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    rakalakalili got a reaction from Braindrainer` in Sounds pretty sick   
    Yeah, did you see this: http://i.imgur.com/8QHyr.jpg

    I would like a lot more diversity in female champions as well.
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    rakalakalili got a reaction from Misty in Your favorite in-game feeling?   
    Definitely turning a tower dive or a situation that looks really bad for you into a 3-0 exchange or something similar. Just getting that adrenaline rush that comes from completely outplaying someone in a bad situation is awesome.
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    rakalakalili reacted to Jenna Fischer in We are the Tasty Pastries, Ask Us Anything!   
    Hi, we're the Tasty Pastries. We've just submitted an application for sponsorship in League of Legends and would like to get to know the vVv community a little better and introduce ourselves a bit. We've had some good results in the past 3 Go4LoLs, finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 1st. We have a set roster of 4 players right now, and are in the process of solidifying our 5th. Our roster right now includes:

    Michael "Jenna Fischer" Plant, Top lane: https://twitter.com/JennaFischerLoL
    Erick "NeverPull0ut" Podwill, Mid lane: https://twitter.com/LoL_Never
    Richard "Asyrite" Henkel, Jungle: https://twitter.com/asyrite
    Hank "Rakalakalili" Ditton, Support: https://twitter.com/rakalakalililol

    Team Facebook Page: http://www.facebook....420430881351605

    We'd like to start off by doing an AMA, or ask us anything, about our team, League of Legends, or anything else you want to know about us!

    We are happy to announce after an extended tryout process we have found our new AD carry in Jigaflow! Jigaflow will be joining the Tasty Pastries as a permanent member and we're thrilled to have him on board with us as we pursue bringing our team to the next level.

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