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  1. I've downloaded it a few times but everytime i do no one ever gets on it, games always been fun and competitive just not enough people in my friend group that play anymore
  2. Anyone try this new update that magically came out??
  3. Yeah it’s definitely a drunk Friday night kind of game 😂
  4. Yeah for sure, I just figured posting might bring some guys back, it’s always been the most viewer friendly comp game imo, I’m down to play some games sometime
  5. They have a lot of RL activity going on rn try and get in on it!
  6. Honestly interested to see where everyone is that’s competed under the vVv Banner GoW1-GoW3! Anyone still around? I know Enmity and Stitches are, Puff and I spoke a few years back, Fran still competes, Fallout is still around, aRaes lives down the street from me but what about The others like Bawabus, and Monk, etc.
  7. Gears of war why can't you make the circuit smh

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