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  1. Hello everyone, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is literally a couple of hours away from release!!! Luckily I was able to get a copy of the game early and I've been playing it instensely ever since. My eyes are hurting, the lack of nutrition in my system is dangerously low, and these bags under my eyes make me look like a monster but I will bring you this first impressions thread. I've already gone through 2 prestiges (Pubstomping FTW). -Feel of the game: The feel of the game is honestly a toss up for me, its like a mix of Black Ops 1 and World at War but with MW3 guns. The game feels like any other COD nothing different but its a fresh of new air with the new maps and new guns. Frankly I'm glad I got a copy of the game early cuzz I couldn't take anymore of MW3. -Gun: Treyarch did very well in balancing out the guns in this game. - Assaults have at least 3-4 guns that ppl will be able to use and do work with them. - Subs I'd have to go with 2-3 guns that could go toe to toe with each other in the competitive scene because Treyarch made some nice changes to some of the guns that I think most of the players will like. - Snipers all I have to say about those guns is that if you're a quick scoper then go jump off a cliff lol jk jk. The guns IMO feel insanely OP I know that's strange to say because it takes skill to zoom in and make that one shot hit someone but if you are a semi decent quickscoper then this game will make you a God. I'm going to stop with the snipers frankly because I hate them lol - Shotgun haven't used them but I have been killed by them multiple times and its been a one shot everytime soo..... -.- - LMG's haven't used them as well but I have picked them up though and I feel like a snail when using it lol Maps: - Now the maps I've been putting some hard thought into what maps will be in competitive because when David Vonderhart (sorry if I mispelled) said they were going to make the maps linear and symmetrical they were serious! Which is a good thing for some maps but for some of the maps it could just ruin it. Don't get me wrong the maps are fun to play and I KNOW for competitive play it is going to be intense!!!! Gamemodes: - Nothing really new just with the intro of Hardpoint (King of the Hill) everything is relatively the same. Hardpoint will be a fun and fresh new gamemode if it is introduced to MLG because we haven't had anything like that in the competitive scene. And I think the addition of a new game mode will be nice to see instead of just seeing CTF and SND. Can Hardpoint be an MLG Gametype I believe so but gonna have to see how it plays in a competitive match. Played it in public matches and liked what I saw. Create a class: - Everyone will enjoy the level of customization you have with the new create a class setup. Won't go much into detail since it is pretty much the samething with the new addition of the wildcards. Overall the game is very enjoyable to play it is nothing drastically different from any other COD's but the steps Treyarch did to bring something new to the series are amazing for the competitive scene and for the hardcore pubbers as well. Hope you all enjoyed the thread and Hope you all enjoy the game when you pick up your copy Now its time for me to continue my tear! I'd also like to take this chance to apologize to my teammates Fusion and Reg for making their life a living hell sending them Game Invites when they don't have the game hahahahah <3
  2. Here is our newest listen in video of a GB, it is against a very good Search and Destroy team called Royal. This the last map of the gb and it shows how we keep our composure after getting off to a rocky start, hope you guys like it!
  3. You know I didn't think Cauzed snaking was that bad up until that video I couldnt stop laughing. He snaked that terminal corner so quick it was almost cartoonish hahaha
  4. I don't know why but I found District 9 really disturbing, hated it.
  5. Update made my Twitter : https://twitter.com/B4ZERK I'm new to the whole Twitter so bare with me everyone ^.^ I will do my best to Tweet and keep everyone updated
  6. Yes, I did I attend the Revelation LAN and did the 4v4 with Cauzed being one of my teammates. Our team consisted of Me, Cauzed, Reazoned, and A4V Colby. We played our first match and we went up against NOX IMAGE, Brim (MW2 Nat Champ), Looney, and SmerZz, we beat them fairly easy. We came back the next day where we ended up lossing to a very good sN team ,we placed 6th I believe. It was very disappointing performance but at the sametime Cauzed and I learned alot from this LAN when it comes to online play and LAN. Even though we played very good as a team online, beating the new TKO team, WISH, and Nadeshots team LAN is a completely different story. LAN experience is very crucial to a teams success and having a teammate that did not have any LAN experience did play a big role in our placing since he could not get comfortable and set into his normal play style. Great thing about our team Fly Society is that we all know each other, we get along great and we all have LAN experience. One thing we all know from attending LAN's is that your team needs to feed of each others energy and trust me when I say this our team can definately feed off each others energy and pump each other up.
  7. To answer your question yes I did not participate in the WanFest tournament, I posted the teams latest tournament win sorry for the confusion. But to answer the question correctly my latest tournament win was a PTG Lan that CauZeD, Regulate, and I attended. This was before anyone knew if MW3 was going to be picked up on the Circuit and we were actually playing the game a lot for practice. I will post a video of the PTG Lan win later on.
  8. How long have you been playing competitively? I've been playing video games competitively since 2007 on the PS3 starting with just simple GB matches in Rainbow Six Vegas. When Call of Duty 4 came out I started to take competitive more serious and I actually played the whole duration of that game with my teammate CauZeD. How many hours during the week do you play CoD? Probably around 25-30 hours. How many hours during the week do you dedicate towards reviewing gameplay and major tournaments? I review gameplay maybe an hour or two a week, this is when ever I'm not playing or have free time. How many hours during the week do you play CoD as a team? As of now we don't play as a team as much as we would like to due to the fact that MW3 really doesn't have nothing going for it as of on the competitive side. We still team scrim and play GBs a couple of hours a week so we keep chemistry and don't get rusty. What are your latest tournament results? Please provide links to brackets, threads, supporting pictures, etc. http://wanfest.neweg...le&stageid=4453 http://wanfest.neweg...le&stageid=4454 What is your next online event? LAN? My teammate CauZeD and I will be attending a PrimeTimeGamers LAN in Los Angeles. We will be doing 4v4 and 2v2. Have you attended any national events? No I have not attended any nationals events. I was planning to attend events for Black Ops, but unfortunately I broke my hand at the start of the MLG season and had a cast on for 3 months... Are you shy around people you don't know? Not really I like to meet new people especially when it comes to meeting fellow gamers. If you've been sponsored before, who was your best sponsor? Why? I have not been sponsored by anyone but I will do the best of my abilities to represent any sponsor in the most professional and respectful way possible. Why are you no longer with them? I have not had any sponsor. What was your worst sponsor? Why? I can't really say who was my worst sponsor since I haven't been sponsored yet, but I can say I am really looking forward to a sponsorship and will be very grateful if a sponsorship comes our way as a team. What do you hope to achieve as a player for vVv Gaming? The first and foremost goal I hope to achieve as a player for vVv Gaming is of course bring many championships to the vVv Gaming community. I want to achieve all of these goals we have set as a team and as an individual in the most professional way possible and make vVv gaming a household name for every competitive gamer outhere. Who do you see as your toughest competition? One thing I have learned when watching many competitive sports and Esports is to never underestimate anyone you go up against. Every team you play is a threat and you have to play with the mindset that every team can beat you and you must play at the highest level at all times. Link to all social media sites used.(Twitter/Facebook/Reddit, etc) Do you stream? If so, link to your channel. No, I do not stream at the moment. Do you create written or video content? If so, link to your content. Not as of now, but I would definitely look forward to doing so in the future. What does being a professional gamer mean to you? Being a professional gamer means a lot to me. Now a days video games are a real big thing and are played and viewed by thousands of people around the world. Being in the top tier of teams and players in a game as big as Call of Duty definitely means a lot and is very special, especially when you dedicate your time and effort to being a good player and always trying to improve as a player and a team. Now that E-Sports and the community as a whole is growing and becoming popular, it is definitely nice to see how big it has become and will keep becoming. How do you think you can improve as a player? As a member of the eSports community? As a player there is always potential for improvement, whether it be with your gunskill, timing, or communication. For me that all comes with keeping your hands on the sticks and consistantly keep playing. This goes for the team as a whole as well, the more we play the better we get, this can be by growing more chemistry which results in better communication, better timing, and therefor better gameplay as a team. Definitely interacting more with the community and staying humble. In a community such as E-Sports it's never good to have an ego and to put others aside. It's always good to interact with the community and help as much as you can, especially when players and teams are trying to get better and move up into higher competition. I mean why not help out, we were once in the same position as them.

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