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  1. @vVv Exodus I've sent you a guild invite
  2. Bardo

    Who has the beta?

    no pre-order but beta access REKT!!!! Bardo#1640
  3. I believe he means check IN system. Its a system other league/tournament platforms use to make sure teams are there on time and if not they forfeit their match. It helps keep everything running on time.
  4. Who's is still going? Who in the area knows a good place everyone to meetup and have a good dinner together one night?
  5. Will be house sitting and moving back to college over the next two weeks. My activity will be limited but still available through PMs if anyone needs me.
  6. Nice to meet you. Feel free to hop on mumble and catch some games with everyone. What brought you back to check out vVv again? Also I suggest you change the color of your answers in your app so they're easier to read for everyone.
  7. pry a good idea though CSGO is no longer a featured game :'(
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vVvGaming

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