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    FF7, Chrono Trigger/Cross, D2, LoL, GW1 expansion, DAoC, WoW, Dark Souls
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    Middle Eastern, Chinese, Korean, Indian
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    The Departed, Goodfellas, Berserker, and tons more !
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    game of thrones novels
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  1. yeee buddy! Alright, give me a message when you're on.
  2. Wow, didn't even know and I was on the whole time.
  3. lmao I thought it was funny, Jerry is a beast. "make that squealing noise before they die, then blame it on someone else." Definitely not me rofl. Good stuff especially that flawless execution of commentary. For sure we'll get some more worthy recruits.
  4. Thanks fearless . If you are looking for someone, I'll spend some time as an editor sure. I'll be on mumble tomorrow after 5EST if you want to talk about it further. This is editing towards GW2 content as well, obviously? I'll be available after 5 EST Friday. I'll be on mumble after that all night and so forth, so whenever you're on just give me a poke.
  5. I THINK they are going to add game-modes like death-match and the like. That would be pretty cool
  6. Well just from experience every time I run away and try to regen my health - it takes forever lol. If they really increased it, that would be a shame
  7. Where are you going to be located?
  8. I'll be on for a while, pvp !!
  9. Warriors most balanced profession, that's whats up.
  10. From what I've read everything item related is cosmetic and is there to look good. I think people are more concerned with the karma, exp boosters. I didn't read how much exp the boosters give (probably double) but it only lasts 1 hour. That isn't a very long time, probably enough for one level or half a level if your like 75. Point being, your going to need to spend a lot to get effectively use the boosters, they aren't cheap either in comparison to how much you need.
  11. WA-HEY, i can start going back there now

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