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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Exodus in vVv Tibiryus Head Streamer   
    vVv Gaming is proud to announce vVv Tibiryus as our head streamer! vVv Tibiryus has been streaming for a while and is gaining a good following, he currently has over 700 followers on his Twitch channel and is growing daily. vVv Tibiryus will be streaming full time, so he’ll be very active and be putting out great content. I could have went out and got a streamer with a good following but I wanted to look within, I wanted someone in house, that’s what vVv Gaming is all about opportunity. Each time he streams we will host his stream on our Twitch channel, he’s going to promote vVv Gaming heavily. He will rep vVv Gaming well, draw in site traffic and have new apps flowing in. Streaming is the future and I want vVv Gaming in the conversation. Congratulations vVv Tibiryus, you’ve earned it with your amazing work managing our Discord and being a model vVv member.  I’ll link his Twitch channel below, make sure you all subscribe to him and show him some love!
    Thank You,
    vVv Exodus
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv Exodus in Havik's (Raydn) Application   
    Welcome back, Havik! Hope all is well with yourself. Best of luck on your app. 
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv Minjaaa in Member Application - Minjaaa   
    Welcome back! Best of luck on your application. Do you use any form of social media? If so, could you link please  
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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Doomhammer in New vVv Mission and Pillars   
    Hey All,
    I'm copying this over from the discussion thread, to get more visibility. We want to hear from you to determine the details and find leaders in the community.
    I talked it over with Jerry and Exodus, and based on your feedback we came up with a proposal. This idea is based on five pillars of activity where vVv will focus. The pillars include:
    Social Events
    One of the underlying messages I keep hearing is that people want to play together. We are here because we're gamers, and playing games together is one of the core elements of vVv. Activities this should include are community game nights in specific titles, streamer viewing parties, and tournament viewing events.
    Professional Networking and Support
    Once upon a time vVv got people jobs in the games industry. Well that time is still now, but we can expand the opportunities beyond the games industry. We can support the people who want to hone games industry skills (community management, event coordination, etc.) and also support members who want to become streamers, influencers, and content creators. Specifically for Streamers, this is a symbiotic relationship. Streamers represent vVv, vVv supports streamers (viewers, retweets, etc), and that system could build some real steam once it gets momentum.
    Central business activity
    Several people mentioned bringing back tournaments and vVv-supported competition. These can become the nexus around with the organization rotates, giving our competitive members a chance to compete, our staff something to build, our community something to cheer for, and our streamers something to build on. "But what game should we compete in?" I hear you ask. All of them! No one just plays one game anymore, we rotate through them as they get stale. vVv's tournament should be more like the PAX Omegathon, where your final result is dependent on your performance in several different games (just an idea, is this too crazy?).
    Making new Friends
    This is another big part of why we're here. We want to be a part of a community of friends and fellow gamers. That should infuse everything we do, and all of our activities should be built to support it.
    Classy Environment
    One of the earliest things I heard about vVv Gaming was that it should be a place where any member is someone I'd want to play games with. We've always kept out, or removed, people who didn't fit the culture, and we should continue to do the same now. Part of this is holding each other accountable, and part of it is moderation, but we should maintain that culture of "I could play games with everyone here."

    To start, we don't need game divisions to do this. There aren't enough people or big enough titles. Instead this focuses on the core experience of building a community of great people, which can be further refined as it starts to grow again.
    So that's our proposal for how to build on the new direction of vVv. Thoughts? What is it missing?
    Who wants to volunteer to be responsible for each pillar?
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in Your Favorite TV Show Of All Time   
    I can't decide, it's either between Spartacus, or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv Minjaaa in Yet another reintroduction   
    Welcome back to the community! 
    Add me on Xbox and Steam: vVv Minotaur
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in Thank You   
    We have some truly amazing people in this community. I also want to give a personal thank you, to all those who have contributed to the new vVv era. 
    p.s. beers on me
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    Minotaur reacted to Buzz in Return of the Community Spotlight?   
    Would everyone be interested in returning of The community spotlight? Since we are starting to unroll the new site its time to start pushing content. I believe we have enough members  to be able to push a new article out bi-weekly. This will allow us to generate some content in and get our creative gears turning, bring the community closer through sharing our experience, and will give a stronger impression of the person behind the gamertag.  

    I would like to have the first article published on the forums June 13th, 2019 and the answers to the interview questions in my inbox no Later than 7 days in advance. This is to allow time for me to make any graphics needed for the article, any revisions or make any necessary corrections.  We will choose the first community member by rounding up every current active member in a poll. We will release the poll via social media and allow people to vote for our first community member. Staff will be exempt from the polling along with anyone who has previously had a community spotlight. With plans to re-roll community spotlights for all previous members with updated criteria on the opposite week. after the first community member is chosen they will be able to announce the next candidate of their choosing. It could be anyone of staff, honorary member, or current vVv member

    What is your feedback?  I would like to know your ideas, thoughts, questions.  how would you like to see the article written etc.
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv Exodus in Thank You   
    We have some truly amazing people in this community. I also want to give a personal thank you, to all those who have contributed to the new vVv era. 
    p.s. beers on me
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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Exodus in Thank You   
    I just wanted to say thank you, vVv Gaming wouldn't be what it is or where it is if it wasn't for all of you.  I may run vVv Gaming but all of you make it what it is, I am grateful for all of you,  I want you all to know that. I want to thank vVv LordJerith for making me President of vVv Gaming, for being a close friend and always believing in me. I want to thank vVv DoomHammer for all he has done, working tirelessly on the new site, making sure it flows smoothly as well as the new logo getting finalized. Thank you Jerry and Jordan for the new website, it looks amazing and we all appreciate it. Thank you vVv Buzz  and vVv Pherzghul for the tireless work you both did on the new logo, thank you vVv Buzz for all the GFX work you're doing now, updating the homepage with the new logo in certain areas as well as the icons for specific groups on the site.  I'd like to thank all of my staff for everything they do, they're a great group of people that will do anything for vVv Gaming and it doesn't go unnoticed. I look forward to the future, the progress we have made since I took the helm is crazy to me, we're only going to move up!
    Thank you,
    vVv Exodus
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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Doomhammer in New vVv Logo   
    The new vVv Logo is here and vVv Pherzghul has gone above and beyond to create a library of different sizes and uses. These are available for personal use on forums, social media, live streaming, video, or anywhere else on the internet. 
    Thank you again to everyone for sharing feedback and helping to make this logo so glorious.

    If the attachments do not work, here is a link to a google drive instead: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s6-oit50v8APbVXZqw9sgG4IRAd_cJF_?usp=sharing
    vVv_Gaming_Brand_Standards.pdf vVvGaming_Final_Logo.ai
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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Doomhammer in New vVv Website   
    vVv Gaming has officially launched our new website!
    Proudly partnering with local Las Cruces business We Are IT, the site has moved to a new cloud server host, and has gotten an overhaul both visually and functionally!
    This move has also included a forum migration, so while everything seems to be working following the move, if anyone sees anything broken, missing, outdated, or not functioning correctly, please post it in this forum thread so we can look into it.
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    Minotaur got a reaction from Wolff in Wolf application   
    Welcome to vVv Gaming. It’s good to see another Brit applying (me and @vVv Milkyy feel alone here ? jk). 
    I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Any questions, feel free to ask me, or any other members. 
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv Exodus in New Website Coming   
    Looking forward to this. Will be so nice to see everything with the new logo on.
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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Doomhammer in New Website Coming   
    The new website is almost complete and we will be making the switch tomorrow!
    Thursday 05/16/19, at 8am, we will bring the forums down to take a snapshot and port them to the new site. They will be down most of the day for the relocation and testing, and should be back up in the evening.
    Spread the word, and make ready!
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv Skeensyy in Hats?? Wait we have hats??   
    Nice! I would certainly add this to my collection  
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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Pherzghul in New vVv Logo Design   
    try these and let me know if they need revisions.
    Twitch Header:

    Twitter Header:

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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Pherzghul in New vVv Logo Design   
    Icons to use for Discord, Forums and other online images.
    512x512 - White Background

    512x512 - No Background

    250x250 - White Background

    250x250 - No Background

    100x100 - White Background

    100x100 - No Background

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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Pherzghul in New vVv Logo Design   
    Let me know if you need any other, I grabbed the text from your twitch.

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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv Infms805 in What sports do you watch and what’s your favorite team??   
    RIP to your fellow countryman, Sala. I watched Ligue 1 when he played for Nantes, was a great player. He will be missed. ❤️
    I'm from England, so my football team is Fulham. But around Europe I like the same teams as you do.
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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Doomhammer in New vVv Logo Design   
    Ok, cool, thanks for the feedback.
    After one final tweak to fix spacing and outline, we have finished the vVv Logo along with the Logotype.
    The .pdf attachment is the vVv Logo Brand Standard stylesheet, which shows what variations are acceptable, color palette, and other details.

    Thanks again to everyone for your feedback. I look forward to seeing this on all of our new stuff
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    Minotaur reacted to vVv Doomhammer in New vVv Logo Design   
    Indeed it is! Taking the fantastic work from Buzz and Pherzghul and revising it with your feedback we now have a new official vVv Logo.

    The next step is to add the logo type (the "vVv Gaming" text) and update our style guide, and once that's finished you can expect to see the new logo rolling out officially as we get the website updated.

    The alternative solid color version will be used on mediums or locations where a gradient is impractical or impossible.
    Thank you to everyone for your input and feedback during this process of change. It's sometimes difficult, but we have ended with an awesome result because of it.
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    Minotaur got a reaction from Next in Back into gaming   
    Welcome to the community! 
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv_Exile in Mouze Application   
    Welcome to vVv Gaming! I hope you enjoy your time with us. Best of luck on your application. 
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    Minotaur got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in vVv Gaming Update 04/18/2019   
    A lot of hard work is going on behind the scenes, and I want to personally thank you all for what you're doing  

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