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  1. Ohh snap, I'll be waiting ^^ I try to stream every so often now, my comp is actually struggling so hard right now. When I get a new computer to stream, I'll stream my ladder games cause then I can take it to late game xD
  2. Thank you so much for the kind words guys, I'm always here if you ever need me. I owe everything to you guys, kept my spirit high when it was low. Salvor, special thanks to you always looking out for me. Was there to hear about my personal shit when no one would <3 Oh I hope this package isn't a bomb ;_; I hope I set a good example for the rest of Aspire to becoming a up and coming pro, I believe in all of you if you stick your mind to it and have a great mindset. (The one thing I have a hard time controlling.) Thank you guys so much again ^^ warms my heart.
  3. THOMAS!!! HBD!! Man I didn't know today was your birthday, I would've done something for you yesterday at the LAN T_T next time ^^ have a great 18th man.
  4. Check out the blog I wrote!

  5. Currently don't have the money to go to Dallas however, it may change in the next few weeks/months. We'll see but my current status is no unfortunately :'(
  6. Thank you thank you ^^ Yeah I do remember! xD Hey practice makes perfect, one day I do believe everyone on Aspire will either excel over me or be able to take sets off me. Indeed, we are planning to go big this year with the Aspire program so hopefully everyone is ready for us ^^
  7. It has been a month since vVv has picked me up and the experience so far has been amazing. I originally applied to vVv because of the reputation of the management staff and the community at large. A reputation that is most certainly desired. The staff kept up to date with me, not solely caring about my progress as a player for vVv but as a person too. I have done nothing but improve since joining vVv a month ago. The overall level of my play has increased, I still have room to improve but I’m pleased with my progress. Through a collaborative effort from both Aspire programs and head management to ensure the best possible practice for our players we have been able to create an environment which allows learning and productive growth. While working with the Aspire programs I have gained the sense of community that I was looking for in a team. Sharing experiences with the players as rededicated my love of the game and my dream of becoming a pro gamer. Our current plan for new content is to produce a scheduled time for many avid StarCraft players and fans to ask questions and to have them answered them with finesse so both the tippy top of masters and our brothers battling it out in bronze will have something to take away. More details to come so stay tuned an get your questions ready. The major LAN tournaments I’m planning to attend is the LAN ETS in Montréal, Quebec, Canada in March as well as MLG in Dallas, Texas, USA. Many online qualifiers and tournaments will be attended along the way but the primary focus is to train for these major LANs as well as the IPTL that is incoming very soon. The IPTL will be an amazing experience for everyone in vVv Aspire program. I can say that Aspire has been tirelessly practicing because they are eager to show the other teams, the fans and themselves that they can compete with the best. This year has been very up and down for me, real life challenges stood in the way of my practice time for StarCraft. This year has just been a crazy roller coaster ride that never seemed to end. After realizing I’ve been going with the wrong attitude towards my training and just outlook on life, I decided to make a New Year’s Resolution to better myself. I never really had a New Year’s Resolution before so I was a little lost, my personal coach, Zoran Swanson, responded with: “A new year’s resolution is something that you either lacking or missing in your life and you take necessary changes so it becomes a reality.” After many sessions of reflecting, I have realized what I have lost and am determined to get it back, whether it may be in the near future or further down the road, what will keep me driven is the fact that it is going to happen within my life time. The recent state of StarCraft in the eSports scene has been an unfortunate blow. Many teams such as SlayerS, Quantic and TSL having to disband really do show how fragile teams really are. You hear of such success with these teams and after many years of hard work, it can be washed away within a couple of weeks. I’m sad to see many of the great teams having to disband and wish nothing but the best for the players. The current state of NA ladder has been unfortunate as well. With the increased prevalence of players using 3rd party programs to gain unfair advantages the top of the ladder has seen some new and underserving names. That being said, the only thing that I can do is to try my best but ultimately we have to rely on Blizzard to improve ‘Warden’ to keep the trolls at bay. The new StarCraft expansion, Heart of the Swarm, looks very promising for numerous reasons. Starting with Blizzard promising; more consistent updates to the map pool, destructible debris at the bottom of ramps, new units as well as the Clan tag feature. However, there will be many patches – not all of which will be good – but I have faith in Blizzard and ourselves to balance to the game. I am very excited for the future of StarCraft. Promising events, patches, strategies, and players are coming in 2013 and we better be ready to embrace them! I’d like to thank vVv and our sponsors for the opportunity and the support they have given me. Special thanks to my fans and supporters that keep me driven! -=[information Plugins]=- Stream: Twitch.tv/Nooborghini Twitter: Twitter.com/vVv_NuBrGNi Website: Www.vVv-Gaming.Com
  8. Doesn't matter about the siege, its the reaper that is causing the problem. The siege will cause Mech to be a tad bit stronger but the 1-1-1 is a lot more viable now.
  9. I SORRY LOL I HAD TO TRAIN T_T and leave T.T
  10. its for the better good! LETS GET PRACTICES GOING MOAR
  11. VoDs are up only for a short amount of time. Will be removed once again later tonight, enjoy! http://twitch.tv/nooborghini/videos remember to follow ^^

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