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  1. I'll be playing for sure. Looking forward to this Gears.
  2. Never had this problem before. But now I use actual batteries, and just recycle them when they’re dead.
  3. Welcome, and best of luck on your app. Your name sounds familiar, were you around on the forums in the Black Ops 2 days?
  4. Welcome back, Havik! Hope all is well with yourself. Best of luck on your app.
  5. I would recommend getting an Elite controller. I use it over my Scuf.
  6. Welcome back! Best of luck on your application. Do you use any form of social media? If so, could you link please
  7. I'm from the U.K., can I play on NA server? if so, how much of an impact will it have on my experience i.e. lag etc.
  8. Thank you for underlining the new pillars and mission. I will support and commit to these new pillars, whether it be for myself, another vVv member, or anyone in general. I love the look of this new direction vVv is taking, and can't wait to put everything into it.
  9. I can't decide, it's either between Spartacus, or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  10. I'm down! (if it would be weekends, cause time-zones )
  11. I know it's only a brief trailer, but it's got me excited for it. The cool thing is as well, its cross-platform!
  12. Welcome back to the community! Add me on Xbox and Steam: vVv Minotaur
  13. Minotaur


    The Black Ops 2 days ☺️
  14. We can’t forget who we are, and having “Vision. Valor. Victory.” is something everyone still remembers us by. So I say that.
  15. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your time with us.
  16. I've just recently discovered this game on Steam, and I'm so addicted already. It's free to play, with the obvious in-game purchases. I've made a vVv Gaming guild on there also. You can do team battles with a fellow guild member. I would love for some of you to try this out. To join the Guild, simply enter "vVv Gaming" into the guild section on the main menu.
  17. We have some truly amazing people in this community. I also want to give a personal thank you, to all those who have contributed to the new vVv era. p.s. beers on me
  18. Looking forward to this. Will be so nice to see everything with the new logo on.
  19. Nice! I would certainly add this to my collection
  20. Welcome back. It’s nice to see former members making their acquaintance again.
  21. I’m a really big fan of the final outcome. Can’t wait to update all my social platforms with this amazing-looking logo! Brilliant job from Pherz and Buzz btw.

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