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  1. In general a lot of people left. With leader boards coming out soon I hope this changes. Obviously my 486 QPs don't mean anything anymore but hopefully they stick with the leader boards so I can get on that SHIZ As of right now our team is #1 but there isn't a lot of competition or teams. Our team name is [GARB] Our Team Is Garbage. its an inside joke.
  2. It has been SEVERAL month since I have seen vVv in any paid tournaments. I think I am the only one still doing them. If I am wrong feel free to contact me and you can try out for the team i'm on. Apollo.7389 354 QPs Rank 49
  3. Apollo here wanting to let everyone know that I will be streaming high quality Guild Wars 2 PvP for your entertainment. http://www.twitch.tv/Apollo_tv Come enjoy to great music and chat.
  4. Remember to watch your own videos so that YOU can see where you can improve. Its amazing to see it first hand rather than just hearing what you are doing wrong.
  5. Awesome guy. Very respectful and easy to talk to. Has been helping a lot with making peoples stream pages look awesome. I can't wait to see how mine will look when its done.
  6. Once I made the name I never really gave thought to it again. lol thats funny. Ill check it out ASAP. Thank you. I love helping people. I'm glad I could help and I hope I can continue to as well. I'll check your games out.
  7. I wasn't going to post but changed my mind since I don't like my mouse pad anymore...had it for SEVERAL years.
  8. I added you guys my IGN is 0770bv when you see me on send me a tell.
  9. Very decent human being and I don't say that a lot. Would love for this guy to become a vVv member. He is one of the reasons we have such a great 5's tournament team in GW2. He's the yin to our yang.
  10. Played with this guy and coached him. He has a great personality and would be a great fit for vVv. He is nice and open to direction which is awesome. Good luck with you application.
  11. Give me your IGN and we can do some coaching. Then I can watching you play and give you tips. Also you can get lolreplay to make the process faster. Info on lolreplay is on my OP.
  12. I added you in game. I am 0770bv in game. What are you hours like through the week?

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