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    Apollo (former vVv) reacted to Sargon in A Quick Guide to the basics of sPvP   
    So you want to sPvP

    Here's a guide to the basic in and outs of Guild Wars 2 structered PvP. It should be noted that this guide will explain and encourage more team play then what is currently being done in hotjoin matches.

    How to win:

    All four maps play a conquest style of gameplay involving 3 capture points and a secondary objective. Cap points scores are gathered once every two seconds meaning having two points captured grants 2 points per 2 seconds. Score can also be gained through defeating other players and secondary objectives which I will cover in more detail below. Capture points have three states captured for red team, captured for blue team, or uncapped. Cap points in GW2 aren’t capped faster based on the amount of players on a point, so 1 person can cap a point just as fast as 5. The rate of capture is around 15 seconds, while the rate to neutralize is around 5 seconds. Having members of both teams occupy the cap point will keep either team from gaining or losing control of a point this holds true regardless of the amount of players on the point for each team. Also notice that downed players count towards capping a point and stealthed player do not. Finally keep in mind what you have to gain by fighting on top of control points, if you’re in possession of the point you are gaining points for your team and defending it from the enemy team likewise if you are assaulting a point you can strive to get it neutral first so that neither player has the point advantage. This being said It is almost never acceptable to position yourself away from a point or secondary objective.

    Maps: and their secondary objectives

    Battle of Kyhlo:

    The trebuchet is a player manned WMD that each team has close to their spawns, it is a long range boulder firing machine. The trebuchet on hit does massive damage and knocks back the player or players hit. It can also be destroyed by the opposing team rendering it useless until a repair kit is retrieved. The repair kit can be found on side of clock tower that the opposing team spawns on and to the left under a small shack. Picking up the repair kit gets rid of your 1-5 abilities but can be dropped. Carrying the repair kit over the remains of your trebuchet automatically repairs it. Trebuchet shots can make a huge difference in capturing points and team fights.

    Forest of Nifhel:

    Svanir and Chieftan are the secondary objectives of this map. Both spawn towards the backend of the map close to the nearby points of each team. These big bruisers can take and deal a signifigant amout of damage and are hard to solo quickly. On kill of each boss every person on the team gains a buff granting 50 to all stats and awards 25 points to your teams score. After the boss is killed he will respawn in 3 mins. The kill is granted to the player/team who gets the last hit on the boss. So stealing a boss from the other team is a possibility and having both buffs can put your team ahead significantly.

    Legacy of the Foefire:

    A Guild Wars classic style map that has five NPC's inside the base of each team. Two Guild Warriors Two Spell Casters and the Guild Lord for each team reside inside each base that supports a large main entrance and a smaller secondary entrance. In order to gain access to the opposing base you must destroy one of the gates. On kill of the Guild Lord 150 points are granted. A notification will pop up saying that "Your base is under attack" this implies at least one person is attacking your gates. The announcer will also mention when your guild lord is under attack.

    Raid on the Capricorn:

    The final map offers many different options to pvp, first and foremost the middle point is submerged underwater and surrounded by npc sharks, gaining control of this underwater point changes the sharks to friendly units for your team. It also offers a large ship in the middle of the map that has many different items on the ground including but not limited to cannon ball and liquid courage. Cannon balls can be loaded into the one cannon on land pointed at the ship. Be sure to set up your underwater sets(heal, utilities, elite) for your character and get acquainted with the underwater weapon abilities.

    Keep in mind that the current map rotation for free tourneys are Forest of Nifhel, Legacy of the Foefire, and finally Battle of Khylo all in that specific order.

    Core PvP Mechanics

    Most importantly the downed state and the huge role it plays in PvP. Most of you are familiar to the downed state, when your health is reduced to zero your are knocked to the ground and rooted. Gaining 3 different abilities based on your profession and a 4th that is similar across all professions. While in the down state you still count towards capping and uncapping. In PvP opposing players have the ability to finish you with a 5 second channel (generally reffered to as stomping) while allied players still have the ability to revive you even in combat. Reviving allies and stomping enemies is a large portion of the pvp system and should be addressed as such, countering both of these actions are an important thing to learn. A player stomping a downed opponent can be CC'ed a number of ways to prevent from killing, likewise a player attempting to revive a downed ally can also be interrupted. Stability is a boon that grants immunity to CC and can allow you to get a clutch stomp or rez. So if possible cast it on yourself prior to stomping or rezzing to give you a greater rate of success.

    And a final point to note is the ability to focus a target. By default pressing Ctrl + t will mark the selected target with red cross hairs above their character for all allies. If your not confident in calling the correct targets at least help teammates by focusing the current target. In order to switch to a target the default key is t.

    A Quick Recap

    Five people don't cap faster than one.

    Fighting in random areas of the map is less effective than fighting on top of capture points

    Be a team player and revive downed allies, don’t leave them to fend for themselves

    Help secure stomps/rezzes with stability

    Mark and focus targets
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    Apollo (former vVv) reacted to Dj369963 in Free Coaching   
    Awesome training he started by seeing what i knew so he wasn't being repetitive and teaching me what I already knew. He showed me a couple very useful sites to use and showed me some in game tricks for the support role all and all it was very helpful. Thanks Apollo!
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    Apollo (former vVv) got a reaction from vVv Pherzghul in Free Coaching   
    Hello everyone,

    For those that are interested in getting better at League of Legends I will be providing FREE Coaching. Even though my ELO does not represent that of a professional player I have been playing this game for some time now and have picked up several things. I have played over 2400 games and a 1000 of which are solo que ranked. No matter your skill in this game you can always get better. No matter if you are new to the game or a veteran, you may request my services.

    If you are interested in receiving coaching you may reply to this post with your in game name and what you would like to get better at.
    Top Lane
    Middle Lane
    Attack Damage Carry (Bottom Lane)
    Support (Bottom Lane)

    Whichever you pick we will cover your job in that role through out the game. This will include general knowledge of the game, each phase of the game and what you should be doing, tips to win the lane, among other things. We will start with me getting to know what your skill level is and what you already know. If you would like to put that in your post this will expedite the process. In most cases we will go over general info in a custom game then I will spectate you playing a game. If you want to make this process faster I can take a look at some of your games. If you are interesting in this then you will need lolreplay

    You can find it here:


    Then upload your recording to:


    Lastly, put a link to your replays in this post.

    The main requirements are an open mind, a drive to be better and mumble or skype.
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    Apollo (former vVv) got a reaction from DBittencourt in Thoughts on ways to practice for Guild Wars 2 PvP?   
    I've been trying to play LoL with more patience since it it the most frustrating game EVER.
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    Apollo (former vVv) reacted to vVv Pherzghul in GW2 Application for 0770bV   
    Welcome and be sure to hang out on Mumble to get to know the crew.
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    Apollo (former vVv) reacted to Slashiroth in GW2 Application for 0770bV   
    Good luck man, enjoy your time here .
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    Apollo (former vVv) reacted to hadopelagic in GW2 Application for 0770bV   
    good luck bro
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    Apollo (former vVv) reacted to Rinzler in GW2 Application for 0770bV   
    Thank you for applying to vVv Gaming! Enjoy your visits to our forum and our website. If you have any any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or any of the vVv Staff members (easily recognized by their purple color in our shoutbox). Make sure to connect with as many vVv members as possible, start gaming with them and get to know the community. Once again, thank you for applying, and our staff and members are here to guide you through the application process.

    Please be sure to upload a personal photo and fill out your forum personal profile and "About Me" Page COMPLETELY. (Go to My Controls, then Personal Profile section). Here at vVv, we like to know our members!

    We ask that you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! You can find all the links and info HERE

    An important way to stay active is to be sure that you do the following:
    If you are a 360 applicant, make sure you have "vVv applicant" in your Xbox Live motto, and make sure vVv-gaming.com is in your Xbox Live bio.
    Learn what makes us the most accomplished console organization in the world.
    Discover vVv Gaming's FIVE Pillars, the foundation of our culture.
    Join us on vVv Gaming's Mumble, Steam and Xfire!
    Read our articles featured on the Chicago Tribune's Geek to Me Blog!
    Listen to our podcast, The Losers Bracket.
    And please post here if you need something from an admin.

    Finally, don't forget to checkout all the topics above the shoutbox. They contain important news and information.

    Again, welcome to the dark side.
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    Apollo (former vVv) reacted to Rinzler in Thoughts on ways to practice for Guild Wars 2 PvP?   
    So, someone recently asked me what would be a good way to prepare for GW2 structured PvP, and in so many words this is what I told them:

    LoL has a completely different feel due to not utilizing WASD to move, Bloodline Champions is similar but i can't really measure how much faster my reaction time gets per session, and transitively how that translates to GW2. WoW arena is very similar in feel, but the problem is its an Arena, whereas GW2 is a completely different playstyle. I feel like diving into WoW arena again would translate to me feeling like I would have to treat GW2 like arena, when in all reality I'm running from people for half of the game. Whatever game you choose to play should ultimately result in a complete lack of bad habit forming activities, and work towards a universal purpose, like reaction time.

    If i were forced to pick one, I would pick blc because it doesnt form bad habits, and I'm developing a universal skill. If i had to give an answer that I felt was correct, I would say a balance of all 3 games is required. The passive-aggressive laning attitude you have to carry when you play league, the reaction time and execution of BLC, and the real MMO pvp style of WoW.

    For this reason I'll be mixing all 3 of the previously mentioned in order to prepare for Guild Wars 2 PvP. Please give me your thoughts and what you will be doing to prepare for release, and I hope to hear from all of you.

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