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  1. Hey everyone! I'm Back and ready to game. Drop in a message to play and have fun! "Bittencourt.1829"
  2. I'm Vouching for him. I'm not endorsing him just yet, as i want to give this oportunity to somebody who does not know him yet. Hes a kid, but shows great talent already. He showed me some of his work as a designer and i was very amazed. He has a youtube channel, and would make a very good content provider. He is always happy and ready to play, i'm very sure all of you would like to play a bit with him. One the last note, he is very young, only 15 Years Old, and he is just learning english, so talking slower, not using "Slangs" or making complex questions would be advisable in the near future. Good luck buddy!
  3. Sadly i could not play last night. Hopefully i will be able to today! Hooray!
  4. Bought it, will play it from 23rd on... Very nice indeed. Thanks for the recomendation Jerith
  5. Yesterday i got in the channel i was happily surprised to see it filled with activity. Congrats!
  6. I'm sure that we will evolve. Thanks Damien and Chris for taking the initiative in this.
  7. I would say, stick with your main. The game does not have a clear progression, you should enjoy a character and do as Kinrr does, i play my alts in WvW and dungeons, also, i craft with them! that lvl them up fast!
  8. I'm sorry to hear that kinrr! I'm glad i've done all, enough to manage the achievment! Hooray!
  9. You gave me Goosebumps! Good Luck!
  10. Chris, We talked a bit in the shoutbox, and i truly think that either way. you would be a asset to the community. It would be nice to play with you someday. Pop on mumble
  11. DBittencourt


    Hey guys, if anyone is playing during the wintersday, i will be trying out some of the featured content, always starting with the tixx infinirarium (the mini dungeons). I will start a bit later on the day, in order to be able to play with some of you. Probably around 17 - 18 EST. I would be nice to see you all there
  12. Thanks everybody that posted here. Thanks for the thoughts and all. Belive me i'm never leaving. I really enjoy being here and the community is awesome. Lets see if we can make it happend down south now
  13. Sugar, Thanks for the warm reply, as always. I won't disapear. Belive me! I like vVv to much for that to happend. If vVv Brazil is really a possibility today, Forget about my resignation, lets talk about it and make it happend....
  14. Hello everyone, This has been actually been floating around in my head for a while. I've first applyed here in order to get company and a comitted group for GW2. It so happened that in the last four months i've played over 150 hours in the game, maybe 10 with vVv in WvW... Now GW2 has literally died in vVv. there is no officers, no leadership. And a lot of struggle to lift it up.... I tryed to focus myself in LoL, since SC2 is way of my league.... Just to find out that my Brazilian account can't play with NA accounts, and transfer is also not a option... Aswell offcourse of the time zones, where i am usually 3 hours in front of you guys in time. This means that when i'm ready to go to bed, you guys are starting your game time.... Enough with the rant... I really learned a lot here. REALLY A LOT! I'm inspired by people like Jerith, Doomhammer and Sugarbear. Which leadership transpire in a way that words does not express clearly... I'm Inspired aswell by people which are so friendly and happy that made me re-think somethings in my personal life, those are like Pherz, Seiryss and so many others. Specially Tak, that has been there to cheer me up from day 1... But really, it's been a struggle to remain here. a lot of effort and very little return in gaming wise (never community, i always felt supported and welcomed by this huge community) I'm sorry for the long post. But this is my resignation... I hope this is not goodbye, May this be just a Farewell. And if vVv ever thinks about expanding the community to Brazil. oh god. let me know and i will bleed to make it happend. Really!

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