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    DBittencourt reacted to vVv LordJerith in This is what I want from vVv this might be to much to ask though   
    We never delete threads. They are living vVv history.  We all learn from these conversations.
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    DBittencourt reacted to Anaxamander in This is what I want from vVv this might be to much to ask though   
    This video is from a lil while ago, but even though we had a lot of inexperienced players (Few of us were even 80), we still accomplished a lot... Learning as we went. You don't have to be good at GW2 to be useful in WvW so long as you cooperate and communicate.
    Let's actually get together and run some WvW before we cull the ranks.
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    DBittencourt reacted to Damien923 in This is what I want from vVv this might be to much to ask though   
    Well heres my two cents worth. Im going to go ahead and apologize to everyone that takes the time to read this, if i offend you. Im sorry. Im sure this will turn into some sort of rant, and if i get off subject just keep reading, i tend to do it alot lol.
    I play Guild wars each and every day. I spend many hours every day in game. I understand that right now people are busy with real life things. Schools starting back, christmas break is over for everyone else. So everything will be slowing down a little bit, atleast for the ones that became regulars during this break. And to those people that have joined up with us over the past month and a half, helping me out, getting together and doing what we as a guild thought would be better for us all. Thank you, and i truly hope you have found your gaming home with vVv. Each and everyone of you that have went out and downloaded mumble and joined up with us in whatever we are doing, you are making this fun. 
    In all aspects of what i do in game, i always try to bring people into vVv. You can ask anyone, when i first get on, even sometimes before i get on mumble, I talk in guildchat and try to start some kind of conversation that has the time to type back to me. And at times i dont get any response and then i look and see whos all on, what they are doing, even though i ask. If anyone needs one person to do whatever it is they are doing. I almost always join in. Unless i have an agenda for what i want to get done at that time.
    Im not the best player in the game, im always asking for help, for ideas, in almost everything i do in the game. This game is somewhat my addiction. I want to be the best that i can be in whatever i do inside of this game.  I can run dungeons as a glass cannon. It sometimes pisses people off when i go down in a few hits but thats just the way i enjoy playing this game. I run WvW with damn near the same build i do in dungeons. And when i do go into WvW i do everything in my power to get shit done.
    I know i havent been running a whole lot of WvW as of late, because just like alot of other people, i want my legendary. So im learning all about new aspects of the game i didnt know. But when i do go into WvW I do want everyone on mumble. Its stupid for me to have to tell everyone on mumble what i want to get done, then have to type it into guild chat, party chat or squad chat to let everyone know what i am doing and what i need done. During that time i could be doing, im typeing and thats. in this new server, waisted time i wont get back. So i guess this somewhat breaks down into GET ON MUMBLE. I welcome each and every new person i see that comes into the guild, then i send them a pm and ask them where they are at in guildwars to see what they are wanting to do and know if i can do anything to help them, I also try and get them on mumble. I do not care if they have a mic to talk back to me on, I can read and fight...something i have picked up on and it doesnt affect what im doing anymore. Get on mumble and join us. point blank.
    I dont care how skilled you are in the game. I dont care if you have played this game longer than i have, which i find sommewhat rare. I dont care if you have been playing the game for two hours. I will go out of my way to help you learn any and everything inside the game that i can teach you. As some of you said, If you find a guild mate thats a "baddie" stop bitching about it. In some way take that person aside and let them know what you think. Dont call them stupid, or talk down to them. Help them the same way you guys have helped me. I do not want to see or hear a single one of you guys talk down to any person in the guild. The foundation we have built in game is a wonderful foundation to be one of the strongest guilds in this game. but without each and everyone of you guys pitching in and helping, thats all we are going to be. Just a foundation. 
    Im tired of all the bitching. You want more "quality" players in the guild? Nut up and bring those types of players into the guild. Want to get rid of all the "baddies" in the guild? Teach them what they are doing wrong, help them improve. When something goes wrong in lets say a dungeon. Instead of bitching, take a second and let that person know what they done wrong instead of going all nerd rage on them. (we are all nerds, dont kid yourself). Do not bitch guildmates out over stupid stuff. Dont want a "noob" in your party. Send them my way. Ill do what i can to help each and everyone of them out. 
    When we find out when you guys want to truly run WvW, just like we did on Sorrows, People will learn who we are again, they will know that we are going onto that battlefield and kill and take shit over. No i wont type into chat my course of action, if you want to know what im doing you will be in the wvw channel on mumble. I will read what the other commanders put into chat so i know what needs to be done. As Jerry has said, i dont give two shits if you want to kill that salamander for your daily. When it comes to wvw i dont have time for that stupid shit. Im there to do work. 
    Keep helping us grow. Teach people what we need them to know to make us strong as a guild. 
    Sorry this is long and im sure i forgot to say somethings i had in mind when i started typeing this. Thank you for your time you took to read this. I look forward to your responses and ill make sure i respond to what you have to say.
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    DBittencourt reacted to Khaela in Path of Exile New Trailer   
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    DBittencourt reacted in This is what I want from vVv this might be to much to ask though   
    My responses to the individual quotes are in red.
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    DBittencourt reacted in 12/30 Guild Changes & Updates!   
    Dear Guild Wars 2 Members!

    During a meeting conducted tonight, 12/30 there have been some key decisions that have been voted and decided upon as a guild for those that participated in the meeting. These decisions are already showing some fascinating results not only in World vs World but in general as a whole. As stated by a few other members, it's like a whole new world on Guild Wars 2, literally.

    Below is a bit of a summary of the changes.
    Server Transfer We're no longer on Sorrow's Furnace. It was decided by vote that we would switch to Fort Aspenwood which has been consistently ranked in the high top ten and a highly active atmosphere on the maps, world vs world and virtually all across the world.
    Below are some statistics regarding the server we've chosen. These are based off World vs World statistics, but show decent values overall.
    * Fort Aspenwood (Rank 9 Steady) - [Rank 8 Steady] - {Rank 8 Steady}

    Members of the guild will have one week from today (December 30th, 2012) to switch their server from Sorrow's Furnace to Fort Aspenwood. That means by Monday, January 7, 2013 anybody that has not switched over to the new server may be at risk of removal from the guild. This is an attempt to get everybody working together toward a common goal and we simply can't work toward a common goal if you're off on another server. That being said, we will be enforcing the policy that you represent us on Guild Wars 2 at all times. 
    Guild Core Leadership I've been brought in to assist Damien with running the guild and helping coordinate functions within the guild. Damien will be focusing on the face of the guild where I will be helping out with the function and organization of the guild while focusing on growth and ensuring everybody is having an excellent time being involved with the organization, whether they're just in the guild or part of the greater organization. Damien will be working on enhancing World vs World operations for the guild where I will be working on enhancing Player vs Environment operations for the guild. Though we will be specializing in these areas, we will from time to time cross over and assist when needed.
    Guild Officers We've brought on a series of people that will be helping the guild out with events and general guild support. I've detailed a list of these individuals and what they're looking at for availability for events and such. 
    Stormie, Krewel, Midnight and Muddy.
    These individuals will be working on events throughout the week involving all aspects of the game but let this be known, you don't have to be a staff member to run events so if you'd like to run events don't hesitate to pop in guild chat and see if anybody wants to run a specific dungeon or three.
    Early Spring Cleaning Mighty Lord Jerith swooped in and cleaned up a lot of the inactive members that have been hanging around our ranks during the meeting. Those that weren't representing us at the time of the meeting were removed as well. This was in addition to the cleaning that Damien had done previously with inactive members that haven't been logging in regularly or at all. By doing this we're ensuring that we provide only the active and most quality guild for you and your friends to be part of as nobody really wants to be in an inactive guild. I know I sure don't!
    Expect to see some amazing things happening in the future for this guild as we continue to roll out things for you to get involved in and an easier time overall being part of the guild and vVv as a whole. We thank you for those that attended the meeting as the voting was a very excellent way of working through some very difficult issues that we were facing as a guild. If anybody has any questions at all please feel free to contact myself or Damien and we'll be glad to assist you anyway that we can. This server change has been made permanent so we will not be changing servers anytime in the near future. This'll be a place that we as a guild can call home and begin to establish a presence on for months and hopefully years to come.
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    DBittencourt reacted to Kinrr in Is Gearing Worth It?   
    I'd start with the free stuff.  That means "Gift of Mastery" and "Gift of Ascalon". You should also start to level your crafts (you can do them about 8g each at most I think). By then you should have a decent amount of gold to start working on the expensive stuff.
    Take a look at the wiki http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sunrise and keep the things you'll need in mind as you cruze around. That's a lot of Ori.
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    DBittencourt reacted to vVv Paradise in Inhouse Game Reviews - Full Stats and Tips   
    Check below for stats and tips from all vVv Gaming Inhouse games!
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    DBittencourt reacted to Guttzu in We need to be on the same server...   
    I moved back to Sorrow's Furnace to focus on some PvE and WvW...
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    DBittencourt reacted to Muhdewsa in Want to get involved with the vVv Guild Wars 2 Community?   
    You have just finished creating your character and are ready to get thrown into the endless grind that is an MMO, but wait, this isn't any MMO, this is Guild Wars 2! Guild Wars 2 differs from other MMOs because it allows you to explore and see the world, while still rewarding you for it, and who better to explore Tyria with than the vVv crew? ArenaNet did a fantastic job creating a rich environment full of wonder and excitement for you to explore. The standard gear progression found in most MMOs has been removed and instead offers rewards through looks instead of stats, exalting skill over gear.
    One of the horrors of running difficult dungeons is joining a random group of players that have no idea what they're doing. Not only is time wasted and large amounts of gold spent repairing armor, but it is demoralizing and makes the game less enjoyable. vVv Gaming provides a great community of experienced players to help you through these dungeons, teaching you to be a better player along the way. Dungeon groups form on Saturday and Sunday around 2 p.m. EST. PvE:
    If dungeons aren't your thing, we can still have fun! Come explore all of Tyria with us for that 100% Map Completion achievement, join us for dynamic events, or even do challenging jumping puzzles! There are plenty of hidden zones and powerful monsters to slay, and awesome rewards that come with it.  
    You have conquered the toughest dungeons and have explored every peak and every ocean, what now? Join us in the endless struggle that is World vs World where our entire server goes up against two other servers in an everlasting fight for control of strategic points and castles. Join our Field Commanders vVv Doomhammer and vVv Damien as they lead armies of players to reclaim or defend our keeps, castles, and garrisons. The WvW schedule varies on a day to day basis, so hop on mumble to find out when we're playing!  
    For our community to be able to reliably communicate with each other while they're in game or relaxing after an intense match, we put our trust in Mumble. Mumble is an online voice chat application similar to Ventrilo or TeamSpeak. It's easy to set up and use, and a majority of our community can be found here during all hours of the day. http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/56080-how-to-set-up-mumble/'>Click here for details on how to download and set it up!  
    Guild Applications:
    Interested in becoming a Guild Wars 2 Community Member and getting those V's? Do you want to represent one of the greatest competitive gaming communities out there? You should look into http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/56081-how-to-apply-to-vvv-gamings-gw2-guild/'>applying to become a member! No matter your skill level or where you come from as a person, everyone is welcome to submit an application. All we require from you is that you're interested in contributing in whatever way you can and in making way too many friends with the same passion as you. The application process takes an average of thirty days, so submit one today!  
    Staff Applications:
    Not satisfied by only playing Guild Wars 2? Do you want to be involved in the inner workings of vVv Gaming as well as eSports? Through the http://www.vvv-gaming.com/ei/staff'>Experience Initiative: Staff, we almost always have staff positions available if you're interested in applying. Don't worry if you don't have that much experience, that's why we're here! We want to help you get to where you want to be.
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    DBittencourt reacted to Damien923 in I want us to become a lively guild again.   
    As of late, i know we our numbers here in Guild wars have went away. I want feedback from each and everyone of you.

    I know my hours for playing the game is not always "peak hours" for the game. This has alot to do with my work schedule and there is nothing i can do about this. Im sorry for this because i know with everything that we try and get going, im not around for alot of it just because no one ever knows when i am going to be home from work. If i have to, ill start posting the days i am off each week when i find out when I am off. It has been brought to my attention that we might need to change some things. I feel that this is going to be the first step in doing so, and here are my thoughts.

    Every night i get on and play WvW for a few hours atleast. As i said i know my times are not set in stone but I want to start having a set in stone time that we start every night. From here on out I am going to start running WvW at 11pm EST. If i plan on being late for that i will post it in the guild message where everyone can see it. I feel as though the lack of me being able to set in stone the time i wish to start has somewhat put a little bit of a damper on how many people show up. I hope this solves a little bit of that mess. When i do find out the days that i am off, i will post it in the guild chat as well, which will hopefully in enough time people can plan to join us, I want one day set aside where all of us get together and run WvW.

    I know i have seen a post where Dante started doing dungeon nights but i have not really seen that take off to well. I want to know what nights people want to run dungeons. I personally want to start running them a bit more. My reason is, as of late i have been running fractles with a few other member and have been getting decent loot from it, and thus making money that i can use while i am in WvW. As many of you know, buying siege, upgrading towers and the repair bills can cost alot. You can make money in WvW but compared to upgrading towers and such, you lose money very fast. I also want to run TA more, i want the whole armour set from there, but i will get that in time, just because i honestly have more fun in fractles as of right now. So my question here is, What nights do you guys want to set aside to run dungeons? Also what times do you guys want to start? Do you guys want to have one day set aside for just running dungeons? I really need feedback on this so that way we can work out scheduling for this.

    I would like to see get back to recruiting. I know we will run across those that will join us for a bit then hop to another guild, trying to find somewhere they can call home. I would like each and everyone of us to start back actively recruiting again. On that note, can we, as a guild, come up with something that all of us can post thats the same to try and bring people to us? I also want us to push people that are joining the guild to join us on mumble. Personally when i joined vVv the amount of fun we had just talking while we were running WvW is something i truly enjoyed. (got to love the questions and random conversations we have) I know we may not get back to the number we had when i joined but i want vVv to become known again. I also want to possibly get post on other forums to recruit people. I want us all to recruit. I also want all of us that are doing the recruitment, which i would hope after you read this, it is all of you guys. I want you guys to start find out why people are not representing us.

    I dont want to seem mean or anything but i do not care what the other guilds are doing. I personally dont want to hear what so and so's guild is doing, what they are not doing. I am focused on what we are doing. Yes i do talk to other guilds, and such, for WvW 90 percent of the time. As of this moment, i am working with about 15 or so other guilds for purely WvW so at times i may seem somewhat distant from everyone, but its because im trying to work with other people on the battlefield.

    I also want to start a fun night. More than likely on friday or saturday night , where we all just do something random and just play the game and drink or something. Thats just an idea but i really think this would bring more fun into whatever we decide to do.

    I know this was long, and i want to go ahead and thank each and everyone of you that take the time to read this and i can not wait to hear your feedback.

    Thank you all for your time,
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    DBittencourt reacted to Kinrr in GW2 Community Meeting - 12/1/12   
    I hear we have at least one recording of this floating around - I know I'd love (and I suspect many of the others who couldn't make it) to have a listen or at least see some minutes posted on the way ahead!
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    DBittencourt reacted to vVv Doomhammer in Who is still playing?   
    Kinrr, you make a good point. I've cut down on the number of Mumble channels for GW2, and added a lounge channel. Let me know if that needs to be tweaked more or less.
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    DBittencourt reacted to Kinrr in Who is still playing?   
    Thanks to DBittencourt for starting this thread - I've been on the same page for awhile; just felt abit awkward about calling it out when I'm not even in the club yet I'm also not sure I see the whole picture as I'm almost exclusively a late night player when activity is down server wide...

    That being said I'm not aware of any real organization or structure within GW2 right now. The applications forum is looking pretty flat and I havn't seen any new faces in-game in awhile. Calls for WvWvW groups or Dungeon runs are frequently ignored by the majority of players and no alternatives are proposed (which doesn't jive at all with Jerry's message of solidarity in the recruitment video).

    I understand GW2 is pretty unique in that it's almost 3 separate games (PvP/WvW/PvE) and it's entirely possible to play completely within just one of those modes. Even so my biggest issue is the almost complete silence in the /g channel - with an average of 27~ folks on the last few times I've thrown out a 'Hi guys! What's everyone doing?' I've been lucky to get TWO responses. These folks arn't all AFK for hours at a time or they'd time out. We don't use a central GW2 Mumble channel which compounds this by ensuring you're probably not talking to the folks playing a different mode and not using /g.

    Most of these 27 folks arn't interested in applying for the 'out-of-game' guild (or went inactive on their initial applications). A lot of them arn't on Mumble. Some of them arn't representing the guild. We're spread across servers such that even if our PvP folks wanted to participate in a 'guild event' they're unable to do so. I think GW2's status as a 'social game' is what keeps us playing and vVv Gaming as a community exposes us the people we want to play with...but I find my experience becoming increasingly isolated.

    Enough of that though - here's some ideas off the top of my head to begin working on these things (again, assuming they hold true outside my timeslot):

    1. Re-look at our recruiting efforts and current members. Are our threads on other sites (and replies) getting the TLC they need? Are we empowering members to extend invitations to people they enjoy playing with? If so: do they know this and understand its importance? How many folks are on the rolls right now who no longer play, play but don't participate in the guild, or have been on the books 48+ hours without representing and getting on Mumble? Are we willing to axe all of them and raise the bar? I'd take 5 people online and 5 responses over 50 and one response.

    2. Server-wide networking. The server (PvE/WvW at least - Sorrow's Furnace) is not dead; but I also don't feel like a part of something bigger. There's a thread a few posts down by a visitor from Ehmry Bay that touches on our lack of organization as compared to other servers. I've also met lots of great folks in PvE and WvW that have their own guilds and something like an alliance might help expand our pool of folks to play with (this ties in with that larger community forum/mumble/etc). Have we seriously considered consolidating to a single server or making a transfer? I hate being a fair weather fighter; but is SF holding us back? If we stay - let's seriously consider taking the lead on organizing the community.

    3. Let's step up our Mumble policy and use a GW2 lounge channel. I feel like most people (tPvP teams aside) arn't playing so intensely that they would require or benefit from a dedicated channel. Right now if I'm running a dungeon solo; I'm not going to sit in a PvP channel, I'm not going to sit in the WvWvW channel, and there's noone in my dungeon channel...so I'm probably just not going to use Mumble. Yes - that's my fault, but I suspect I'm not the only person that makes that decision.

    4. Get some more events on the board. I don't see this being a massive success right away as we work through #1-3; but I think a full calendar would go a long way toward helping retention and morale. I'd continue WvW and Dungeon events, but add things like Jumping Puzzles, Map Completion (IE: run through 100% of a given zone as a group) and PvP. I think filling up a 16 man lobby for a scrimmage (or even having our 5-man team put on a clinic through mumble) would be a good change of pace.

    TLDR: Let's get organized and address this.

    P.S. If you're posting in this thread I'm probably not talking about you
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    DBittencourt reacted to CODEHX in First night as commander....i had to share   
    Damiens First night as Commander

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    DBittencourt reacted to Mannykacks in Collection of vVv Guild Wars 2 Recruitment Threads   
    Just added a page for our guild on GW2recruiting.com: http://gw2recruiting.com/guilds/vision-valor-victory
    It is a rather new site and is ripe for picking.

    To anyone wishing to help, I would highly recommend making an account and clicking the guild rep button on our page to give us rep which in turn shoots us up to page 1 at the very least. The effort would be much appreciated
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    DBittencourt reacted to Nikota in A Collection of sPvP Builds - All Classes   
    Everyday I am swarmed by people in Mumble asking for builds for various classes. Here I will try to give everyone a wide selection of builds to choose from for all classes. These are some of the more popular builds from various high-level players intended for sPvP, particularly 5v5s. There are many other builds available to all classes, but these are some of the strongest and most commonly used.

    vVvNikota's Dagger/Dagger: http://en.gw2skills....UjoGbNuak1MsYWA
    This build has extremely high burst damage and AoE damage, but difficult to play.

    Team Paradigm Phantaram's Scepter/Dagger: http://en.gw2skills....UjoGbNuak1MsYSA
    This build has very strong damage and is good for ganking. It has excellent AoE with decent survivability

    Super Squad Izkimar's Support Staff: http://gw2skills.net...uxcj4G7Nubk3M A
    This is a good point defense build with a lot of AoE healing. Good survivability and some AoE damage.

    Super Squad Fredzw's Greatsword/Sword/Shield: http://gw2skills.net...GbNuak1sKYUwmCA
    Very strong glass cannon burst build with excellent utility.

    Hammer CC Support Build: http://gw2skills.net...klNLXWysWiM2YzB
    This build is strong at controlling points and provides good utility in team fights.

    AC Trap Condition Build: http://en.gw2skills....LrWOtkatwYgxMEA
    Build that uses a combination of shortbow as well as traps to deal high condition damage.

    Shortbow Bleed Spam: http://gw2skills.net...JbTumkNtqYUxeBA
    This build is very strong at getting large stacks of bleeds easily on opponents. Very good for kiting as well.

    PZ Powerr's Conditionmancer: http://en.gw2skills....JbTumkNtqY8xuCA
    Very strong build for massing conditions on enemy teams in fights. Also strong in 1v1 situations.

    EX Force's Power Build: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?fQAQNBHhZakRrZPeTUjhPRA9oXvvWRFQG1D3lO0B;TgAg0CnoqxUjoGbNuak1A
    Heavy damage through power, and plenty of conditions for added damage.

    vVvSargon's Tank Point Control Guardian: http://gw2skills.net...IrROjkGtgYsxOEA
    Very difficult to kill, and very good at holding a point for a very long time against multiple enemies.

    Team Paradigm Azshene's 1-H Offensive Build: http://en.gw2skills....SOkkItwYgxOkZIA
    An offensive Guardian build with a large amount of power.

    Super Squad Lowell's Backstab Build: http://en.gw2skills....GbMuYkxssYYxkDA
    Extremely strong build for ganking. Can kill light targets in 2-3 hits. Strongest burst damage build at the moment.

    Super Squad Lowell's Haste Pistol Whip: http://gw2skills.net...GbNuak1swYgxECA
    This build has some of the highest burst damage in the game. Extremely powerful at instantly killing single targets.

    Team Paradigm Teldo's Condition Point Control: http://gw2skills.net...H7Oudk7Mq4UxMCA
    Extremely strong build for holding a point indefinitely with lots of knockback and heavy condition damage.

    AC Erho's Rifle Burst Build: http://gw2skills.net...QygkAJLSOkkINqA
    Very good for 1v1 fights and holding a secondary point or objective.

    vVvNikota's Shatter Build: http://gw2skills.net...JLSOkkIt Y8xECA
    Extremely overpowered point defense and dueling build. Very high burst damage with lots of utility.

    Team Paradigm Xeph's Hybrid Condition/Shatter Build: http://gw2skills.net...JbNOnkOtwYUxuDA
    A build that deals a large amount of condition damage through confusion, as well as large burst from phantasms and shatters.
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    DBittencourt reacted to Mannykacks in Transfers Limited to Once every 7 Days   

    It's about time!
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    DBittencourt reacted to vVv Doomhammer in So where did everyone go George?   
    I know that the sPvP teams have transferred to Anvil Rock since that's where the best opportunities are for top competition. They talked to LordJerith first, and he was fine with it, as long as everyone's still repping vVv

    PvE has started to pick up a lot as well, and we're now running WvW at two times. I'm still running it from 5-7PST, and vVv Damien is usually on later in the evening to run a group. So jump on!
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    DBittencourt reacted to Nikota in So where did everyone go George?   
    A lot of members of the guild who are focused on sPvP have moved to Anvil Rock server. This is because Anvil Rock is home to the vast majority of top sPvP teams and has a much richer community of competitive players. This change has no effects on the PvE or WvW community within the guild as the members who have transferred have no interest in said activities.
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    DBittencourt reacted to vVv DarkDante in Dungeon Weekends!   
    Its high time we get some dungeon clearing groups together for both Story Mode and Explorer Modes. Personally have only completed 2 Story Modes and 1 Explorer path, not acceptable

    I'll be running dungeons every Sat / Sun starting this weekend at 2PM EST (11AM PST) and going until we either drop or wvw starts. The objective is not to farm dungeons but to complete as many Story Modes / Explorer Modes in various dungeons as possible.

    If you are interested in completing dungeons then please be online prior to 2PM EST, in mumble and ready to role. Seeing as we are limited to 5 per group I'll also be looking for others to run dungeons as well, so if your interested in leading some dungeon runs then please PM me.

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    DBittencourt reacted to Mannykacks in GW2GURU Moves Towards Supporting eSport   

    This is some awesome news for our competitive PvP teams!
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    DBittencourt reacted to Nikota in Patch Notes - 10/7 - Nerfs Nerfs Nerfs   

    Fixed a bug in targeting that was causing left-dragging to deselect/select targets incorrectly.
    Fixed a bug in targeting that was allowing users to deselect all targets using the select next target functionality.
    Fixed a bug with human female sword and pistol animations.
    Fixed a bug that was causing quickness to get stuck on players and enemies indefinitely.
    Fixed the Mystic Forge recipe for Melandru’s Gaze that was rewarding the Mystic Staff instead.
    Fixed a potential bug with skill challenge conversations not closing for all parties speaking with the NPC.
    Fixed a bug in weaponsmith Destroyer recipes being swapped for Valkyrie and Berserker weapons.
    Fixed the Mystic Forge recipes for platinum and mithril ingot conversion taking cloth bolts instead of the appropriate ingots. This also fixes the issue with linen and silk bolt conversion recipes sometimes rewarding ingots.
    Fixed the Mystic Forge recipe for Immobulus requiring a defunct item. It now requires giant eyes instead.
    Fixed a bug with Rune of Divinity that was causing it to do 50% more critical damage than listed.
    Removed laughing audio from crafting stations in Divinity’s Reach.
    Raised the maximum karma limit.
    Superior Rune of the Adventurer is now set to give 50% of endurance on heal.
    The character select screen now reflects hidden armor choices.
    Updated Rune of Earth and Rune of the Grove to have a 25% chance to grant 4 seconds of protection and 30-second recharge for superior runes, with 45-second recharge for major runes.
    We’ve relaxed our anti-exploiting system for loot and events.

    We’ve updated the camera to reduce the amount of camera smoothing currently in the game in order to lower the frequency of related bugs. We’re still looking into other camera issues, but we decided to make this quick change because it greatly improves the gameplay experience.
    Fixed a bug that could block “Escort Order of Whispers agents to Jormabakke Stead” in Snowden Drifts from restarting.
    Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate versions of Agent Briathell to spawn in Snowden Drifts.
    Fixed a bug that could prevent the repair event for “Cascade Bridge” in Lornar’s Pass from triggering.

    Caudecus’s Manor
    Closed map exploits.
    Updated the reward vendor for Caudecus’s Manor to include the missing exotic light helmet.
    Citadel of Flame
    Closed map exploits.

    Twilight Arbor
    Upper Spider Path: Increased the attack range of the Nightmare Tree. The area attack and its effect now take place at the same location.
    Nightmare Tree Spider Path: The area attack now correctly does damage at the point of the effect.
    Forward Upper Husk Path: Added damage to the Nightmare Tree’s immobilize skill. Also added damage to the Nightmare Tree egg launch skill.

    Reduced the health of the final boss in “The Source of Orr.”
    Forging the Pact: Implemented changes to ensure that the cave section completes reliably.
    Pets and Walls Make Stronger Kraals: Fix for possible stall during the taming step.
    Battle of Fort Trinity:
    You cannot pick up the water orb until you defeat all of the saboteurs.
    It’s no longer possible to trap players by closing the fortress doors on them.
    Fixed a stall during “Retake the docks” objective.
    Fixed a stall if players did not choose a greatest fear earlier in Chapter 7.
    [*]Lines of Communication: Batanga will now help you fight the Arcane Eye.
    [*]Fixing Blame: Warmaster Gurnn should now kick off his cutscene correctly.
    [*]Fixed a rare bug in “Shards of Orr” where Herboza would not become visible.

    World versus World
    The northernmost keep in all homelands has had its collision adjusted on the inner western gate.
    Numerous items have been disabled for use in World versus World to prevent exploits and imbalances. This includes the Experimental Teleportation Gun, ettin gunk, drake eggs, seed turrets, and more.
    Fixed WvW Orb of Power duplication on player disconnect.

    Attributes gained from traits now apply to the downed state.

    Glyph of Renewal: This skill will now revive downed allies only, not dead ones.
    Signets of Earth, Fire, and Water: These signest have been updated to not fire at targets behind the player.
    Signet of Fire: This skill is now able to hit targets at its indicated range.
    Signet of Air: This skill now displays a hovering signet effect over the user when activated.
    Whirlpool: This skill’s damage has been decreased by 33%.

    Grenade Kit: Grenade skills now have the same cast time underwater as they do on land.
    Explosives Trait Grenadier: This trait now gives a bonus to underwater grenade skills.
    Big Ol’ Bomb: This skill has been updated to be a blast finisher.

    We are moving towards retaliation being more of a counter to taking many hits rather than a general boon to keep up all the time. We also wanted to improve the combo finisher of the guardian, so we reorganized guardian greatsword skills to the following:
    Skill 2: Whirling Wrath (10 second recharge)
    Skill 3: Leap of Faith (15 second recharge)
    Skill 4: Symbol of Wrath (20 second recharge)
    [*]Updated Bane Signet and Signet of Wrath so they can’t be fired at targets behind the player.
    [*]Signet of Spite can now be cast while on the move.
    [*]Updated Signet of Judgment to apply three seconds of retaliation upon activation with or without traits.
    [*]Decreased the activation time of Signet of Judgment.

    Signet of Domination can no longer be cast on targets behind the mesmer.
    Added a much faster breakout for mesmer underwater mantras.
    Phantasmal Warlock: Increased recharge to 20 seconds.
    Chaos Armor: Decreased recharge to 35 seconds.
    Chaos Storm: Increased recharge to 35 seconds.
    Phantasmal Duelist: Increased recharge to 20 seconds.
    Phantasmal Swordsman: Increased recharge to 18 seconds.

    Updated Chillblains to properly function with the Greater Marks trait.

    Crossfire: Increased casting time by 40 milliseconds. This was done to fix some glitches in the animation that caused problems with this skill.
    Removed the broken audio that played with Natural Healing whenever pets were in combat.

    Pistol Whip: Reduced damage by 15%.
    Basilisk Venom: Increased stun duration to 1.5 seconds. Stun breakers now wor

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    DBittencourt reacted to Nikota in ArenaNet sPvP Announcement: Balance   
    ArenaNet just made this new thread in their forums that gave a brief update on their priorities in updating sPvP.

    However, this little gem was also posted by the developer later in the thread:

    "Oh ya, wanted to add: yes, we’re watching Mesmers, bunker Guardians and tank heal Ele’s. Forgot to add that."
    -Jonathan Sharp
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    DBittencourt got a reaction from Seiryss in every day im shufflin   
    You are all wrong...

    The best animal ever is the...

    DRUM ROLL....


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