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  1. Apparently it was about time I did some cleaning up in my phone's music :D I deleted 254 songs...

  2. @brennadamico It's never been about age, it's about taste...

  3. @patbev21 Hope you're not sick, and if you are, hope you get better soon :3

  4. @ManMadeMoon @Xamfargo sorry for that guys, I'll show myself out <3

  5. What time does #GW2HoT come out by the way @GuildWars2 ? Because dates are cool, but times are better when we're so close :3

  6. Tried to find inspiration for my part in "Le Visiteur" on the internet. Turns out the few people who've tried it have failed... Real hard...

  7. do you ever start working on what you think would be a great trilogy but soon come to realize it could only work as a TV series? it sucks!

  8. If you've ever tried to create a character, you know it's hard. Try one who suddenly remembers his past 6 lives, and they were all tragic.

  9. Astraëa

    Any PvP?

    Simple, the division shut down a few months ago same as the community gaming one. The Starcraft II division followed. GW2 is no more than just part of the vast division of MMO...
  10. [edit: Will not be leaving such words here, screw you jerry for not accepting freedom of speech from anyone except yourself.]
  11. Astraëa

    Help Trying GW2

    I lend you my account no problem man
  12. Always in for competitive play
  13. you mean to teach you? If he isn't on this I am
  14. Ok, I'll remember that Thank's for answering.

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