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  1. Carrying wet noodles in Infinite Crisis. 33/8 #AtomicWonderWoman

  2. Almost Diamond in Hearthstone. :D

  3. I totally support IC. There is something about playing as those classic heroes you pretended to be when you were younger in high paced team fighting to really get the blood flowing!
  4. Also using twitter and facebook are great to get the thread out as well.
  5. Would be a fantastic Idea. Idk how many games I play support and wish I could be at 6 items plus still have room for wards. Or if my support is struggling, at least be able to carry some wards as an adc.
  6. Ill be on it as soon as it launches. Really excited!
  7. If you love the music here is the League of Legends soundcloud with a lot of the music from the game for download! https://soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends
  8. When I watched the Heimer video a single tear fell from my manly face. I then realized that this is the start of the age of Heimer. LONG LIVE THE DINGER!
  9. Union Jack Fiddle, tobbogan Corki, Pumpkin head fiddle, and The Mighty Jax.
  10. Only if General Sugar Bear allows them too!
  11. Lucian made me sad. Twas a sad day in the adc world. I agree though would love to see a new top. Not so much a mid laner. Heimer rework is all the mid lane anyone needs!
  12. She is taking to long to be activated on the client! I NEEDS A NEW ADC!!!! GIMME GIMMEE!!
  13. I saw a skin on reddit a while ago that was a Volibear skin and he was like a metal tank thing. If someone knows what Im talking about and has the link to it. That skin was amazing.
  14. I really really like this idea. We should make a thread just for most improved players!
  15. I just hope they don't change his swag walk. http://i.imgur.com/h2J7Pww.gif
  16. I AM SOOOO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! Who else is excited to see the new dinger?!!!! I can't wait!!!!! http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=41950161#post41950161
  17. I went from Plat 1 series to Diamond to plat v. Oh what going back to school does to your skills. :C I am gonna try to get it before this month ends!
  18. I have this on my bookmarks so If I see it fall off the first page I will give it a bump. I'll also send a tweet about it. We can use twitter to spread the post around without actually spamming the forum itself.

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