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  1. Hey I am debating on going to Dallas and would love to go but I'm wondering if there is anyone intrested in Sharing a room to cut on expenses a bit post here if you are looking for someoen more then willing to split the cost of the room.
  2. Love the announcement for masteries agian
  3. alrighty sounds good ill be in later tonight
  4. may i have my app taken down untill i find a new way to add value to the vvv community
  5. I feel like people will be better for prizes who doesnt like prizes
  6. dude d1 soocer sick as hell
  7. BleNdeR


    you sir are awesome
  8. BleNdeR


    I know i'm going wondering if anyone else is going to watch???
  9. New items are my fav part of lol and with the ravamp coming up it has gotten me really excited to see what they are going to do. I know they said more/better items for ad casters. Pant has one of my fav kits so hopefully will see some better itemization for him in s3

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