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    I honestly listen to anything, although I like to find unknown bands on YouTube. There's so much unrecognised talent out there!
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    I used to be a competitive volleyball player and sprinter until I suffered a back injury which put any ideas of taking sports further to rest. That's when I got into gaming, as it allowed me to be competitive without needing to exert myself. I started with dota then made the move to League, the only games I've ever played competitively. I've been playing LoL since closed beta and have never found a game I've enjoyed more :)
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    I have returned I was gone for about a week or so due to some health related stuff....yeh...Looking to jump back on my high horse now Especially with the reset and everything!
  2. I actually mained support in season 1 for a time as well as playing it actively in season two (around 2.3k elo). I started out as support however, and the best advice I can give to you is that in your placement matches you need to pick supports that are play makers. People like Blitz, Ali, Taric are all great choices in that they make initiation insanely obvious, if you stun someone your team will attack them. Playing supports like sona, janna and soraka are still viable, but they are harder to make big mechanical plays with (janna can with ult/tornado but requires followup from team). You want to pick a support who can single out a target and take care of them allowing your team to secure the main map objectives. Playing supports like Lux and Zyra are also great choices because not only do they give great utility/cc/burst in lane, if you find your ap or ad carry are lacking you can always build more ap heavy and be a bigger contributor to late game team fights More or less if you think you can play an aggressive support I would do so for the following example. If you play a passive support and your ad is brutal you will lose the lane 9/10. If your ad is brutal and you play an aggressive support however you can pull out mechanical plays which help you spoonfeed them the gold they need to build up their items for late game. Hope this helps/makes sense
  3. Why max W early game if you are a counter jungler? Firstly (im my opinion) you should not be venturing into the enemy jungle as mumu especially during the early levels. Any aggressive jungler will be able to take adv of your super weak early game and agress on you in their jungle calling on the help of their lanes, or if there are wards in their jungle and they see you they can easily gank you/go and take your entire jungle. Also the dmg output of w isn't really beneficial until late game whereas the reduced cdr on e with increased dmg OR cdr/dmg on bandage toss plus has much greater impact in team fights since you can peel more frequently with you bandage toss. Also if you miss your q the ms isn't really going to be able to get you into range anyway as almost all lanes have some form of peel or jump at this point, in regards to teamfights all your engage comes from flash+r+q, or q+flash+r, or q+r< or shurelyias. The ms quints shouldn't impact your ability to initiate. Rylais is also an incredibly efficient item on amumu if the game goes past mid/early late game. AP scales on every one of your abilities, it provides even great peel/teamfight presence after your r, and the hp is nothing to scoff at. I hope this doesn't come across as negative or agressive, I'm just curious as to your reasoning behind your response to anaxamander
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    Hey I'm back! Ended up without power the past 2 days. Apparently hurrican Sandy plus the bitch cold winds of the north mixing in Ontario were too much for our hydro lines. Sorry to make you do all the heavy lifting on my app Jason
  5. hey guys Sorry but we're gonna have to delay a tad. We've been practicing for go4lol top 8 monthly finals and the go4lol this coming weekend. We can definitely get you guys set up early next week
  6. Just loled at work. Thanks Paradise. This is friggin gold. Gotta feel bad for the guy though... all it takes is one of his RL friends to find out about it (which I'm sure has happened) and he's never going to be able to get away from it...
  7. It's not so much the ability to stay in lane in for a long time and last hit. Garen is very strong early game, and by going regrowth you gimp your ability to zone the other person from cs or kill. If they have a jungler who has any sort of cc that 3 second ms burst isn't going to do anything while you have a slow or stun on you. By not taking advantage of your early-mid game your late game will be nothing but you yelling "DEMACIA" as you spin in the middle of their team doing little to no dmg.
  8. making the jungle worth more gold would just further increase the chances that you'd get all your camps taken by mid (it's bad enough as it is). It's annoying since as a jungler (which I main) you need to pick very certain champs (ones with very strong kits like maokai, shen, amumu, malphite). Hard to balance but rework gp5 or add some more items that junglers could utilize in order to make it viable for more junglers to have a bigger impact on the game.
  9. inb4 yorick (I know you said just about, I had to be the devils advocate here:P)
  10. If I can't be there in person I will be there in spirt. Should consider doing a fun stream with some casting Twould be fun!

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