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  1. hmm very baad news i tried onlien play with my net at home and it simply is terrible... and it's gotten even worse during the past week so i'v decided to give up trying and just live without online play sad but not much i can do about it. So this means no GW2 or any other online game for me and means i won't be comming back which is killign me but well will w8 for the summer to come when i get back home.... was cool being part of vVv but due to the bad uk net i won't be able to be part of it anymore...
  2. .... never knew u had a fetsh fr manboobs but well i don't mind it i'll let u play with then on tuesday but yeah TUESDAY is when i'll be able to play again... i-net gets connected monday but monday night is nto good for me cuz i wake up at 7:30 on tuesdays so it's official aqua's back!!! 16-th Oct.
  3. well some update: i moved into my old house on the 2nd of oct but well there's no internet there so i'm hopping to my university everyday to get my doze of series episodes and social network updates LOL... One of my housemates will connect internet but due to the bastards from british telecom being mononpolists on holding the lines which broadband gets connected to take like 1-2 weeks time to connect i guess all i can do is w8 and be patient.. If that guy doesn't connect internet my cool landlord promised he'll do it As soon as i get net at home i'll resume my activities and hop on to downloading all the raw footage i've seen on the dropbox and start working my magic with the material. Greetings from London folks the weather really IS terrible atm.. kinda changed from 26-28 degrees to 15-18 degrees
  4. heheeh draw my thing was hillarious it's not like i won't log in at all... and thursdays are my days off-uni so wednesday nights i'll prob be slackin off more just not this week ... not till i get my own place
  5. So i'm flying to London tomorrow and i'll be staying at a friend's house. Thing is i wouldn't wanna bother her with me playing a lot and i won't have much time anyways till i find a place to rent So expect me to not be as active as usual with my time being occupied by lectures/seminars/workshops and visiting potential places to rent. Hopefully it would take less than a week. I'll still try to log in when i can but no idea when i would be able to
  6. video blocked in my country can't see it but good effort we do need more ppl capturing footage from our wvw nights
  7. totally behind Doomhammer's words stormie is a true soldier
  8. i collect them btw so pm Aquatica if u have a dye u don't want or need and if u're collecting too i can send back dyes i already have... btw as for guild colors i think the red shading we could use is : Lifesblood or Ruby and for the white shade Celestial or white... those are some expensive dyes but will be simple awesome doing wvw in style
  9. i got the following in twilight arbor up: 60 forward forward: 60 forward up: 45 up:20 up:15
  10. I agree with u on how welcomming vVv is and how close knit it seems even tho we've got tons of people it still feel like one of those so called "friends and family" guilds which is awesome! And your thoughts on WvW is exactly what i talked to doom about yesterday after being asked what i think we could improve. So when he's not online to lead us we really should get the people who still wanna wvw to still hang around. Also i do not mind running small scale wvw during the earlier hours(before doom logs in) because that would be more convenient for me due to my timezone and i've actually done it a few time just getting some peope together to do some commando ninja captures . I was also hoping we could scout our for some people with from different than the server's timezones to get recruited cuz if we get a decent amount of them we would be able to keep the progress vVv makes for our server at night and even maybe make further progress. So to everyone watch out for eu, aussies, african, middle east and asian timezone players cuz they would be the key to winning vs servers like Fort aspenwood, Henge, Anvil and etc who have mixed timezone population. I'm not sure if it would help but we could mention that we are actively looking for people from non-us/latin timezones on our recruitment threads at all the websites
  11. just a hint leave the lowbie areas for dessert.. esp if u are doing WvW actively because u won't get as much exp and decent gear from the lowbie areas as u would from the ones near your lvl and we all know that the wvw lvl scaling does not affect gear stats edit: also i would love to join u with either my lowbie warrior or mesmer
  12. nice find broski keep up lurking reddit for the lazy asses like me and sharing the good news

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