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  1. Unfortunately Frommaplestreet and the team have decided to part ways. This is largely due to issues Maple had with the team and his approach and attitude towards our players. I spoke with Rob more in depth about this, and would be happy to answer any questions about this. Everyone on the team is on board with this decision and we are all positive we will have a much stronger team when we get a new AD carry. We are actively seeking and trying out new AD carries. Following our process with Ecco, we will take our time and be patient in evaluating how well any prospective plays mesh with the team, our personalities, and our goals.
  2. Yeah, did you see this: http://i.imgur.com/8QHyr.jpg I would like a lot more diversity in female champions as well.
  3. Definitely turning a tower dive or a situation that looks really bad for you into a 3-0 exchange or something similar. Just getting that adrenaline rush that comes from completely outplaying someone in a bad situation is awesome.
  4. CLG.EU all the way! Hope they win tonight!
  5. The video is out on my Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/rakalakalili/b/334248404 and I just put it on my youtube channel: I decided just to publish the guide anyway and worry about approval/featuring later as well: http://www.solomid.net/guides.php?g=36855-rakalakalili-generic-build-guide
  6. Hi Rob, Sorry for the late reply, I have been out of town since last Thursday. We've taken the time since I've been gone as kind of a break for the team. I've created a google Calendar that details our plans for the next two weeks, as per Doomhammer's Request. I'm not sure the best way to share that with you though, do you have a good account I can share the calender with? Since we last met I have done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJq_bGbl77I, streamed our practice on Wednesday, and I have also put my Attack-move guide on solomid.net (note it isn't actually published yet as I was waiting to get it approved, but it said there wasn't enough content. You also talked about being able to get guides featured, how would that play out?). I plan on doing another lesson on Tuesday and Thursday, and to stream our practice this Wednesday and possibly Tuesday/Thursday. Maple and Jenna Fischer are also planning on giving a lesson each this week to members of the vVv community, and Neverpull0ut is very close to having his Cassiopeia guide completed. This is all in the Google Calendar, and more.
  7. Not you should be able to W the enemy and Q before it knocks them away. This is superior to Wing a creep near them because it applies the headbutt damage.
  8. Asyrite, Frommaplestreet, and myself can all meet at 6:00 EDT today or tomorrow, and JennaFischer might as well (still waiting to hear back from him). Will either of those times work for you?
  9. Hey RobzGod, We are available at these are the times we are all available to meet with you and Doomhammer, do any of them work for you all? Monday would be our most prefered: Monday: 8:30-10 pm EST. Tuesday: 10:30pm-Midnight EST. Wednesday: 9:00-11:00 pm EST
  10. A little bit so far. I gave a lesson to dOpa above, and I know Asyrite and Jenna Fischer have been working with ikilluforfun. Neverpull0ut had a few people interested in his separate forum thread, so there has been some interest.
  11. I think most of us have already created them (all but Frommaplestreet, I'll get him on it ASAP). I will make sure everyone fills them out appropriately and then PM you.

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