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  1. valdaglerion the wry@mannykacks I have a 8.6k GWF and am sorely looking for T2 dungeon groups since pug ones are always a mess for me
  2. Hmm, I might re-download this game now that someone might actually play with me. Let's see if I can hit rank 40 in world again
  3. Hell yes, an event I can actually attend without taking days off of work Looking forward to it for sure
  4. WTB "All of the Above" option for first question
  5. brb using anivia for the rest of my life until this comes out
  6. Just checked out the Experience demo and for a pre-alpha it looked quite promising! It's just a small dungeon that you can roam around, but I must say that the scenery shows good potential (Frame rates aren't exactly optimized yet - don't be surprised if you experience some low frame rates)
  7. I just donated $35. Who needs a nice steak dinner when you can just eat chili and back a good looking game?
  8. Mhm I think EG will be very pleased with picking up such a high profile team
  9. Holy passives batman! I glanced at a stream of this the other day and wasn't too impressed. Might have to look into it's features a bit more

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