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  1. Hey Fearless, Yeah sure i can help you out, watched you on BnC last night
  2. Haha that's epic! Love the bluntness
  3. Well it's a 4.30am start for me incase the servers start up 3 hours early, then PvE and level until 30ish, which will probably be taken up with PvE and WvW until i can find a team i actually like to play with but i think i will be playing on NA servers for that.
  4. I hate to say it, especially while Seiryss is about but i am starting to find Rangers pretty bland and boring now, compared to other classes we just struggle on all fronts, i might go back to it when they have fixed a few things but so far i enjoy the Mesmer far more.
  5. Skill level = Viking I was watching Ehro/Erho's stream and he was running a Glass Cannon Engi with silly amounts of burst damage, it was at the end that they mention vVv and you guys having a dabble at loads of games not just GW2. They are just really good PvPers with lots of communication, but Ehro/Erho + Quark are pretty new to SS and have only been playing together during the betas so they have done well so far.
  6. I just watched vVv get beat 9-500 against Super Squad lol
  7. Well the Ranger's Longbow got changed quite a bit, not sure if i like it. Makes me either go Power Melee Build or gimped Power Ranger. great... but i am having fun on the Mesmer so far, just need a damn Team, i might be playing on the US servers for tPvP because i tried playing with my Guild and i ended up rage quitting on them aha. No communication at all, no marking, i ask for help and i get silence, they never call for help or anything, locations nothing. gg my life
  8. They are going to use the Glicko system, pretty sure i read that like a month ago or something.
  9. Really nice read, it's great to see how much they want GW2 to be an eSport. Just gotta find a team
  10. Sycthrex

    vVv EU Team

    200ms is terrible in my eyes I would probably be hindered to professions that didn't need to be so reactive
  11. Damn you and your NA'ness I'll stick to crying for an hour trying to get 4 others to join me lol

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