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  1. KidAfro

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    Bullet ur so mean u like rap too
  2. KidAfro

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    Things are getting better sorta
  3. The best part of waking up is GOING THE FCK BACK TO SLEEP

  4. KidAfro

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    So i finally changed the colors
  5. Jiggy is prob the nicest person eva
  6. Solo Que is soooooooooooo much better people dont QQ about being support and afk/feed. They still might be bad but ateast there trying now
  7. KidAfro

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    Yes i am its just that school is really starting to give out homework and im having a few problems in the matter of family atm Havent really goten around to edditing my App
  8. Yeah Ban Bt Ie Pd and then its time to dodge
  9. So basically im excited for Season 3.I know alot of people are physced for Season 3 some people have even made a "Season 3 Resolution" where they are aiming to get a better elo and continue to improve as a player (my personal goal) some people even want to try to make the transition into even a Pro team. I know there is probably alot of money in season 3 since this seasons Championship is 3 Million Dollars prize pool(TSM).Anyways i just want to know what some of the Community is excited for in terms of Season 3.
  10. KidAfro

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    Depends if it is a vVv member then i was in meeting other day and jerith said to talk to them privatly and if it doesnt work then bring it up to a admin as a ban from fourms and muble are only 2 clicks away and if it is in a normal game there is a ignore button
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    Name:Raemell C. Johnson Age: 14 Summoner Name: KidAfro How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I heard about this a few days ago i played some inhouses with vVv and the players. I was told about this from Ryan Nget or ShorterAce Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? I know ShorterAce for about a year now and he sorta stalked me on facebook so yeah. Ive meet a few of the plays and played with them in inhouses like JayC Vultige Sinz ect. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? 1 - To get better at Lol 2 - I wanted a community ive only have like 5-8 people that i would play with out of the many on my friends list and in vVv there is friendly people and i enjoy inhouses Adding value is the most important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. From the following list, you must choose one method of adding value. We will evaluate your application based on how you tell us you're going to add value. I would be a Socialite most likly i am a very nice person i guesse u can sorta say im a gaming guru i know alot about LoL but i still need to work on alot of mechanics and stuff. Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articles and The Losers Bracket podcast? If so, what are some of your favorites and why? No im not but i will take a look at them What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? Black Ops 2 just because ive always enjoyed Cod i would also like to play the Darksiders it look very intriguing What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Just a Normal teenager you could say i realy just hang out with friends and family i have a 9moth old lil bro so i am home most of the week. Other then playing games i enjoy airsoft and swimming What is your current ELO? 1255 (SoloQ is so much more friendly now with new honor so i have found it easier to win and Jayce OP) What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? None Prior to vVv but ive been encouraged to enter the Dr.Pepper 1v1 Have you attended any national events (MLG, WCG, IPL)? Ive been to like Comicon or something like that and my Cousin Took me to Pax east when i was littler and didnt realy play games What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst? I dont realy have any competive moments but i would say carrying a ranked game with mord would be my best and my worst would be dropping 200 elo in one day for no reason What do you hope to achieve, competitively? I am hoping to become ranked in season 3 and mabey play on a team but i need to work on my mechanics and other little things not get caught as much ect
  12. KidAfro

    Im Ryans Friend GG

    i be friends with the ryan

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