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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to The Regal in Will be not-so active for about a week   
    This is a damn shame to hear. Barring no alternatives, I'm really sad to read that things have unfolded like they have.

    It'll suck not being able to play with you, thanks for ressing me all those times whether jumping or up in frostgorge.

    I'll miss you man, hopefully we can play again one day in the future.
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Seiryss in Will be not-so active for about a week   
    We miss your jiggly boobs, Ogo. Come back soon.
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Seiryss in Will be not-so active for about a week   
    We will miss you Ogo!

    ..now who will make us laugh on Draw my Thing >.>
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    Monsta (ex vVv) got a reaction from DBittencourt in Where did your Character/Gamer name come from?   
    nice db.. lions are my fav animals i'm a leo also my country's shape on the map is a lion and they call our sports teams "the lions" usually nice to see some1 who has a family tradition to follow
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to vVv Doomhammer in Gentoku Ryuubi(Stormie) GW2 Application   
    Keep up the good work in WvW, I've been glad to have you with us.
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Stormie in Colin Johanson on sPvP ladders, custom tournaments and spectator mode.   
    source: https://forum-en.gui...ge/2#post188369

    All three of these features are planned, yes. It is our tradition to not discuss in detail any feature until we have it fully implemented enough that we can talk about it with confidence, as we don’t want to promise a feature to work one way and then end up having it work a different way. We’ll save details on all of those until they are ready to be talked about.
    Chaplan will be putting out a blog post in the next few days that summarizes where we stand with PvP right now, and where we’re headed. From there we’ll continue to update as other Esports features come online.
    Our focus right now is making sure absolutely all of the potential issues/bugs with base tournaments and rewards are 100% cleaned up before we introduce any form of more serious competition. We’re also trying to make sure we’ve given enough time for the base strategies to develop, and for any skills/builds that are out of balance are identified. Once we’re totally convinced things are in a solid state, you’ll start seeing a roll out of major PvP esports features and we’ll get this thing going like crazy. Take this opportunity now to learn your classes, learn your builds, lockdown strategies for your teams and get ready! Once we start rolling out the esports features, it’ll build up rapidly from there.
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Damien923 in Just putting this out there   
    First off. This place is amazing. I have never in my "gaming career" ever met such welcoming people. EVER. I know you guys push it, but when i was invited to the guild i got like five thousand welcome messages and it kinda hit me then, like whoa, theres alot more people here then i thought. That same day i got mumble and instantly felt accepted as i started to talk. Then later on that week when Doomhammer and jareth were actually asking me to help them do stuff in WvW, i was pretty much blown away. For one im still rather new here and im not sure if it was just because they happen to see my name just around them and randomly picked my name out of the group or what, but i kinda felt important. Then a few days later Doom called on me again to basicly watch two walls at the keep, which i held for almost an hour thanks to our fearless leader . One last thing before i get into why im actually posting here. Every single night i am on here, i get caught up in talking to someone new about damn near everything. You guys are just flat out amazing.

    Now what the main reason i am posting this.

    Running around in WvW with you guys is fun and we always get shit done. From taking supply camps to, jackass spanking, crack team runs. Doom, you know what you are doing and im so glad we have someone on here that runs us crazy gamers the way you do. When you get on its like everyone that knows anything about vVv gets on and we do what we need to do. But when that time comes and you get off, EVERYONE decides to get off. I find myself running around in WvW alot, its the aspect of the game that i enjoy the most. I work second shift so i dont always get the chance to run around with the guild as much as i would like to. I spoke up and may have bit off more then i can chew, at the moment, at the last meeting in saying i would like to give commanding us a try. I know i truely have alot to learn but in all honesty im taking notes each time i am on and you are doing everything so that way maybe when i feel good enough about it, i can somewhat lead a group of us around. BUT it is impossible to do when everyone goes away as soon as you do.

    Im in no way asking to take your spot what so ever and i dont what that idea to pop into anyones head that reads this. I know and understand that we all have our own lives and cant always be around. I have tried recruiting at night when i am on, and i guess people just read what i type into chat to be almost as a bot. (If you guys have any hints to that aspect please, let me know)

    I have noticed that when its starts to get later on at night, i know most people are sleeping away then, that our server flat out sucks. We have no leader what so ever, just a zerg running around doing basicly nothing. and its truely sad.

    I guess what im asking is if any of you guys are up later on at night, even after Doom gets off, if you guys can stick around. If their was a way at all, to make vVv's presence known at all times, or atleast more, on WvW other than those few hours Doom is on. So that way even when our army gets off, we dont instantly give up all the work we did for that time, as soon as he gets off. I know that may be asking alot, but yea. Let me know what you guys think and if you want to know more as from where im trying to go or whatever, let me know.

    Thank you for taking time to read my rant. In time, you guys will get use to it
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Seiryss in 9/24 and 10/1 Patch Compilation, and other interesting upcoming changes   
    "The great butter reduction" lol really, thats a concern?

    Glad to hear they're upping the tokens you get from dungeons, a full set of armor is a huge grind. -__- And it seemed like the DR was kicking in too soon while farming, so good to know this is a bug.

    I wonder if there would be any compensation for those who already finished their personal storylines and received like level 11 loot or whatever.
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Stormie in 9/24 and 10/1 Patch Compilation, and other interesting upcoming changes   
    source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/10ddhp/924_and_101_patch_compilation_and_other/

    Lots of good stuff in this reddit post
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to DBittencourt in Where did your Character/Gamer name come from?   
    Mine is no fun....

    Being a proud family member, and my family having somewhat of a old history. i choose to pick that one.


    So yeah, simple right?
    People usually go out to find a nickname, a ALIAS, or something. I just stick with my NAME!


    BTW, the awesome part is that my family symbol is a Lion! xD

    The other character names i have, is because my GF made all of them... so you would have to ask her...
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to DBittencourt in Those New To Tournies   
    I'm in, but this week i should not play much.

    I will try to catch you guys in mumble so we can arrange some scheduled games.

    What do you think about it?
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Seiryss in ItsAnAmbush/Bumblebee GW2 Application   
    Hmm...I don't know if the shoutbox is ready for the Bumblebee treatment. >.>
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to vVv Paradise in MonstaReapa's Application thread   
    Grats on the pre-interview! Lots of great feedback on your application. Good luck with the pre-interview =)

    While I'm here... wanted to point out to you that we just launched the second portion of our Experience Initiative. This is something that can build your resume and also give real world experience. Check it out here: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/ei/staff

    Are you interested in any of the positions available here? Please let us know!
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Stormie in WvW and vVv Commander   
    I think Ill hit you up on that tonight aquatica.
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to DBittencourt in Magic find test results @ trolls farm spot   
    Thanks for the post.

    Is my impression or there was not a big difference?
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Shuggles in Magic find test results @ trolls farm spot   
    The more important question is how much bank did you spank?
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Wander in MonstaReapa's Application thread   
    He's a level headed guy, and laughs at my jokes! Go go go!
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Tak in MonstaReapa's Application thread   
    SPIKE! Arizona can wait..... Please set this man up with a pre-interview ...
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Spike in MonstaReapa's Application thread   
    I would like to set up a pre-interview with you. PM me dates and times when you are available
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    Monsta (ex vVv) got a reaction from DBittencourt in Magic find test results @ trolls farm spot   
    So... the other day i was faffing around being totally bored so i decided to go reduce the population of frost trolls by a LOT and sell their blood and any other type of mats i get for gold which i would donate to the commander fund. I thogh the drop rate seemed fucked up cuz i spent like 30 mind there earlier and it seemed way worse drop wise compared to the previous day's farm session. So i decided to do a proper magic find set.

    The first part of the test was 1h no magic find gear and 2nd hour with mf gear i yielded the following results(the mats down are combined from salvaging EVERY item i get + drops i use mystic salvage kits for white to yellow items):

    numbers on the left = no magic find gear & numbers on right = mf gear
    28 silk scraps 26
    0 gossamer silk scraps 3
    20 thick leather sections 13
    19 elder wood logs 7 (note that on the spot every hour two cypress sapling spawn but my exes ended on run 2 that's why that less logs)
    1 ancient wood logs 1
    12 mithril ores 0
    2 orichalcum ores 2
    15 potent bloods 16
    5 powerful bloods 7
    15 large bones 20
    1 ancient bones 3
    3 large claws 3
    1 large fangs 6
    1 yellow items(rare) 1 after salvaging got 3x ecto from the first then 1x ecto from the 2nd run

    Do consider that since i included salvaging too it's kinda based not only on drop luck but on salvage luck too and magic find has no play there.

    the magic find % used for the 2nd hour of farm is 136%
    below are pictures on my invntory with the items from 2nd hour and storage with items from 1st hour

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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to vVv Pherzghul in MonstaReapa's Application thread   
    Monsta aka Aquatica has been of great help recruiting and helping clear explorable mode instances with our team. He deserves a pre-interview.
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Tak in ItsAnAmbush/Bumblebee GW2 Application   
    RobzGod this applicant is a great guy and team member lets get up with spike to push his app. to interview.

    Good luck BumbleButt!
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Seiryss in ItsAnAmbush/Bumblebee GW2 Application   
    I've been dungeon grinding and PvPing with Bumblebee and he is a great player, with a fun personality. 2 thumbs up!

    He won't tell us which one he is in his profile picture though.... -__-
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    Monsta (ex vVv) reacted to Seiryss in Video Guide: Citadel of Flame Explorable Mode, Path 2   
    Here is a video walkthrough guide I put together for farmable CoF EM (2nd path). You can skip ahead to certain boss fights/events. Thanks for watching.

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    Monsta (ex vVv) got a reaction from DBittencourt in DBittencourt Application - Guild Wars 2   
    and i could do the editing to those videos.... taken the fact my laptop gets 15 fps wth fraps on in just pve where there's no zergfest... rly can't do fraps on spvp or wvw yet so u do the video and tell me what needs to be edited i'll do the magic...

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