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  1. I'll be playing an Abolisher too, I played that in the alpha and beta and really liked it.
  2. I wonder who that hero under that mask could be? >.>
  3. So I decided that I wanted to make the most ridiculous looking character so I ended up with this. Horror is on the left and I'm on the right.
  4. Man, I feel your pain now, those things aren't as easy to run as they seem. It was fun though and had a great time running them, I'm glad I can help.
  5. Jesus, that is so useful. We wasted so much time looking for the ship wrecks.
  6. Thanks bro! wwg37zk3u2letj,wwdnmph3vquxed
  7. I've been gone for like two weeks now and I thought it was about time to post here.
  8. Beast, the Tri-Pherz still reigns supreme here!

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