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    Jonathan Jay Mercado
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    United States
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    Gears of war 1, Call of duty WaW :)
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    Comedies, Action, Foreign, Dramas
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    I love making music and playing basketball, football, handball,swimming, and playing xbox.
  1. I fractured my finger -___- this blows

  2. thats whats sup $7,000 i could use that lol
  3. Good night folks, got to get up early for this NJ halo

  4. Amazing bro, congratulations and i couldn't go wrong with you "Life is full of opportunities" and open doors, its just a matter of which door you open and what you do after you make your first move that counts. Believe and you shall achieve!
  5. Sorry for sounding ignorant but what does "MMO" mean?
  6. Good luck bro, i wish you the best
  7. Name: Jonathan Mercado Age (minimum 16): 18 Gamertags (for all systems you own): PSN: Outprize , XBOX Live: xFYCNx Outprize Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yes. What are your screen names (all that apply)? (AIM, MSN, Skype, Steam, Xfire) Skype: Aim: JayysTheTruth Link to your Twitter page (twitter required): @Outprize_ https://twitter.com/Outprize_ Link to your Google+ or Facebook page (at least one required): http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.j.mercado.7 How frequently do you use Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or Google+? I view Facebook on a daily basis? I Use Facebook everyday and Twitter. I Don't use Digg and Google+ How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I've known vVv Gaming was a community for years. I've played with Stitches a lot and I've decided to Join myself. Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? vVv Oh My Gawd, I played MLG scrims with him for gears of war. I also familiarized myself with the old vVv community members such as vVv Ashes, vVv Stitches and vVv Wildebeast. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I would love to involve myself with people who love gaming, share vVv gamings benefits and enjoy playing. I know vVv has a large community of gamers and you can't go wrong with that. Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How will you, personally, add value? I would represent the name at events for the game i mostly play which is "Gears of war" and "Halo" I feel that if i play and represent the name alot of people will be interested and vVv will expand. I would promote and introduce new gamers to the name. Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articles and Losers Bracket Podcast? If so, what are some of your favorites and why? No, I'm not familiar with them but i will look into that as soon as I'm done writing this post How long have you been playing video games? Ever since Nintendo was out lol I've owned ever console. How many hours per week do you devote to gaming? A lot about 30 hours you can say What’s the hardest game you’ve ever beaten? Resident Evil Zero What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? Halo 4, Call of duty Black Ops 2, and Gears of war Judgment. I am interested in these games because i've been a fan of those games since the beginning the franchise was created. I would also love to play competitive for those games. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I love traveling, making music, hanging with friends, going shopping, playing sports and dating the ladies. Where do you see yourself next year at this time? In college, playing video games, and developing my own games. What kind of competitive tournament experience do you have? I have a lot of MLG experience, NJ Halo for gears of war and Gamebattles online tournaments Have you attended any national events (MLG, WCG, CPL)? No, I was going to go for Gears of war 2 but the game was removed off the circuit but i have been to NJ Halo How long have you been playing competitively? Since Gears of war 1 What was your best competitive moment? What was your worst? Clutching a 4v1 at an Online tournament, and my worst was choking a 2v1 on stream. What do you hope to achieve, competitively? To place Pro at an event and create my own game for MLG. What was your toughest competition? Playing against the NSAN3Z How do you see vVv Gaming adding value to you? I feel that since vVv has a large community of gamers i could involve myself with alot of new faces and enjoy gaming. Also when i travel for events i would love to represent vVv and hope to get a sponsor.
  8. On xbox getting ready for this NJ Halo, Add me for RT scrims or if you wanna play sometime

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