I filled because they needed a 5th) outside of the League community Fluffy is helpful because he gives me the chance to play often and by playing I am able to work on things such as my cs. But they all have been helpful with getting me involved in doing things like the KOTSH which was a great experience.
    The KOTSH was an awesome experience because I have never done a tournament style bracket for league, and I think playing the 1v1 helped me see where I need to adjust some of my aggressiveness by playing against people whom are better than I so I can make better plays in with a team.
    Thank you for the Endorsement Razor!
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    RazorHedge reacted to vVv Paradise in LoL Replay error?   
    There is a problem with LoL replay, Adobe Air & the client right now. Just having LoL replay open right now can cause the client to crash. Really frustrating.
    It's quite nice to know that the official replay system is right around the corner.
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    RazorHedge got a reaction from vVv Paradise in Dx1tuyen's Application   
    Hey, I just wanted to post here to give Lawrence my support! He's been helping me a lot with my league play, improved my knowledge of the game and is always willing to lend out a hand! 
    Hope he gets accepted because I know he'll make a great member! ~
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    RazorHedge reacted to Minotaur in LoL pick up lines   
    Because you know what they say "Never face check the bush" haha I was laughing so hard.
    This is brilliant.
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    RazorHedge reacted to SonTran in Well this certainly is a cool little thing   
    Btw...at the end of the clip 2:02, that is indeed a Battlecruiser crashing down onto that city.
    Possibly Mengsk's flagship?
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    RazorHedge reacted to vVv OrganicBear in vVv NuBrGNi Appreciation Thread   
    Definitely a role model for anyone looking to represent vVv! Wish you the best!
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    RazorHedge reacted to Kandiscrub in I talk about supports k?   
    -While finding the time to ward baron is borderline impossible in laning phase, warding dragon can be a lot easier. Most of the time, harass is based off cooldowns on abilities, so when everyone blows everything in a trade, you wont typically be fighting again until their skills are back up, so that gives you the 10-15 seconds to get a good ward out.
    -Shaco is tricky to ward against but a pink ward can be overzealous because his stealth only comes when he jumps into lane, normal wards can spot him before he gets into a jumping position. If you pink in lane against shaco it can often be too late bcuz he will already be wailing on you.
    -Against eve you need a pink ward for security, a pink in tri will work wonders especially if you are on blue side. Depending on the eve player, when they are playing mid they will sometimes run straight down river if you are on purple side so thats when the pink ward on drag is most handy, and it adds to drag control for an easy objective.
    -Hope this helps
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    RazorHedge reacted to vVv LordJerith in My services are open!   
    My response to the title of this thread, "I'm sure they are. I am sure they are wide open."
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    RazorHedge reacted to Grog in Recent name change   
    And Moon is kinda known as well
    Fun story bro!
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    RazorHedge reacted to Hiei in Aspire Practice   
    We practice usually start practice at 7pm CST on Tuesday and Thursday, and 8pm CST on Saturday nights.
    Usually Razor will take the first 15-20 minutes to discuss any news or anything that's coming up that we need to know about, then we'll get into an obs game.
    Another good way to get practice games is to come into Mumble, most nights we have an obs game going at some point, and people are usually pretty willing to play games if you just ask.
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    RazorHedge reacted to Magicmooch in What did Rengar say to Hecarim?   
    Hmm well this is.....you know....something.....
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    RazorHedge reacted to Hiei in Temporary Resignation   
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    RazorHedge reacted to Engel in Jinro playing again.   
    "Just when I thought I was out.... They pulled me right back in"
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    RazorHedge got a reaction from Braindrainer` in Braindrainer LoL Application   
    This is BS! I do not hax in booya! xD

    Other than that, great app! I love you.. er... your app! 

    My best wishes to you, hope you get in! ^^
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    RazorHedge reacted to Gusto in what song are you currently listening too?   
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    RazorHedge got a reaction from Tak in We all do this, don't lie.   
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    RazorHedge got a reaction from Braindrainer` in We all do this, don't lie.   

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